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  • Not to Miss 13 Most Popular Places to Visit in Shimoga

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    Not to Miss 13 Most Popular Places to Visit in Shimoga

    Shimoga, originally known as Shivamogga, is a city that is located in the Indian state of Karnataka. The name of this city translates into The Face of Shiva. This city, in the bygone times, had served as the ruling seat of the various dynasties.

    Okay, so it was more than enough to gather the historical knowledge about the city of Shimoga. Lets come to the main point now. Beautiful landscapes, serene waterfalls, misty hills, and much more- how will you define Shimoga? Natures bounty? A travelers delight? Or both? Well, we leave it completely on you. Since the city of Shimoga is a home to different places of interest, it is your chance to read and then explore the enlisted must-visit destinations in Shimoga.

  • Jog Falls

    Jog Falls are mesmerizing waterfalls located in Shimoga

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    The sight of a waterfall is always serene. When you are visiting Shimoga, make sure that you dont miss Jog Falls. Boasting the sobriquet Niagara Falls of India, Jog Falls are mesmerizing waterfalls located about 100 km away from the town of Shimoga. The roaring white waters spill down from a whopping height of 830 feet and thats simply awe-inspiring to see that.

  • Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

    Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is a well-known camping site in Shimoga

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    Have you ever seen how a herd of elephants is trained without any kind of harm? A majority of you will nod your head in a no. Alright, well tell you about it. Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is a well-known camping site that is merely 14 km away from Shimoga. It is an exquisite location amid woods where you can see elephants obeying their masters.

  • Tiger and Lion Safari, Shimoga

    Tiger and Lion Safari is one of the famous site

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    Whoa! Seeing the feline predators together is fascinating, especially when it is about lions and tigers. Tyavarekoppa is the popular spot for witnessing the majestic tigers and royal lions together in Shimoga. If you adore these ferocious beasts (and other ones too) then gear up and get ready with your camcorders to capture the footage of lions and tigers. We guarantee you that it will be a compelling experience.

  • Keladi

    Keladi village is one of the famous tourist site

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    Keladi is not the name of any Kannada movie (though it can be), but it is a quaint village located in Shimoga. This village is known for its rich past and culture because, in the foregone times, it has served as the capital of Keladi Nayaka kingdom. This village is surrounded by greenery in profusion and is known for housing Rameshwara Temple. It is built exquisitely in Dravidian, Hoysala, and Kadamba style of architecture.

  • Sharavati River

    Sharavati River is one of the famous river in Shimoga

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    Previously, we talked about the majestic Jog Falls. Now, we will know about their origin that is none other than Sharavati River. This river originates from Ambuteertha and has a unique fact about it. Sharavati River flows entirely in the state of Karnataka! The area around the river has a rich biodiversity and houses an exotic flora and fauna. Also, the local people can be spotted enjoying swimming in the river.

  • Bhadra River Project Dam

    Bhadra River Project Dam is one of the major tourist site in Shimoga

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    Standing at a mammoth-sized height of 194 feet, Bhadra River Project Dam is a huge earthen dam. It was built with the purpose of increasing the agricultural prosperity in the nearby areas, especially in the production of rice. The reservoir of this project dam has a huge storage and can hold back a whopping 71 billion cubic gallons of water. Since the area around it has a serene ambiance, you can relax by spending some time near this dam.

  • Gajanur Dam

    Gajanur Dam is well known tourist spot in Shimoga

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    Gajanur Dam is another massive dam located in Shimoga. Constructed in an S-shape, this dam stands on River Tunga and is regarded as a perfect picnic spot in Shimoga by localites. During the monsoon season, the flow of Tunga River increases and when the water is released by this dam, that sight is simply breathtaking. And do remember to carry your camcorders as theres a surety that you will find various birds including peacocks near Gajanur Dam.

  • Dabbe Falls

    Dabbe Falls is well known falls in Shimoga

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    The Hindi translation might amuse you because Dabbe means boxes in Hindi. Dabbe Falls or the falling boxes, alright, no more puns. Dabbe Falls are astounding waterfalls that are located in Shimoga. Surrounded by greenery, the white waters cascade down paving their way amid boulders from a humongous height of 360 feet! Due to an ethereal ambiance, Dabbe Falls are a must-visit spot for you in Shimoga.

  • Kudajadari Hills

    Kudajadari Hills is one of the amazing hills in Shimoga

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    Kudajadari aka Kotachadari is a prepossessing mountain range that is a part of the Western Ghats in Shimoga. The hill got its name due to the presence of Jasmine flowers in profusion. These exquisite hills serve as a perfect vacation spot for many. Throughout the year, people from the different directions of the country visit the murky hills of Kudajadari for holidaying and enjoying the venture of trekking.

  • Nagara Fort

    Nagara Fort is one of the amazing fort in Shimoga

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    If you are looking out for something that is related to the Indian history then Nagara Fort can be your one-stop destination. Nagara is a quaint village that is located 84 km from Shimoga and houses the ancient fort with the same name. At present, this fort is in a semi-ruined condition and comprises the kings court and a Shiva temple. After reaching Nagara Fort, you can witness an enchanting view of the entire village.

  • Mattur Lake

    Mattur Lake is a beautiful lake located in Shimoga

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    Endowed with a serene ambiance, lush green surroundings, and calm waters, Mattur Lake is a beautiful lake located in Shimoga. It is a tributary of the River Tunga that flows within the state of Karnataka. Due to the mesmerizing surroundings, this lake has emanated as a picnic spot for tourists as well as locals. The water activities like boating can be relished in the calm waters of Mattur Lake.

  • Linganamakki Dam

    Linganamakki Dam is a major attraction located in Shimoga

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    Standing tall on Sharavati River, Linganamakki Dam is a major attraction located in Shimoga. With a height of 1820 feet above the river bed, this dam spans an area of 2.5 km. Youll be surprised to know that the main source of water for this dam is rainfall and 2 other reservoirs that are connected with Linganamakki dam through the canal system. Dont you think monsoon season is the apt season to witness the beauty of this dam?

  • Shivappanaika Palace Museum

    Shivappanaika Palace Museum is one of the most popular places in Shimoga

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    Finally, we have a museum in our list of attractions! Shivappanaika Palace Museum is last, but not the least stop of our journey. Shimoga is renowned for a rich history and it is our honor to mention the name of Shivappanaika Palace Museum. A 16th century-marvel, this palace was built out of rosewood during the reign of Shivappa Nayaka. This palace turned museum is the home to some amazing scriptures, idols, weapons, and other things that were utilized by King Shivappa.

  • So, after this amazing voyage, we halt the journey here itself. Throughout our tour, we witnessed different alluring locations like a dam, sanctuary, museum etc. and took a riveting tour of a safari as well. Hopefully, you enjoyed our company during this compelling tour of a city called Shimoga.

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