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  • 12 Best Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

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    12 Best Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

    Snuggled by the green emerald mountains of the Western Ghats and lush forests, Mahabaleshwar is one of the best hill stations in India. A drive of 120kms from Pune will take you to the picturesque hilly settings of this tourist spot. Trust me! The journey to reach this elevated spot is even more engulfing. Keep your cameras ready and capture the groovy spots falling on your way, featuring the majestic meadows, tantalising mountains, hide and seek of the sun and the clouds, and beauteous valleys. It is a must visit hill station for the fervent nature lovers, to get themselves surrendered to the natural grandeur.

    The pearl-like strawberries blooming on the lush greenery of Mahabaleshwar is truly a sight to delight. Blest with some conspicuous tourist spots, this hill station in India can never disappoint you. The best time to visit this place is from March to early June, as later, the monsoon may ascend the risk of landslides. So, let's take a spin around the awe-inspiring points of interests in Mahabaleshwar-

  • Elephant's Head Point

    Elephant's Head Point is one of the famous tourist spot in Mahabaleshwar

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    Trust me! the name itself is not enough to construe the eccentricity of this spot. It seems as if the Almighty has drawn the head and trunk of an elephant by using a cliff hanging out of a hill. A glimpse of the Elephant's Head Point will leave you in awe of the creator. And if you want a rendezvous with the clouds and mountains, just take a pony ride from the bus stand of Mahabaleshwar and savour the enticing sight of the Sahyadri mountain range, as you reach the top of the Elephant's Head Point.

  • Arthur's Seat

    Arthur's Seat is mesmerising tourist spot in Mahabaleshwar

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    This mesmerising tourist spot is labelled after a man, Arthur Mallet, who lost his wife and one-month-old daughter in an unfortunate ferry accident. The grief of losing his family, made him sit at this spot and stare at the river for long hours. This poignant story is the reason behind the entitlement of this place. The Arthur's Seat beguiles the wayfarers in abundance, to savour the glimpse of the severance between the Konkan strip and the Deccan territory.

  • Wilson Point of Sunrise

    Wilson Point of Sunrise is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar,

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    Seal the beauty of the gleaming rays of the sun, as it rises above the horizon. The highest point in Mahabaleshwar, namely the Wilson Point enables you to witness the ethereal sunrise. Well, if you can't get awake before the sunrise, you always have the option to savour the sorcery of the sunset by reaching this point in the evening. Whatsoever is your choice, you are definitely going to savour it. To boot, the view of the clouds resting over the surrounding hills multiplies the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

  • Chinaman's Fall

    Chinaman's Fall is well known water falls in Mahabaleshwar

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    The view of the pearly water flowing wondrously in the midst of mesmerising greenery is quite arresting. The sight of the Chinaman's Fall will surely make you remind your favourite wallpaper. The awe-inspiring plunge of this fall will serve as a treat to the soul of the nature-lovers. Just keep your cameras ready to snap up the fascinating pictures to carry back home.

  • Elphinstone Point

    Elphinstone Point is one of the most elevated spots in Mahabaleshwar

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    Hugged by the Koyna valley from one side and Savitri valley from another, the Elphinstone Point is one of the most elevated spots in Mahabaleshwar. As it is stationed around 3.2kms from Arthur's Seat, you can plan a day trip to cover both these spots together. And don't miss to catch the arresting view of the Pratapgarh Fort from this towering cliff.

  • Dhobi Waterfall

    Dhobi Waterfall is well known waterfall in Mahabaleshwar

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    This enormous waterfall, hemmed in the heart of lush valleys is thronged by oodles of tourists all around the year. The Dhobi Waterfall is flowing around 3kms away from the Mahabaleshwar city. The overwhelming plunge of this lofty waterfall flows into the Konya River. The sight of this waterfall will fill your heart with tranquil and your day with merriment. So, while you are holidaying in Mahabaleshwar, don't skip this surreal spot from your to-do list.

  • Helen's Point

    Helen's Point is one of the famous point in Mahabaleshwar

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    If you want to savour the majestic beauty of the profound valleys, cascading waterfalls, blooming meadows, tantalising highlands, serenity in the ambience, and other splendours of nature, then Helen's point is eagerly waiting for you. Well, not just this, the glimpse of the Krishna River flowing from the heart of this point will unerringly resuscitate your senses. As this spot spares you from its bewitching beauty, you can explore the Robbers Caves, North Coat Point, and Gavalani Point, which are other convincing spots alongside the Helen's Point.

  • Lingamala Falls

    Lingamala Falls is one of the famous falls in Mahabaleshwar

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    Disgorging from a whopping height of 1278 meters, the Lingamala Falls are frequently flocked by the tourists and the locals. Surrounded by the lush forests, the Lingamala Falls gracefully plunge into the Venna River. The monsoon season is the best time to witness the arresting beauty of these falls. The Chinaman's fall, Dhobi waterfall, and the Lingamala Falls are situated in close proximity to each other. So, you can fix a day for exploring the divine beauty of all these waterfalls.

  • Lodwick Point Mahabaleshwar

    Lodwick Point is well known tourist spot in Mahabaleshwar

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    Formerly known as the Sydney Point, it was re-entitled in the reverence of General Lodwick, who was the first British officer to reach this point. The enthralling view of the hills, Pratapgarh Fort, and the Elephant's Head Point from this spot will infallibly leave you open-mouthed. It is around 1.5kms from the bus stand of Mahabaleshwar. So, you can either walk or take a pony ride to reach the Lodwick Point.

  • Pratapgadh Fort Trek

    Pratapgadh Fort Trek is one of the famous fort in Pratapgarh

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    A trek on a narrow road will take you to the magnificent Pratapgarh Fort. This trek will make you witness the dominion of greenery, surrounding the majestic monument. This fort symbolises the battle won by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Besides the historical significance, this fort holds religious significance too, as the upper part of this Fort embraces a temple devoted to Lord Shiva and the lower part houses a temple devoted to Goddess Bhavani. The nature-lovers, visit this point to savour the panoramic view of the skyline and the hills.

  • Shankar Temple Mahabaleshwar

    Shankar Temple  is one of the famous temple in Mahabaleshwar

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    The devotees of Lord Shiva can not afford to miss this pious spot. The Shankar Temple in Mahabaleshwar features the swayambhoo Mahalinga of Lord Shiva. A sight of the Mahalinga is extremely revered by all. This temple is also known as Trigunatmak, indicating the ternion of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The soothing chants of Om Namah Shivay' will utterly connect your soul to the Almighty.

  • Mapro Garden

    Mapro Garden is one of the famous garden in Mahabaleshwar

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    All you strawberry lovers, get your taste buds treated with the fresh strawberries produced in the Mapro Garden. This garden accounts for around 80% of the total strawberries produced in India. This tourist place in Mahabaleshwar embraces a chocolate factory, play area for kids, and an outlet offering a wide range of Mapro products. It houses a restaurant too, which offers scrumptious fruit-based ice creams and beverages, along with some finger-licking fast food items. Well, we understand you're feeling water in your mouth right away. True!

  • This heavenly destination is the perfect place to hideout this summer. Many of your friends and relatives have already witnessed the surreal beauty of Mahabaleshwar. So, when are you planning to check it out?

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