Tumwater Falls

Tumwater Falls

  • Olympia
  • USA
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Tumwater Falls, Olympia Overview

This is the final of a series of modest waterfalls along the Deschutes River, within the Olympia City Limits. The falls, now encompassed by a nice park developed by the now defunct Olympia Brewing Company, were made famous by their likeness on the labels of the beer produced in the adjacent brewery, which was, unfortunately, recently bought by Miller, then shut down. The falls consist of two main segments. The right most segment is difficult to see, and drops a sheer 25 feet or so. The main segment, on the left, consists of a steep chute, which terminates as the river falls off to one side of its original path. The unconventional view shown above was taken from the top of the right-hand segment of the falls. When viewed from the concrete platform below, only the left segment is visible.

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