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  • Colombo Nightlife - Best Places for Nightlife in Colombo

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    Colombo Nightlife - Best Places for Nightlife in Colombo

    Hello readers!
    You know, everyone is excited because the holiday season is approaching. People will again plan a vacation at hill stations and witness the same old monuments, gardens, beaches blah blah. Think different! There are countless holiday destinations that await your arrival and of them is known by the name of Colombo.

    The commercial capital and the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a great tourist destination. It is dotted with various places that lure visitors from different neighboring countries, including India. It has beaches, meadows, forests, and much more. Throughout the day, these places are flooded by people and do not have any signs of ho-hum. But, what happens when the moon rises in the sky?

    You might be thinking that the capital city is shrouded under wearisome and people retire for the day, right? Well, it is not the truth. The city of Colombo has a mind-boggling nightlife! To enjoy the nightlife, you do not have to run here and there because we have compiled a list of some astounding places in the locale that will not disappoint you. Take a look.

  • Bally's Casino

    Bally's Casino - Nightlife Place in Colombo

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    Spending a couple of hours (and some bucks) at Bally's Casino will fetch you some real fun, pals. It is tagged as Colombo's largest casino that is always flooded with the ones that adore table games. Not only the sound of roulette spinning but, guests can also hear the foot-tapping music and savor the lip-smacking dishes that are served here. If you miss visiting Bally's Casino, you miss the shimmering nightlife in Colombo.

  • Bellagio Casino

    Bellagio Casino - Best Place to Enjoy Colombo Nightlife

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    If you couldn't make it to Bally's Casino, don't get disheartened. We'll now tell you about another casino that will uplift your mood. Bellagio Casino, as its name says, is a must-see place if you wish to try your luck on the table! Its opulent interiors echo with the sound of the roulette wheel. The other section of the casino is utilized for the entertainment of guests where visitors can devour the sumptuous continental dishes and watch the sizzling dance performances.

  • Rhythm and Blues Nightclub

    Rhythm and Blue Nightclub is the one-stop colombo nightlife lovers destination.

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    C'mon, night crawlers can be found in every nook and corner on earth. Their prime motive is to enjoy the nightlife at its best. If you belong to the same breed then Rhythm and Blue Nightclub is the one-stop destination for you. It is the place where you can enjoy the various genres of R&B music like the hip-hop, disco beat, garage rock etc. while treating your taste buds with the appetizing snacks served here.

  • Loft Lounge Bar

    Loft Lounge Bar - One of the top nightlife destination in colombo

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    Your weekend will ooze numerous layers of fun when you'll party at Loft Lounge Bar. Spending a couple of hours at this place promises to execute the dreariness. Its artistic interiors are decorated with the recycled paper, sheets, cushions, and much more. Stop staring into space and come down to have a look at its menu. You can order different snacks and drinks depending upon how opulent your pocket is.

  • Sky Lounge

    Sky Lounge is one of the best places to visit in colombo nightlife tour

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    Wouldn't that be simply amazeballs to party under the cerulean sky dotted with the billions of stars? Alright, if not partying then spending the evening with your close ones or just taking the puffs of the cigar beside your best buddy will simply be an indescribable experience at Sky Lounge. It is a decent place that attracts the best crowd of Colombo. Whenever you visit this lounge, don't miss to taste their signature mocktails.

  • ON14 Rooftop Bar

    ON14 Rooftop Bar is one of the famous and must-visit lounge & bars in Colombo

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    ON14 Rooftop Bar is one of the famous and must-visit lounge & bars in Colombo. Standing true according to its name, this rooftop bar defines sophistication. Its interiors are studded with finest artwork and color changing chandeliers. ON14 is the best spot for relishing the beer & skittles throughout the year, especially on the occasion of the New Year's Eve. A visit to ON14 Rooftop Bar is worth a million dollars!

  • Barefoot Garden Cafe

    Barefoot Garden Cafe i s one of the prime highlight of colombo nightlife

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    Its name doesn't mean that all guests have to enter bare feet. It is a renowned cafe that is set amid the beguiling surroundings and has a soul-soothing ambiance. This cafe is widely visited by all age groups. The Latte is the prime highlight of Barefoot Garden Cafe. It is a compact eatery with rich interiors and has a gallery that features the work of the local popular artists. If there's some leisure time left then do visit here and relish a peaceful evening.

  • Stirred

    Stirred is another good place to visit in colombo at night

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    Open 24X7, Stirred is a place that every party animal loves visiting. It is a remarkable cafe that stands in the bustling streets of Colombo. Visiting Stirred can be a great choice if you remain drenched in the party mood every day. This place serves the finger-licking cuisines that simply seduce the taste buds and tranquilize the guests as they munch the first bite. As the sky shrouds in dark, the Jazz music hits the eardrum in Stirred cafe and uplifts the atmosphere.

  • Molly's Pub

    Molly's Pub is one of the best option to go in colombo nightlife

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    Bearing the name of the red-head lady, Molly's Pub is an exclusive hideout for the night crawlers. Grooving to the music till the wee hours of the night and tasting the delicious Irish delicacies is something that no one can afford to miss when they at Molly's Pub. The weekends are special at this pub because live performances are given by the renowned Sri Lankan bands. So, what are your plans for this weekend?

  • And you just read about some intriguing places where you can enjoy your evening till late hours in Colombo! Whether it is a casino, cafe or a pub, they promise a cheerful ambiance and leave no chance in uplifting the mood. Enough of reading, it's time to gear up for a memorable evening.

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