Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls, Ontario Overview

Nigeria Falls majorly comprise of three cascading waterfalls- Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Located between the province of Ontario and New York, Nigeria Falls establish themselves at the south most peripheries of the Niagara Gorge, and thus giving way to beautiful backwaters, flowing water and gleaming surf.


The thundering roar of millions of gallons of water plunging 171 feet into a bubbling gorge drowns out the diesel engines of your ferry, the conversations of your fellow passengers, your very thoughts. Your ship charges on relentlessly, bucking and swaying its way into the horseshoe cradle of the colossal wall of water. You lean out over the rails and look up. A massive river of water plummets down from the heavens. Your cries of delight evaporate into the foamy tumult as the spray pelts you from every direction.


At dinner, a sumptuous local wine flows over your palate, leaving a warm, fruity flourish. You raise your glass to the comforts of fine dining and an extra change of clothes. From the rush of the Falls to the quiet romance of vineyards, orchards and picturesque colonial towns, the Niagara region is the ideal setting to lift your spirits and indulge your senses.

The Horseshoe Falls are situated at the Canadian side; while as the name eloquently states, the American Falls can be found at the American side. The Bridal Veil Falls are also situated on the American side but these eventually get segregated by the Luna Island. Since Nigeria Falls are slumping on the Nigeria River, which also channels into Lake Erie and then into Lake Ontario, these waterfalls proudly bag the appellation of waterfalls with highest rate of flow in the whole world.

If one traces back history, it would be revealing to find that the marvellous waterfalls came into existence after the glaciers moved away to the end most point of Wisconsin glaciations and eventually the water flowing in the new Great Lakes crept into Niagara Escarpment before reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

There is also a controversy surrounding the boundary of majestic Horseshoe Falls and pertaining to construction work and massive soil erosion since 1819, which is yet to be solved. But other than that the Horseshoe Falls are known for the multitude of boulders that struck the way of the pouring water, making Horseshoe Falls a very refreshing sight. Thousands of visitors from across the world come to see the breathtaking Nigeria Falls every year for recreational purpose, and appreciate and marvel its capacity to create hydroelectric power.

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