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  • 12 Reasons Every Tourist Love Places to Visit In Gokarna

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    12 Reasons Every Tourist  Love Places to Visit In Gokarna

    Beckoned by the alluring hills of the Western Ghats, Gokarna is an arresting town located in Karnataka. The name Gokarna is a Sanskrit term that translates into cows ear. This town is renowned for housing the ancient temples and tantalizing beaches. Throughout the year, the town of Gokarna is swarmed by a substantial number of devotees as well as foreign tourists.

    But, we dont mean that Gokarna is portrayed just for its beaches and temple. There are other attractions like picturesque landscapes and winsome hills that draw the trek lovers extensively. Therefore, you can take delight in the venture of trekking if the jet-ski rides arent your cup of tea.

    So, to ensure that your trip remains full of enthusiasm, we have compiled some must-visit tourist places in Gokarna that will make you say, I want to spend some more time here.

  • Om Beach

    Om Beach is a well-known beach in Gokarna

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    A beach is a real-life example that explains the love of God for mankind. He created slushy beaches for us to have fun and what else can define his presence more than Om Beach. Set along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Om Beach is a well-known beach that resembles the auspicious symbol, Om. With the 24X7 working shacks serving amazing seafood and people chumming around, Om Beach is a must-visit destination in Gokarna. A visit to this beach will make your trip unforgettable. And, do not miss the thrill of jet-ski ride.

  • Kudle Beach

    Kudle Beach is one of the most popular beach in Gokarna

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    Having the sobriquet Gokarna Trekking Beach, Kudle Beach is an arresting beach located in Gokarna. It faces the Arabian Sea and is adorned by towering coconut trees and the nearby landscapes. People not only take delight in basking in the sun but, also take a whirl to nearby hillocks for enjoying the venture of trekking. Kudle Beach is the perfect place for taking morning and evening strolls. Do try it.

  • Mahabaleshwara Temple

    Mahabaleshwara Temple is well known temple in Gokarna

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    Regarded as pious as the temple of Kashi Vishwanath, Mahabaleshwara Temple of Gokarna doesnt need a special introduction. This grandiose reflects the Dravidian architecture with labyrinthine interior carvings that include the Vedic verses. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva and is worshiped in the form of a Linga. During the festival of Mahashivaratri, the beauty of this shrine spellbinds everyone.

  • Gokarna Beach

    Gokarna Beach as the best beach in Karnataka

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    Please rise, ladies & gentlemen, as we crown Gokarna Beach as the best beach in Karnataka. The slushy sand kissing the blue waters under your feet and the cool breeze kissing your cheeks, Gokarna Beach is an astounding place that shouldnt be missed. Facing the Arabian Sea, Gokarna Beach is the place where DJs nights are organized on daily basis. Tourists, on an extensive scale, land here and party like a freak. So, arent you willing to enjoy the night?

  • Maha Ganapati Temple

    Maha Ganapati Temple is one of the famous temple in Gokarna

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    The divine order says that visiting this temple is a must before you enter through the doors of Mahabaleshwara Temple. Maha Ganapati Temple shrine is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. According to a legend related to the construction of this temple goes like this- when Ravana was carrying the Atmalinga, Lord Ganesha was successful in taking it back by using a lure. Lord Shiva was happy and thus, blessed his son with a boon that no visit would be fruitful without visiting his temple first.

  • Bhadrakali Temple Gokarna

    Bhadrakali Temple is one of the famous temple in Gokarna

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    Bhadrakali Temple is an eminent place of worship located in Gokarna. This temple is built in the Dravidian style of architecture and is devoted to Goddess Uma aka Parvati, the wife of Mahadeva. The interiors of Bhadrakali Temple boast the amazing paintings of Lord Shiva in different avatars along with lord Ganesha, Vishnu, and Goddess Durga. Visiting this shrine during Navratras should be experienced once in the lifetime.

  • Half Moon Beach

    Half Moon Beach is the perfect spot for honeymoon couples in Gokarna

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    More glistening sandy shores are on our travel list. Half Moon Beach or C-Beach is natures bounty. Endowed with green surroundings, this beach is located in the quaint corner in Gokarna and isnt crowded much as compared to other beaches. Its scenic location is simply tranquilizing and makes this beach the perfect spot for honeymoon couples. Visiting Half-Moon Beach with your better half is an opportunity that you shouldnt miss.

  • Koti Tirtha

    Koti Tirtha is well known tourist attraction in Gokarna

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    Calling Koti Tirtha as the Ganges of Gokarna wouldnt be wrong. Surrounded by various temples on all sides, Koti Tirtha is a sacred reservoir located in Gokarna. Its water is considered sacred and devotees regularly take a ritualistic dip each time they visit any of the temples nearby. During the early hours of morning and evening, aarti of Koti Tirtha takes place that is attended by a sizable number of devotees.

  • Paradise Beach

    Paradise Beach is well known beach in Gokarna

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    The beautiful hillocks, lush green surroundings, a calm ambiance where the music of nature is played consistently- simply divine, isnt it? Thats how you can describe the exquisite Paradise Beach. Located close to the Half-Moon Beach, Paradise Beach is a haven for you in Gokarna. Spending a full day at the shores of this beach would be less for you. Take an evening stroll and watch the sun melt down in the horizon, ah, thats simply ethereal.

  • Kumta

    Kumta is well known tourist spot in Gokarna

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    Kumta is a coastal town that is located in Gokarna. This town is famous for housing the various Hindu shrines that are dedicated to Lord Shiva in a majority. In the 18th century, this town was ruled by the Marathas before it was annexed by the British. At present, this town is a major tourist attraction and is known for its beach as well. You can pay a flying visit to Kumta during your trip to Gokarna.

  • Yaana

    Yaana is a hill town located in Gokarna

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    And this one is exclusively for nature enthusiasts. Resting in the Sahyadri ranges, Yaana is a hill town located in Gokarna and it is noted for its picturesque landscape. The murky hills of this hill town and emerald green surroundings make this destination an apt place to enjoy trekking. If you love avifauna then forests of Yaana are calling you. A one-day itinerary is perfect for enjoying the beauteous Yaana.

  • Mirjan Fort

    the fort of Mirjan is a must-visit destination in Gokarna

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    With numerous tales of bloody battles and glories of the dynasties buried in its walls, the fort of Mirjan is a must-visit destination. Located close to NH-17, this grandiose spreads across 4 hectares of land and is constructed entirely out of laterite stones. By climbing the top of this amazing fort, you can witness the panoramic view of the nearby area. Mirjan Fort is a perfect photoshoot location, especially for the pre-wedding photo shoots.

  • Our journey halts here for now. From the pristine shrines and glistening beaches to the winsome landscapes and a humongous fort, Gokarna is an enchanting travel destination. Whether you are going with friends or on a family holiday, youll never be disappointed after visiting the place called Gokarna.

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