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  • 14 Must Seen Places to Visit in Kashmir

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    14 Must Seen Places to Visit in Kashmir

    Located at the northern tip, Kashmir is an astounding valley in India. Kashmir holds the sobriquet of 'Heaven on Earth' as it is endowed with the beauty of nature in opulence. The alluring valleys that are beckoned by the snow-capped peaks of the majestic Himalayas are delightful enough to lure the visitors. The tranquilizing ambiance of Kashmir has made it as a frequented tourist destination. It houses different places that fetch more popularity to Kashmir. The people, throughout the year, swarm to Kashmir for spending a vacation. Here are some popular tourist attractions in Kashmir that shouldn't be missed whenever one plans to pay a visit to the 'Heaven on Earth'.

  • Srinagar

    Srinagar is the best places to visit in Kashmir

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    Fed by the tranquil waters of the River Jhelum, Srinagar is the enchanting summer capital of J&K. This alluring valley is bestowed with the beauty of nature in plenty like the stupendous peaks of the Himalayas & serene valleys. The beauty of Srinagar never fails to ensnare the visitors from different parts of the country. The activities like trekking, skiing, and boating can be enjoyed in Srinagar.

  • Gulmarg

    Gulmarg is the perfect places to visit in Kashmir

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    Gulmarg is a whimsical hill town hemmed in the Pirpanjal range of the Himalayas. The imposing valleys of Gulmarg have an ethereal ambiance where one can succumb to nature & enjoy its beauty. During the extreme winters, these alluring valleys get shrouded under the white blanket of snow & transform into skiing destinations. The tourists from different directions of the country visit the enchanting town of Gulmarg.

  • Sonamarg

    Sonamarg is one of the famous tourist destination in Kashmir

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    The mesmerizing valleys of Sonamarg are another tourist attraction located in Kashmir. Its name translates to the 'Golden Path' is encircled in the murky and lofty hills. Sonamarg is the home of many beautiful and serene lakes. The various mountain lakes such as Gangabal, Vishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, and Kishansar are situated in and around Sonamarg. The venture of trekking can be enjoyed in the beautiful valleys of Sonamarg.

  • Leh & Ladakh

    Ladakh is one of the amazing places to visit in Kashmir

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    The quaint mountainous range of Leh is a beguiling tourist attraction located near Kashmir. Shrouded in the beautiful peaks that stand adjacent to tantalizing waters, the ambiance of Leh is truly captivating. Ladakh, tagged as 'The Moon-land' due to its astounding and isolated mountains, is a popular traveler's delight located near Kashmir. Amid the year, Leh & Ladakh are visited by hundreds of holidaymakers & venture buffs. The serene valleys can be explored by trekking over the craggy terrains.

  • Kupwara

    Kupwara is a captivating tourist attraction located in Kashmir

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    Kupwara is a captivating tourist attraction located in Kashmir. It is a pristine valley endowed with the beautiful pine trees and the astounding waterfalls. The tranquil ambiance of Kupwara makes a frequented travel destination in Kashmir. The places like the Lolab Valley & the banks of the River Kishenganga are the must visit locations & visiting there shouldn't be missed. The tourists can be often spotted basking in the pleasant sun in the Lolab Valley.

  • Kathua

    Kathua is a famous travel destination in Kashmir

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    The valley of Kathua is a famous travel destination in Kashmir. If someone wishes to learn about the culture of Kashmir from grass-root level then this is the apt destination. Kathua is also known as the 'Land of Sufis' as it houses numerous shrines that are devoted to the Sufi saints. Due to its proximity closer to the international border, it has been promoted as a tourism destination in Kashmir.

  • Kargil

    Kargil is one of the popular tourist site in Kashmir

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    Kargil is the name that no Indian can forget. It is the region that was occupied by the Pakistani forces but was reclaimed by the unmatchable sacrifices done by the Indian soldiers. Presently, Kargil is reckoned as a popular tourist site that is blessed with an alluring environment. The lofty valleys are bedecked by the rocks and the waters of Suru River gush down through the serpentine paths.

  • Pulwama

    Pulwama is one of the most popular places to visit in Kashmir

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    Pulwama, also known as Pulgam, is an establishment in Kashmir that was born in the year 1979. This city, like other places in Kashmir, is beckoned by the towering peaks of the snow-clad Himalayas. Pulwama is the home to the beguiling saffron meadows in Kashmir. The region of Pulwama is known for its apple orchards as it produces the finest apples in Kashmir. The visitors do not miss to visit these enchanting apple orchards during their visit to Kashmir.

  • Pahalgam

    Pahalgam is perfect destination to visit in kashmir

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    Encircled in the coniferous forests that are beckoned by the mighty Himalayas, Pahalgam is a serene valley located in Kashmir. Untouched from the noises of the city, this quaint town has emerged a popular tourist destination. The Betaab Valley & the Kolhoi Glacier are the remarkable destinations that ensnare the sight. Moreover, the coniferous woods are a residence to the exuberant Himalayan fauna like snow leopard, black bear, griffon vulture etc.

  • Hemis

    Hemis is well known places in Kashmir

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    A lesser explored place, Hemis is a quaint village located in Leh district of J&K. Hemmed in the astounding Himalayas, it is best known for housing the magnificent monasteries & a national park. The Hemis Monastery, Shang, Gotsang & Stakna Gompa are the eminent Buddhist pilgrimage sites located in Hemis. Hemis houses a national park that is known as Asia's highest elevated national park. The park is a residence to exotic Himalayan species like snow leopard, ibex, brown bears etc.

  • Rajauri

    Rajauri is one of the most popular tourist destination in Kashmir

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    Rajauri is a tantalizing travel destination in Kashmir that has its historical connection with the foregone times of Mahabharat. This valley was said to be a part of the Paanchaal Empire in the past. It is encircled in the murky Himalayas that become visible when the mist gets cleared. Today, Rajauri is promoted as a tourist destination in Kashmir by its state government. The valleys of Rajauri are the places where the venture of trekking can be relished.

  • Badgam

    Badgam is most famous tourist spot in Kashmir

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    Badgam is an alluring valley and a valley in Kashmir. It is surrounded by the snow-laden peaks of the Himalayas. The vast expanse of Badgam Valley resembles the vicinity of Khajjiar hill-station in Himachal Pradesh. After reaching the valley, the serene ambiance of Badgam can be felt that makes one succumb to nature. Throughout the year, hundreds of tourists flock to Badgam for spending a vacation.

  • Doda

    Doda is a serene tourist spot in Kashmir

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    The whimsical valley of Doda is a serene tourist spot in Kashmir. Untouched with the urbanization, Doda is bestowed with the beauty of nature in the form of lush green hills that are beckoned by the mighty Himalayas. A major portion of Doda is shrouded amid the hills and is less inhabited. The ensnaring ambiance of Doda never fails to draw the visitors in a large number.

  • Poonch

    Poonch is most famous tourist places in Kashmir

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    Poonch is a historical town shrouded amid the green valleys of Kashmir. Entrenched in the Pirpanjal range of the Himalayas, Poonch had served as the authoritarian seat for many dynasties like the Mughal & the Sikh that ruled over the land of Poonch. At present, Poonch stands amid the frequented tourist destinations in Kashmir. The visitors flock to the alluring valleys for knowing the nature as well as visit the Pahadi Mata Mandir located there.

  • And you have just scrolled past some notable tourist destinations in Kashmir! These beguiling above-listed destinations are shrouded amid the enchanting valleys from where a breathtaking view can be enjoyed. Some valleys also boast the amazing waterfalls as well as exotic wildlife that doubles-up the excitement of visiting them.

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