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  • Best Season To Visit Nainital

    Best Season To Visit Nainital

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    Nainital, the enchanting Lake District located in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is popular for its unrivaled beauty of lakes. When I think of Nainital, the first expression that strikes me is a narrow boat and an extensive lake spread across. Nainital is extremely famous for boating but apart from boating, there is so much more that the District has to offer. With every new season, it has a new set of adventure sports/activities to experience. Heres a guide to help you decide the best season to visit Nainital.

  • Best time to visit Nainital in Summers: March to June

    The months from March to June, make up the summer season and even in Nainital, the weather is comparatively warmer than other hill stations. Though, this is the best time for sightseeing during the day as well as for boating, since the weather is flattering. On the other hand, during the months of May and June, the weather gets too hot and thus it is recommended to ride the boat after 4pm. Nainital experiences an average weather of 10 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. There are certain sports that can be best enjoyed during these months like:

    1. River crossing at Sattal, Bhimtal, Nainital

    River crossing at Sattal, Bhimtal, Nainital

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    River crossing is a thrilling experience that you can gain during your visit to Nainital in the summer season. This adventure sport makes you move from one river bank to the other using a rope. This exciting sport will test your endurance and skill level. You will have to cross the river holding on to the primary rope and move with the help of another rope that runs parallel to it. There are safety equipments to ensure your safety during the activity. This will cost you around 200 bucks.

    2. Paragliding at Naukuchiatal or 'Lake of nine corners'

    Paragliding at Naukuchiatal, Nainital

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    Paragliding is an adventure sport that can turn your dream of flying like a bird into a reality. You can go paragliding at Naukuchiatal that provides you with some of the best peaks to fly in the region. And the summer time is absolutely perfect for this. This would cost you around 1500 bucks.

    3. Water Zorbing

    Water Zorbing in Nainital

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    Just imagine yourself walking on the water. Sounds impossible? Well, water Zorbing can actually let you do that. You will be put inside a big plastic ball called the Zorb, which is the only way of walking on water. This activity lasts for a duration of 15 minutes, but its going to be so amazing that you may demand a, Once More! Doesnt this sound so exciting?

  • Nainital in Monsoon: July- September

    If you have a low budget and want to explore this hill town of Nainital, you may visit during the monsoons. The months of July to September are off-season as per the government because of many reasons like, on-going schools, monsoons, and busy corporate months. Hence, travelers at this time can avail heavy discounts on accommodation as well as adventure sports. Though, at times due to Heavy rains the roads get blocked. But thats not to worry because they are quickly cleared off. Following are the sports you can enjoy during your visit in monsoon.

    1. Bull Ride

    Bull Ride in Nainital

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    Are you already terrified or excited? Cause Im really excited about this one. The bull riding sessions may just last for 15 minutes but that is going to be more than enough to boggle your mind. In this activity you actually sit on a bull shaped structure that will move vigorously, and you got to hold on tight because you may fall off any moment. And this activity is super fun.

    2. Air hockey, basket ball and bunjee jumping

    Air Hockey, Basket Ball and Bunjee Jumping in Nainital

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    This may remind you of the basket ball played by Hritik and his team in the movie Koi mil gaya. The magic of Jadoo can be experienced in real life, when you go bungee jumping. Air hockey can be played in the several game parlors in the market. And when you are travelling with your gang, why not enjoy yourself by playing basket ball at a park.

    3. Artificial Wall Climbing

    Artificial Wall Climbing in Nainital

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    During the monsoons, rock climbing at peaks may not be a good option because of the risk of land sliding, but why restrain yourself from a fun activity. Thus, there is an alternative for you, that is Artificial Wall Climbing. These artificial walls are usually built with bricks, wood or sometimes with thick concrete multiplex boards with grips to make climbing easy and also has holes drilled in it to give support. This activity can be enjoyed both indoor and outdoor.

  • Nainital in Winter: October- February

    October is a month when the weather has warmth as well as the winter chills in it. Thus, it can prove out to be a best time to visit Nainital. However, the nights are colder. The winter winds begin from November and last up till February, in Nainital. The winter has its own misty charm when the temperature drops to zero degree Celsius on a chilli winter night. If the view of snowfall is what you desire, then December- January is the most suitable time for you. The fun activities you can enjoy during this season are:

    1. Ropeway at Mallital

    Ropeway at Mallital

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    Ropeway is one of the most popular adventure activities amongst the tourists. Ropeway lets you experience moving in a trolley in the midst of two peaks. You can view the valley from an entirely different angle all together. Ropeway is must experience on your visit to Nainital. During heavy rains the ropeway may not be working, rest throughout the year you can always try the ropeway.

    2. Cliff Rappelling

    Cliff Rappelling in Nainital

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    As we know Rappelling is nothing but the skillful way of moving downhill from a huge cliff or rock with the help of a rope. This is an activity that requires a lot of stamina and strength. This fun, yet challenging activity will give you one hell of an experience. This may cost you around 350 bucks in Nainital.

    3. Rock climbing

    Rock Climbing in Nainital

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    The most thrilling and testing of all adventure sports that you can undertake at the hill station of Nainital is Rock climbing. The demand is increasing every year amongst the tourists. This activity involves climbing up the chosen boulder with the help of a rope and safety equipments.

  • Though Nainital is an all-year visiting destination, the best time may vary according to the preference of the activity one wishes to undertake at the hill station. Whatever time you chose to visit, one thing is for sure that Nainital is a must visit.

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