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  • Not To Miss 12 Amazing Places to visit in Lonavala

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    Not To Miss 12 Amazing Places to visit in Lonavala

    Located between the city of dreams Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is a delightful hill station in India. It is visited by hundreds of trippers on extensively as it acts as a perfect weekend getaway. In Lonavala, you will find the most exuberant and amazing locations to spend a soulful weekend. This place guarantees to bring out the explorer and venture buff sleeping inside you as different goals in Lonavala are simply irresistible. As vacations are approaching, you might be planning for spending your holiday away from home. So, this is the right time to decide for Lonavala as we take you through the virtual tour of top 12 travel goals in Lonava la.

  • Rajmachi

    Rajmachi is well known tourist spot in Rajmachi

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    Trekking aficionados are ubiquitous and they love to challenge their potentials. If you to belong to the same clan then Rajmachi welcomes you with its arms open wide. Located in the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges, Rajmachi is an appealing valley located in Lonavala. This picturesque valley is shrouded with lush green surroundings in all 4 directions and is the , a perfect spot for enjoying trekking.

  • Tikona

    Tikona is a well-known hillock located in Lonavala

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    Thats not a triangle that were talking about. Tikona is a well-known hillock located in Lonavala. It has got its name as Tikona because of its resemblance to a pyramid. Uplifted at a great height, Tikona hill can be easily recognized from a distance of 3 km. This hillock serves as a perfect picnic, trekking as well as a camping ground. You may try out your daredevil skills here pal.

  • Pawna Dam

    Pawna Dam

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    Dams are the significance of the development in the country. They are also visited by tourists extensively due to their beguiling surroundings. We do have one such tantalizing location in our list. It is none other than Pawna Dam that stands on Pawna River. With a humongous height of 140 feet, this gravity concrete dam was built in the year 1972. Pawna Dam is an ideal destination for enjoying the water sports like water skiing, motor boating, and swimming.

  • Maval, Takve Lake

    Maval, Takve Lake is the most beautifull places in Uttarakhand

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    The sight of lakes is always mesmerizing, especially when they are beckoned by exquisite hillocks. Similarly, our next travel destination Maval & Takve Lake is a not-to-be-missed place in Lonavala. Endowed with the beauteous nature, Maval Lake is the place where Chhatrapati Shivaji trained his army to fight battles. Excursionists can take delight into the water sports as well as trekking in the nearby hillocks.

  • Ghangad-Tailbaila

    Ghangad-Tailbaila is one of the most amzing places in India

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    How would you feel if you visit a fort surrounded by green vegetation and beckoned by murky hills? Obviously, youll be astounded like anyone. So get ready to be astounded as we move towards Ghangad-Tailbaila, the cousin forts. These two monolithic forts have existed near Lonavala from an ancient period. Despite such a long period of time, they havent lost their charm and lure the people extensively. Ghangad-Tailbaila is a perfect offbeat weekend destination.

  • Koraigad

    Koraigad is one of the most popular destination in Lonavala

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    And we add one more name to our list that is not less than a haven for trek lovers. Located in an isolated region of Lonavala, Koraigad is an alluring place. A fort in the bygone era, it stands as a recreational destination amid the Mumbaikars and Punekars. Koraigad is less inhabited by the human population and acts as an offbeat destination for camping under the cerulean sky as well. A visit to Koraigad will not disappoint you.

  • Visapur

    Visapur is well known tourist spot in Lonavala

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    If you are an ardent explorer then Visapur awaits your arrival. Whoa, wait! Its name is Visapur but there are no applications for international visas applied here. Visapur is a small area and a fort that share the same name. Though the area isnt inhabited, it has transformed into a forest. The enormous fort of Visapur is the prime attraction of that area and is accessible through trekking.

  • Bushi Dam

    Bushi Dam is one of the famous dam in Lonavala

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    Have you seen a small structure of a dam? We mean a real small dam? Not yet? Alright. Bushi Dam is a small dam that is located on the waters of Indrani River. This step-dam was constructed in late1860s for British-Indian Railway Network during the British rule in India. Gradually, this dam was transformed into a recreational location and till date, it is swarmed by holidaymakers on a wide scale.

  • Karla-Bhaja Caves

    Karla-Bhaja are a must-visit place in Lonavala

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    Lets admit that man has a deep connection with caves. Rhetorically, mankind began residing in caves from the earliest period. Moving on from it, the astonishing caves of Karla-Bhaja are a must-visit place in Lonavala. Entirely carved out of rocks, these caves came into existence in 2nd century in India. Excavations revealed that Karla-Bhaja Caves had the carvings of the Hinaya Buddhism in India. We think you should sneak inside these caves for once.

  • Ryewood Park

    Ryewood Park is one of the beautiful park in Lonavala

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    Parks are the perfect place for people. A park is a right place for playing, exercising, and spending leisure time. To kick away the stress, you can take a long and calm stroll in Ryewood Park. It is a beauteous park where you can rejuvenate yourself and talk to the local people. A separate section for kids is also there equipped with swings for merry making.

  • Phanasrai

    Phanasrai is well known tourist spot in Lonavala

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    Are you a camping aficionado? If yes then you must visit Phansrai. Beckoned by the murky hills of Western Ghats, Phansrai is a mesmerizing landscape located in Lonavala. Adorned by lush green surroundings and uneven terrains, this is an ideal place for camping under the open sky. This place is calm and perfect one-day itinerary spot as well. Try out for camping at Phansrai and we assure you that it is a decision that youll not regret.

  • Lonavala is simply awe-inspiring. We visited forts, valleys, dams, and camping sites. Such places are tagged as an appropriate location to spend an indelible holiday with your loved ones. With the murky hills around, who can stop you from becoming a trekker for some time. So, gear up for visiting Lonavala.

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