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  • Child Safety Tips

    Traveling safely with children can be a big challenge as well as a big responsibility. Parents are solely responsible for safety of their child when it comes to traveling by any mode of transportation.

    These child safety tips and suggestions may help parents to overcome any problem associated with traveling especially by bus or train:-

    • Make your child well informed with their family members name, their home address and their contact number to be used in case of an emergency.
    • Always keep a close eye on children and do not allow them to wander or play beyond your reach.
    • Teach them not to talk or take anything from strangers and make them aware about the risks associated with it.
    • Make them learn road safety rules, hold their fingers while crossing the road or getting on to the train or bus.
    • Always carry homemade or hygienic food and eatables for children, avoid eating unhygienic food items from stalls at bus stops and stations.
    • Small children should be dressed in bright colors so that they could be easily visible in busy sections of bus or railway stations.
    • Ensure not to leave children alone at any station, public area or any unknown place while traveling by bus or train.
    • Aware older kids to always inform where they are going, when they will be back and what will be the mode of contact.
    • Ensure appropriate and convenient seating for your child especially during long journeys.

    While traveling by car, parents should keep in mind following safety tips:-
    • Try not to plan longer car trips, if your child is prone to car/bus sickness. Do carry appropriate medicines for your child to deal with such a crisis.
    • Teach them not to play with door handles and door locks. Always apply child lock while traveling.
    • Always wear seat belt and also make your child aware of benefits associated with tying seat belt.
    • Stop your car at proper intervals so that children can stretch, have food, use toilet and rest a bit.
    • Consider using comfortable and easy to handle car seats for toddlers.
    • Avoid leaving children alone inside a parked car as temperature can ascend instantly in tropical places.

  • Air travel with children can be a memorable experience if parents keep in mind certain general safety tips as follows

    • Especially at the time of take off and landing of the plain, the internal air pressure changes which can lead to severe ear pain. To cope up with such a trouble, parents should make their child drink water or some liquid.
    • Do consider to take night flight so that your toddler can have proper nap.
    • Do carry appropriate supply of clothes and diapers for toddlers during long journeys.

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