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  • Paris
  • France
  • Currency Euro (EUR) is the official currency in France.
  • Language : French is the official language.
  • Time : GMT (GMT +1 between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October).
  • Temperatures : Temperatures in Birmingham range from 1.1 to 22.0 (Celcius)

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Paris Overview

Paris is the capital city of France and is located in Île-de-France region, on the Seine river, with an estimated population of 2,153,600 inhabitants. Paris is not only an economic center but also a learning and cultural city, the fashion of Paris is well known around the world, many famous fashion designers make their events in this city. This beautiful city brings out the romance in every soul. Art lovers, style buffs and gourmets are particularly well catered for if they holiday in Paris, while sightseers can indulge in world-famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower. Families with children enjoy the fantastic delights of EuroDisney, which is within easy reach of the city. During the first to fifth century Paris was called Lutetia but after this period it adopted its actual name. Paris is sometimes called 'The City of Light' because its cultural life and intellectual preeminance and also for its beautiful appearance. The French capital is one of the most wonderful cities around the world, a metropolis that satisfied all tourist's expectation and more, Paris has a seductive atmosphere. uld you wish to ascend the Tower it is advisable to arrive either very early morning or early evening as moving between the three levels can take several hours during busy periods. A great thing about Paris is its size. It is relatively small (only 105sqkm) which means that it is an ideal city to explore on foot. And explore you should. There is far more to Paris than the picture postcards would have us believe. Beyond the bustle of the Champs-Elysee with its over priced trendy restaurants and myriad US and Japanese tourists sporting baseball caps, sunglasses and point-&-press cameras there is a whole world of intrigue and adventure amongst the narrow side streets and alleys. Check out the back streets around Sacre Couer where unique shops sell one-off treasures made by local artisans or the often overlooked Jewish Quarter in the Marais district filled with delis, bakeries, shops and fascinating shops. Travel to Paris at any time of year and it will be a holiday to remember. The city is notorious for its sudden rain showers, which can occur in summer or winter, but it is always possible to retreat indoors to explore the galleries of the Louvre, or perhaps experience the majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral, before emerging into the sunshine again to enjoy coffee and pastries at a pavement café. Many locals escape Paris in August when the heat can be oppressive and many restaurants close.

Climate and Geography

Summer temperatures are mild to warm, with occasional heat waves, while winters are very chilly with temperatures hovering around freezing point.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : The Best time to visit Paris are the months of March, June or September, and also in Christmas time and January.

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