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  • 25 Popular Tourist Places In Maharashtra

    25 Popular Tourist Places In Maharashtra

    Maharashtra, the land of everything unlimited, proudly showcases many of Indias iconic attractions. The state larger than the other states in India has rich history as it proudly narrate the stories of its mighty rulers. It is a wealthy state and contributes 25% in the industrial output of the country. Since it is one among the most developed states in India, it is well connected to the whole of India via seaways, roadways, railways and airways. Boasting together the thriving cities and ruined forts, ancient temples, hill stations etc., Maharashtra has something for everyone. Theres also a lot more that will surely grab the attention. Just read on this guide and know about the popular tourist places In Maharashtra that youll surely visit after reading this.

  • Alibag

    Alibag is a popular weekend getaway for people

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    Just 100 kilometers away from Mumbai, Alibag or Alibaug, is a popular weekend getaway for people. Alibag is a subdivision in the Raigad district and is famous for having beaches, coconut groves and a calm weather. Apart from the beaches there are many temples in Alibag that are a place of interest for the tourists as well as locals. If you do not want to exhaust yourself then a stroll amidst the dense coconut groves will be relaxing.

  • Matheran

    Matheran is a small hill station in Maharashtra

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    Untouched by the hustle and bustle of city, Matheran is a small hill station that offers picturesque and a refreshing background of green hills. Matheran is an eco-sensitive region and has no vehicles zooming around in its area thus, the calmness is tranquil here. Louisa point, Echo point, Charlotte Lake and honeymoon hill are the points that one should visit for an enthralling experience.

  • Kolhapur

    Kolhapur is the most popular place in Maharashtra

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    Kolhapur is a city located in the basin of river Panchganga and got its name after the demon Kolhasur who was slayed by Goddess Lakshmi. Kolhapur is widely famous for its footwear, jewellery and spicy cuisines. The Kolhapuri footwear is made up of leather and wood. Saaj is an antique type of Kolhapuri jewellery and the spicy cuisines are dominated by the Maharashtrian style of cooking. Other attractions of Kolhapur are the temples built in the area.

  • Panchgani

    Panchgani is a hill station located in the scenic Sahayadri hills,Maharashtra

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    Panchgani is a hill station located in the scenic Sahayadri hills. The lush green 5 hills that shroud the area collectively are known as Panchgani. With the hills on one side and plains on the other make a breath taking scenery. Apart from the natural beauty, Panchgani also has some places like Sydney point, Parsi point, Rajpuri caves and exotic strawberry farms where an annual strawberry fest takes place every year in summers.

  • Ratnagiri

    Ratnagiri one of the most popular place in Maharashtra

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    Ratnagiri is a travelers dream come true destination that is blessed with majestic hills of Sahayadri range and virgin beaches on the shores of Arabian Sea. Ratnagiri is touristy as it has hot water springs, forest and famous monuments. The Alphonso is USP of Ratnagiri because majority of alphonsos is exported to other states of India. The temples and forts in Ratnagiri are its major attractions.

  • Chikhaldara

    Chikhaldara is a hill station that is featured in the epic Mahabharata

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    Chikhaldara is a hill station that is featured in the epic Mahabharata. It got its name after the Pandava Bhim killed a demon Keechak in a herculean battle and threw him in this valley. Chikhaldara is blessed with a rich flora and fauna, viewpoints, waterfalls and lakes that makes it an ultimate destination for enjoying a weekend holiday and picnic. The scenic beauty of the place can be witnessed from Hurricane point and Devi point.

  • Thane

    Thane is one of the popular hill station in Maharashtra

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    Bounded by the Parsik hill ranges on its east and west, Thane is a district in Konkan division of Maharashtra. It is popularly known as the city of lakes as there are many lakes present in Thane and most popular one is Masunda Talab because the visitors get to enjoy water sports like boating and water scooters. The famous amusement park Essel World is also located in Thane and people in large numbers come here for spending a joyful weekend.

