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  • Aero Sports Guide Tips

    The most popular and thrilling aero sports include Para Gliding, Hang gliding and Ballooning. Both experienced and amateurs can indulge in these aero sports for fun and thrill. All they need to consider some safety guidelines and tips to enjoy the excitement of being in the air.

    • Opt for training courses or join aero sports club to practice all kind of aero sports.
    • Do consider all risk factors associated with aero space adventure sports. Try only if you have guts to commence it.
    • Leave fear behind; just enjoy the excitement and joy of being in the air.


    • Prefer taking proper training before going for paragliding. Learn to ride a glider.
    • Need to be physically fit and healthy.
    • Do master basic techniques of paragliding including turning, launching and landing the glide.
    • Always listen to aero sport experts and trainers. Do follow all his instructions, guidelines and warnings for safe and enjoyable paragliding.
    • Listen carefully to all safety tips, precautions and aerodynamics told by aero sport trainers. Consider taking comprehensive ground training before heading for paragliding in the air.
    • Do follow instruction in regard to air safety, control of paragliding canopy and weather conditions. Be mentally prepared to face and overcome all hindrances and obstacles while paragliding.
    • Be sure that your glider is overblown, could easily provide resistance to the thermal disturbances and decelerate the descending speed.
    • Never forget to take a parachute and helmet while paragliding. Also carry vario-meter that could measures rising or falling of the glider while paragliding.


    • Do carry or take from your instructors all essential gadgets including wind-speed meter and indicators. These equipments are used for right advancement and safe landing.
    • Arrange portable and lightweight hang gliders to carry it comfortably to the paragliding area.
    • Be cautious while changing or adjusting your hang strap as even a small hang loop position changes may adversely affect the flight characteristics of glider. Use a locked, steel carabineer.
    • Opt for full-face helmet and parachute.


    • While going for a balloon ride, consider wearing comfortable clothing and sports shoes.
    • Do carry proper sunglasses, sun hat and gloves to be protected from direct sun rays.
    • Go for ballooning during early mornings to avoid excessive heat during summer season. Do take into note the weather conditions, wind speed & temperature of that day.

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