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  • Exquisite 6 Tourist Attractions In Jodhpur

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    Exquisite 6 Tourist Attractions In Jodhpur

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    "And the walls of the astounding grandeurs also narrated the events that were buried in them."

    Jodhpur, aka 'The Blue City' and 'The Sun City', is a major city of Rajasthan. Boasting the sobriquet 'royal throne of authority', this city is a place that is dotted with the bewitching marvels that catch the sight.

    A sizable number of such marvels include the different sculptures that were constructed in the bygone eras. Though most of the architectural splendors are in a ruined state, yet they have that charm to lure visitors on a large scale. Jodhpur is among India's those cities where footfall has never decreased.

    You might be pondering over that what is so exciting about the forts where the dead royals resided? Well, to get the right answer, you have to pack your bags and begin the voyage. Here's a short compilation of the must-visit places in Jodhpur that will help you find the answer.

  • Flying Fox, Jodhpur

    Flying Fox is an enthralling activity that can be experienced in Jodhpur

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    Flying Fox is an enthralling activity that can be experienced in Jodhpur. If you wish to get your adrenalin pumped, get yourself enrolled in a camp in Jodhpur. The venture of Flying Fox can be relished here by paying a minimal amount. This activity allows zip line over the different regions of the 'Blue City'. Gliding over the city would be an amazing experience, so do not miss enjoying this venture peeps.

  • Ghanta Ghar

    Ghanta Ghar is a popular tourist attraction in Jodhpur

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    Though its name literally translates to the 'bell house', Ghanta Ghar is a popular tourist attraction in Jodhpur. It is a huge clock tower that was built during the reign of Maharajah Sardar Singh. Being a spectacular landmark, it is flocked by visitors on an extensive scale. As the sun hides in the horizon, the nearby Sardar Market begins shimmering and is an apt place for shopping and collecting souvenirs.

  • Masuriya Hill Garden

    Masuriya Hill Garden is the perfect tourist destination in jodhpur for relax.

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    Tired from touring? Want to take a break? Let's go to Masuriya Hill Garden. Blest with a serene ambiance and lush green surroundings, Masuriya Hill Garden is an apt place for those that wish to spend some time away from the bustling schedule of life. Mother Nature welcomes her children with her arms open wide. This garden is located not-so-far from the city and is the picture perfect destination for rejuvenating yourself.

  • Umed Garden Zoo

    Umed Garden Zoo is one of the top place to visit in jodhpur

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    So, you should take out some time from the busy schedule and head towards Umed Garden Zoo. It is another tourist attraction that is swarmed by wayfarers on an extensive scale. Umed Garden Zoo was built during the reign of Umed Singh and is named after him. This place is a home for the various beasts like the lion, bear, deer, zebra, jaguar, etc. If your children are beside you then they will adore visiting Umed Garden Zoo.

  • Takhat Sagar Lake

    Takhat Sagar Lake is one of the popular tourist destination to be visited in Jodhpur

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    Bearing the name of Maharajah Takhat Singh, Takhat Sagar Lake is an exquisite tourist attraction near the main city of Jodhpur. It's tantalizing surroundings and a calm ambiance makes it a popular destination to be visited in Jodhpur. On visiting Takhat Sagar Lake, one can indulge in the activities like swimming and boating. Apart from admiring the beauty of this lake and relishing the water activities, you can also savor the different cuisines.

  • Kaylana Lake

    Kaylana Lake is one of the famous tourist place to visit in jodhpur

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    Constructed by King Pratap Singh, Kaylana Lake is yet another artificial lake located near the main city of Jodhpur. It spans a gross area of 84 sq. km. and is surrounded by beauteous vegetation. Previously, the region of Kaylana Lake was known as a hunting ground, though the gruesome sport was banned long back. Presently, Kaylana Lake is a paradise for the ones that have a hidden ornithologist inside them.

  • So, you read about the forts, gardens, hotels, and lakes etc., which are counted amid the prime highlights in Jodhpur. We also hope that visiting these places would make your trip memorable and help you explore royal heritage of Jodhpur.

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