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  • Go For Homestays In Dharamshala To Make Your Vacation One Of A Kind

    By: Palak Jain | In: Honeymoon Destination | Last Updated: 2021-04-09

    Go For Homestays In Dharamshala To Make Your Vacation One Of A Kind

    Scenic and panoramic station in the Himalayas, Dharamshala is tucked away. Dharamshala became an important highlight in most Himachal tour packages with the Dhauladhar ranges and thick deodar forests in the backdrop.

    For those who seek harmony and nature, Dharamshala is a paradise. Dharamshala is a great choice for a vacation in a vibrant environment, adorned with mountains, misty valleys, winding paths, woods, lakes, and monasteries. And what could be better than a spacious home that guarantees optimum security and comfort? So let's this time take care of resorts and hotels and make a reservation on one of the homestays in Dharamshala with the best tour package for Dharamshala. Homestays deliver hospitality, luxury, and the best service, making your holiday truly unforgettable.

  • 12 Best Homestays In Dharamshala:

    1.Himalayan Homestay
    2. Kapoor Homestay
    3. The Divine Hima
    4. The Unmad
    5. Navek La Homestay
    6. Shovas Nest
    7. Villa Santushti Homestay
    8. Magic Tree Inn

  • The Divine Hima

    The Divine Hima Dharamshala

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    The name at the top of this list is nobody but the Divine Hima if we are talking about the best homestays in Dharamshala. It is an ultramodern, luxury guest house with the finest amenities and services available. The boutique hostess has everything from luxury suites, coffee shops, libraries to art galleries to therapy rooms and yoga rooms. All who check in with wooden dcor and impeccably kept interiors are impressed by the super prompt and world-class service. The personnel at Divine Hima are very helpful from city tours to guided nature excursions and tours.

    Location: Sidhpur, Dharamsala
    Tariff: Starting INR 4880

  • Kapoor Homestay

    Kapoor Homestay Dharamshala

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    The Kapoor Homestay, with four spacious, well-fitted quarters, is another name in the Dharamshala pocket league of friendly and affordable homes. While the budget is graded, it offers every decent position in Dharamshala with all of its regular facilities. The residence provides a shared terrace with a wonderful view and every guest receives care from the local family who runs the residence. The household pampers each guest with laundry facilities, free WIFI, and guided tours, serving fresh-cooked breakfast every morning.

    Location: Jogiwara Road, Dharamsala
    Tariff: Starting INR 710

  • Himalayan Homestay

    Himalayan Homestay Dharamshala

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    Himalayan Homestay is one of the top Dharamshala homestay, tucked in the village of Naddi. There is an on-site washroom with 4 rooms, a terrace with mountain and valley views, and a capacity for up to 11 people. The employees and the host are extremely kind and supportive and support everybody on guided walks, walks around the forest, and even renting bicycles. The home is a favorite choice for backpackers and individual travelers. This home offers quick room service and standard amenities.

    Location: Naddi, Dharamshala

  • The Unmad

    The Unmad is one of the top homestays for families and individuals in Dharamshala Himachal. Located in the pine and deodar forests, the holiday home provides the ideal atmosphere for rejuvenation. The colorful interior decoration delights the spirit, while the stunning views enrich one's experience. The well-appointed rooms offer an open terrace with an overview of the far-off mountains. The team and the 24-hour reception desk attend to all needs to ensure visitors are returned.

    Location: Near Heena Cafe, Dharamsala
    Tariff: Starting INR 1500

  • Navek La Homestay

    Navek La Homestay Dharamshala

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    Navek La Homestay is situated on the bank of Manuni, the mountain stream of the Dhauladhar. The house consists of 5 large, well-equipped rooms, a kitchenette and wood floors, spiral stairs, and nice interior decoration. The room is in a grey stone house. The rooms have private entrances to ensure privacy and free Wi-Fi is available to all guests. This place is situated on the outskirts of Dharamshala's main town, which is therefore regarded as one of Dharamshala's offbeat homestays.