  • Jalgaon

    Jalgaon is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra

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    Jalgaon is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra and is located on the northern Deccan Plateau. Jalgaon is famous as the banana capital of India as it contributes a major share in the wide scale production of bananas. On the other hand, Jalgaon is also known by the name of golden city as it is the largest jewellery market in Maharashtra due to abundance of gold mines.

  • Navi Mumbai

    Navi Mumbai is one of the popular place in Mumbai

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    Navi Mumbai is acclaimed to be the twin city of Mumbai. It is the extended township of Mumbai that was planned to reduce the burden and growing population of the city. Located 29 kilometers away from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai is an attractive city with numerous locations to visit like Vashi, Belapur and Nerul. Also, it is the perfect holiday destination for tourists as if offers several mesmerizing views such as the rain tree marg, Kahrgar central park etc.

  • Igatpuri

    Igatpuri most popular hill station in Maharashtra

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    Igatpuri is a hill town perched in the Western Ghats of the Sahayadri hills near Nashik. The place is blessed with the quaint beauty and is a haven for the nature lovers and adventure buffs. All the major destinations can be visited in a single day itinerary because they located very close to each other. Do not forget to visit the places of interest like Kalusbai peak, Camel valley, Bhatsa river valley, Tringalwadi fort and Ghatandevi Temple.

  • Karjat

    Karjat is a pleasing and the popular village in Maharashtra

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    Karjat is a pleasing and the last village in Thane district of Maharashtra. Located near the basin of river Ulhas, Karjat is a popular weekend destination shrouded in mountains. Its scenic grandeur and pleasant climate and historical trekking spots make it convenient for adventure buffs to enjoy the thrill of climbing the rocks, river rafting and exploring the caves.

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Sanjay Gandhi National Park

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    Sanjay Gandhi National Park, also known as Borivali National Park, is located in suburban of Mumbai and covers an area of 104 square kilometers. The evergreen forest is a home to a variety of fauna and lion tailed macaques, leopards, tigers, kingfisher and a variety of colorful butterflies. Major attraction of the park is the toy train that gives the ride and shows the full park.

  • Solapur

    Solapur is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra

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    Located on the banks of river Sina, Solapur is a major religious center for Jains in Maharashtra. The place got its name as it combines 16 villages to make a district. It has a rich history as it was ruled by different dynasties like Chalukayas, Rashtrakutas, Bahamanis and Yadavas. Solapur is a popular tourist destination as it has Pandharpur- the dakshin Kashi of India, Akkalkot- the shrine dedicated to Lord Dattatreya, some forts and Great Indian bustard sanctuary.

  • Amravati

    Amravati is one of the popular place in Maharashtra

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    Amravati literally means the city of immortals and it has an honorable place in the history. It has temples in its vicinity that are dedicated to Goddess Amba, Lord Venkateshwara and Shri Krishna. The modern day Amravati has a rich flora and fauna. In the eastern part of the city, there are 2 lakes namely Wadali talab and Chhatri talab that are surrounded by the lush green hills that give a picturesque panorama.

  • Amboli

    Amboli is the most visited  hill station in Maharashtra

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    Sleeping in the foothills of Sahayadri hills of Western Ghats, Amboli is the last hill station in Maharashtra before the plains of Goa begin. It is another weekend gateway for spending a calm vacation in the laps of nature. This hill station receives the highest rainfalls and due to it, the climate remains pleasant and attracts the tourists all over the year. Amboli falls, Shirgaonkar point and Nangarta falls are the major attractions in Amboli.

  • Mumbai

    Mumbai one of the most visited place in Maharashtra

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    The epithet city of dreams describes Mumbai at its best. The entertainment capital of India is diverse and tantalizes many. The local trains are the citys lifeline. Sumptuous street food, presence of Bollywood industry and pilgrimage sites like Haji Ali and Siddhivinayak surely demand an experience. It is the uttam thikaan according to the every Mumbaikar and anyone will say it in the same tone after visiting Mumbai.

  • Pune

    Pune is one of the populat tourist spot in Maharashtra

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    Pune has a historic past because the great Maratha king, Chhatrapati Shivaji, was raised here. It is also famous as the cultural hub of the state as many palaces were built and exist today. The marvels like Aga Khan Palace, Shanivar Wada, Shindes Chhatri, Davis Synagogue, Saras garden, Panshet water-park and Bund garden are some places that should be visited.

