Forbidden City

Forbidden City

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Forbidden City, Xian Overview

The Forbidden City in Beijing is one of its star attractions and attracts 1000s of tourists from different parts of the world every year. Shrouded in an air of mystery for more than 500 years owing to its off-limits status – the name Forbidden City is true to the character of China’s most ancient building complex. Alternatively known as the Palace Museum, and the Ancient Palace – the Forbidden City is located in the centre of the city and surrounded by a 52 m wide moat. Apart from being ancient, it is also one of the well preserved palace complexes in the country.

The Forbidden City has a history steeped in ancient rituals and royal dictums owing to the two dynasties that ruled over it for 5 centuries before being overthrown by the republic. The entry to the city can be made through the Meridian Gate which was meant for the exclusive use of the kind during the ancient days. The entrance was also used by the emperor to oversee his armies, pass judgments, make important announcements, etc. The gate opens into a massive courtyard that can hold as many as 10,000 people at a time.

Tourists visiting this place may choose to hire guides to give them a tour of the premises or they may opt for the automatically activated tours which are comparatively cheaper.

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