    Location: Village Rakkar, Dharamsala
    Tariff: Starting INR 8050

  • Shovas Nest

    Shovas Nest Dharamshala

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    Set close to Lake Dal, Shova's Nest offers 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 10 guests. The accommodation is airy and spacious. The cleanrooms are a new and luxurious breakfast. Get the spectacular view of the Dhauladhar Ranges and enjoy the morning tea with a view of the picturesque Naddi village, Dal Lake, and many other sights. Day walks, campsite and organized hiking tours are also available. This makes Shova's Nest one of the most sought-after homestays in the Dharamshala, not only the views but also the facilities and services.

    Location: Naddi, Dal Lake, Dharamshala
    Tariff: Starting INR 2500

  • Villa Santushti Homestay

    Villa Santushti Homestay Dharamshala

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    Villa Santushti in Kandi village of Dharamshala is a Bed and Breakfast facility. This home has 6 double bedrooms, each of them has a kitchenette with microwave, fridge and electric kettle. This is a well-equipped kitchen. The homestay provides free breakfast, but you should make your meals. If the city is in search of a place to relax and rejuvenate, Villa Santushti Homestay is an excellent option.

    Location: Khanyara, Dharamshala

  • Magic Tree Inn

    Magic Tree Inn Dharamshala

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    Magic Tree Inn is also known as one of Dharamshala's best homestays. The property is situated close to the town center and is close to the major tourist attractions such as the temple of Bhagsu Nag. It is a simple establishment with standard accommodation, free breakfast, and free WIFI but the friendly and supportive nature of the staff increases your stay experience to another level.

    Location: Bhagsu nag, Dharamshala
    Tariff: Starting INR 2000

  • Kareri Homestay

    Kareri Homestay Dharamshala

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    Wake up to a wonderful view of the mountains and the forests and enjoy a home-cooked vegetarian breakfast, one of the best homestays in Dharamshala if you stay in Kareri Homestay. There is a green garden where you can relax and revitalize or just ask the staff to arrange camping and trekking tours if you enjoy adventure and excitement. This site has 4 big bedrooms, a washing machine, and a kitchen. Even if nothing fantastic, it is one of the cleanest houses, run by very cordial hosts, in the block.

    Location: Badhun, Dharamshala

  • Daya Cottage Homestay

    Daya Cottage Homestay

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    Daya Cottage is famous for being one of the best homes in Dharamshala, with a wonderful mountainous view, warm welcoming, and open-armed accommodation for all its guests. The place consists of 12 bedrooms equipped with standard furnishings and free WIFI. There are a large garden, free parking, and the pleasant, courteous nature of the host; Abhinav is a highlight of the luxurious Dharamshala holiday resort.

    Location: Narwana, Dharamshala
    Tariff: Starting INR 5434

  • Hillside Retreat

    Hillside Retreat Dharamshala

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    Hillside Retreat is a location that provides excellent comfort to stay and has a view of the Dhauladhar Range and the Kangra Valley. Hillside Retreat offers a range of facilities, such that it is not only a top home in Himachal Dharamshala but also a popular destination particularly to adventure seekers: Swiss tent accommodation, traditional home-cooked breakfast, guided village trekking, and bonfires.

    Location: Near Village Thatri, Dharamsala
    Tariff: Starting INR 3800

  • Meraki Homestay

    Meraki Homestay Dharamshala

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    If you intend to stay in Meraki Homestay, your vacation in Dharamshala will be truly unforgettable. It offers 2 bedrooms, one living room and relaxation, and a home away from home that will certainly give you vibes. Asian-cooked breakfast is luxurious and hospitality is enjoyed by the guest and staff. Meraki Homestay is one of Dharamshala Himachal's top homestays with all these features.

    Location: Kasba Nirvana link road, Dharamshala
    Tariff: Starting INR 8079

  • Homestays are an excellent choice for experiencing local living and enjoying genuine food on the hills.

    Now that you're familiar with everything about these holiday homes inGo for Homestays in Dharamshala to Make Your Vacation One of a Kind Dharamshala, schedule your holidays with TourTravelWorld soon, and enjoy a wonderful holiday to any of these lovely spots in the city.

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