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  • Lets explore Ajanta & Ellora Caves

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    Lets explore Ajanta & Ellora Caves

    Reckoned amid the World Heritage Sites in India, Ajanta & Ellora Caves are ancient cave monuments present in Aurangabad. Ajanta Caves house the paintings and frescoes that give a deep insight into Buddhism. Basically, this cave is devoted to Buddha and his teachings. On the other hand, the cave of Ellora is not less than a marvel. It is a monument that is entirely carved out of rocks. It the largest monolithic rock excavation and is entirely devoted to Hinduism and Jainism.

    Now, you have gathered an overview about an exciting expedition, so without any delay, lets begin with an indelible trip to Ajanta & Ellora Caves.

  • History Class!

    Before moving further, it is essential to know about the caves of Ajanta & Ellora. Here we begin with the history class.
    The caves of Ajanta dated back to the 2nd century when they were discovered by archaeologists. The discovery of these caves revealed about the finest examples of the Indian art. All paintings, inscriptions, and frescoes are preserved till date. They include the depictions from the Buddhism like teachings of Buddha and other supreme religious figurines of Buddhism. The cave also houses a humongous idol of Buddha that is carved out of the rock.

    The Ellora Caves are the group of 100 caves that came into being, most probably, during the reign of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. A majority of the Ellora Caves constitute the Hindu caves and are devoted to Lord Shiva. The remaining caves are dedicated to Jainism and house the ancient Jain scripts and some Jain figures. Both caves are simply intriguing and are visited by hundreds of tourists.

  • When To Visit - Ajanta & Ellora Caves

    Winter is the perfect time to visit the caves of Ajanta & Ellora

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    It is quite easy to answer, just exclude the summer season and rest of the year is the perfect time to visit the caves of Ajanta & Ellora. During the summer season, temperatures shoot up with a speed and touch 46C. Moreover, you can feel suffocated inside caves and can jeopardize yourself. Even the tourist board reduces organizing trips to the caves during extreme summers. Therefore, you should plan your trip accordingly pals. The winter season is regarded as the apt time to visit and admire the beauteous Ajanta & Ellora Caves. It is considered as the peak season as tourists swarm extensively to witness these amazing caves.

  • How To Reach

    Well, we wont say that these caves can be reached by trekking. Those who arent aware give uncertain expressions because they have no idea about gaining an access to the caves of Ajanta & Ellora. You can reach these caves without any hassle. First of all, you have to decide by what means of transportation youll reach the Aurangabad? Here, we mean that what amid railways, airways, and roadways you consider as comfortable and convenient? If you plan to choose:-

    Railways- Get your tickets booked for Aurangabad, board the train, enjoy the journey, and de-board when you arrive at Aurangabad junction. Take a cab to reach the caves. You see, it is pretty effortless!

    Airways- Airways can be considered as the fastest mode of transport. You can book the ticket for Mumbai because it is the nearest airport. After arriving at Mumbai airport, you should hire a cab for further convenience.

    Roadways- Hmm, only the dauntless riders prefer going to Aurangabad through roadways. For reaching Aurangabad, you need to board the bus of Maharashtra State Road Transportation Corporation. If you reside nearby like Pune or Thane then zoom your own vehicle to Aurangabad.

  • For A Comfortable Stay

    For A Comfortable Stay

    The caves of Ajanta & Ellora cannot be explored in one single day. For the enthusiastic historians, it might take even long to explore them. Thus, a safe and righteous place is required for staying. It is our responsibility that we should help you at each step, therefore, you must follow our advice. Get a reservation done in a hotel or a guest house located nearby. It will increase your comfort during your trip to these caves.

  • So, it is time to wrap up. Throughout the expedition, one thing is assured that India was rich in different types of art forms since ages. In both the caves, we looked at the awe-inspiring ancient carvings as well as scriptures. They revealed a lot of tales about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. We hope that you took delight in this tour. Good luck for the real journey as well pals.

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