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Great Wall, Beijing Overview

“Colossal Endeavor, Brave Folly, Futile Contrivance, Or Splendid Achievement, The Great Wall Of China Inspires Awe” – National Geographic.
This awe-inspiring structure arouses different sentiments in different people; no matter what kind of perception one has, The Great Wall Of China is one of the must-visit tourist places In Beijing. The Great Wall was originally a series of individual walls which were connected to form a single wall that stretches to approx. 21,196 km. The wall was originally built as far back as 7th century B.C to keep out invaders. Once the initial sections of the wall were built, it was added onto by numerous kings and dynasties that came later on.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, some sections of the wall are more popular among tourists than others. Some Of the must-visit sections include:

  • Badaling Section
    This is the most visited stretch & the sheer number of hawkers you find along this section will give you a fair idea regarding its popularity among the tourists. The renovated part of this wall is perfect for aged travelers and families as the climb is not too steep.

Simatai Section
This is one of the steepest and considered by many to be the most beautiful points across the entire wall. There is a lovely lake – Mandarin Duck Lake that divides the east and west side of the wall. The Fairy Tower (Tower 15) is acknowledged as the most beautiful tower along the entire stretch.

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