  • Ajanta and Ellora Caves

    Ajanta and Ellora Caves most famouss tourist place in Maharashtra

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    Magnificent paintings and carved sculptures in Ajanta and Ellora Caves define the ancient Indian artisan-ship. An amalgamation of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain scriptures, the caves exhibit divinity in the form of rocks and are an important heritage site. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are not less than a heaven for those who love travelling in the panorama of ancient India.

  • Aurangabad

    Aurangabad is popular place in Maharashtra

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    Aurangabad is an industrial town as well as a tourist hub in Maharashtra named after the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb. It boasts many points of interests like Ajanta & Ellora Caves that are a world heritage site, Tomb of Dilras Banu, Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga- an important shrine for Hindus and 52 gateways that were built during the Mughal reign and fetched the name city of gates to Aurangabad.

  • Nagpur

    Nagpur is a popular city in Maharashtra

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    Nagpur is popular as the orange city due to large scale production of oranges. With its abundant green gardens, numerous streams and various temples, the place has become an ideal weekend destination for travelers. It has places like Ambazari lake, Maharaja zoo, Dhamma Chakra stupa, Lata Mangeshkar musical garden that shouldnt be missed on your trip to Nagpur.

  • Lonavala

    Lonavala is a famous hill station in Maharashtra

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    Lonavala is a famous hill station that lies between Pune and Mumbai. It offers alluring view of misty Sahyadri hills that shroud the dense forests and beautiful waterfalls. Lonavala is a natures gateway for the hikers and those seeking a relaxing weekend in a noiseless and serene atmosphere. If you want to get a clear view of nature then must visit Tigers leap, Rajmachi point, Dukes nose, Lonavala Lake etc.

  • Nashik

    Nashik is the major tourist attraction in Maharashtra

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    Nashik, or Nasik, is a city that is entrenched on the foothills of Western Ghats on the banks of river Godavri. Nashik is a major pilgrimage spot for Hindus due to a number of temples it boasts. Famous temples that attract the pilgrims are Panchvati, Ramkund, Muktidham, ISKCON temple, Triyambakeshwar temple and Someshwar temple. Other attractions include the forts, museums and Madhmeshwar bird sanctuary.

  • Shirdi

    Shirdi is a town that attracts the devotees of Sai Baba from most of the parts of India

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    The pristine land of the saint Sai Baba, Shirdi is located in Ahmednagar and is a religious site close to Nashik. Shirdi is a town that attracts the devotees of Sai Baba from most of the parts of India as it holds a strong importance among them. This small town has many other temples like Dwarkamai, Khandoba temple, Gurusthaan etc. that will soothe and calm the soul as air carries a nagging spirituality.

  • Khandala

    Khandala is the most visited hill station in Maharashtra

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    Stationed in the Sahayadri hills of Western Ghats, Khandala, the twin of Lonavala, is shrouded by the lush green and misty mountains that are immortalized by the Bollywood song Aati Kya Khandala. Khandala is an amazing weekend gateway for holidaying in the laps of nature. The flexuous waterfalls and glittering lakes add more charm to its beauty. Spots like Dukes nose and Karla hills are popular for trekking and rock climbing.

  • Maharashtra is the state that has a blend of cultural history and modernization. Waterfalls, ancient forts, Chhatrapati Shivaji, lavani, Bollywood, skyscrapers, busiest railways and sumptuous Maharashtrian delicacies define Maharashtra. It is a state that has many hidden destinations and getaways spread in 3 lakh kilometers square area that are waiting to be explored by the right tourists. All these destinations assure the visitors complete relaxation as theyre perching in the laps of nature away from the noises of city and offer a panoramic view of the complete area. For spending a relaxed vacation away in Maharashtra, head towards these exotic and exuberant hill stations that guarantee an unforgettable holiday to you. After all, Maharashtra he uttam thikaan aahe, bhau.

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