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  • Beach Health Tips

    Beaches are places for fun and relaxing where people of different age-groups and genders come and enjoy. Beach is filled either with sands or rocks or other natural vegetation that is why, attention is itself drawn to its beauty.

    However, one should take plenty of measures to safeguard self from the hazardous effects of beaches. It might be unusual information for the readers that beaches have some effects on the body and health. But in fact, beaches do affect the health and can get severe sometimes.

    Since people come at beaches to enjoy; they usually put on beach wears. Beach wears are generally light and most of the body is exposed to the sun. Therefore, may cause sun rashes, sun burns and many other consequences.

    That is why; it is very important to strictly follow some of the health tips:

    HYGIENE- People tends to throw away used stuffs on the beaches spreading filths. The rotten and used up filths cause several infections. Therefore, one must keep oneself away from the impurities and use only dustbins available.

    BEACH DRESSES- At beaches body is fully exposed to the sun so one must put on dresses and accessories that safe guards sophisticated body parts like faces, head, back and other parts of the body.

    Putting on hat is an intelligent step as that will cover up whole of head region of the body.

    Sunglasses of dark shades prevent eyes from sun rays. Also, sunglasses must have glasses composed of material that do not affect the eyes.

    Do not expose whole body to the sun and sands. It is recommended that one should put on and cover up upper region of the body as well. Also, knickers and lowers are useful in the beaches.

    Slippers or shoes are also required for the beaches.

    LOTION AND OTHER GELS- Sun lotions or gels safeguard the body parts and coat the epidermis. However; one must be selective for the kind of gels and lotions used. Lip guard and other gels prevent skin from tanning and drying up of the skin.

    OTHER PREVENTIVE MEASURES- Especially kids and old age people must be very cautious as they are overt to the beach hazards. One should be always prepared for any kinds of injuries like bruises and even sand getting into the eyes. Also, one must avoid going to the beaches when sun rays are direct and winds are blowing at high speed.

  • If one consciously follows the health tips at the beaches then it is for sure that one will enjoy more and make the best time at the lovely beaches.

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