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  • Not To Miss 14 Amazing Places to visit in Kolhapur

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-08-23

    Not To Miss 14 Amazing Places to visit in Kolhapur

    Best known for its footwear, cuisine, and jewelry, Kolhapur is a bewitching city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This city is bedecked with the astounding attractions that never fail to grab the attention of tourists. There are various temples, museums, forts, and water bodies etc. that are frequented by the tourists.

    Over the years, Kolhapur has emerged as a prominent holiday destination owing to its rich treasure of tourist attractions. Not only the domestic tourists but, the international visitors are also paying frequent visits to the beautiful city of Kolhapur. Since this city sees an enormous footfall throughout the year, the people do not miss visiting some famous places. And in case someone has missed then theres no need to worry. We have enlisted some must-see places in Kolhapur that will grab your attention at the first sight.

  • Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum, Kolhapur

    Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum is a famous tourist attraction in Kolhapur

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    An enticing edifice that catches the sight immediately, Shahuji Chhatrapati Museum is a famous tourist attraction in Kolhapur. This palace-cum-museum is the residence of Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj. The ground floor of the palace has been converted into a museum that houses the personal belongings like weapons, jewelry, dress etc. of Shivaji Maharaj. It also has a separate section of the taxidermy animals like the tiger, lion, bear, elephant, boar etc.

  • Rankala Lake, Kolhapur

    Rankala Lake is a beguiling place to visit in Kolhapur

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    Rankala Lake is a beguiling place to visit in Kolhapur. A peaceful and serene environment of this lake attracts the visitors extensively. If an individual is bored then this destination is the must-visit spot to kill the boredom immediately. The attractions like Shalini Palace and Padma Raje Gardens can be visited. One can also savor the street food to uplift the mood at Rankala Lake.

  • Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir, Kolhapur

    Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir is one of the famous mandir in Kolhapur

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    Another beguiling shrine in the city of Kolhapur is Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir. Devoted to Lord Ganesha, this temple is frequented by the devotees, as well as visitors, on an extensive scale. The enticing architecture of this temple makes it a must-see place in the city. While youre in the city on the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, do not miss to attend the grand celebrations at Binkhambi Ganesh Mandir.

  • The Kopeshwar Temple, Kolhapur

    Shri Kopeshwara Temple is a frequented Hindu shrine in Kolhapur

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    Dedicated to Lord Mahadeva, Shri Kopeshwara Temple is a frequented Hindu shrine in Kolhapur. This temple was constructed in the 11th century by the Shilahara King, Gandaraditya. Being an architectural splendor of the ancient era, the rich interiors boast the sculptures with labyrinthine carvings. Kopeshwar Temple is visited by countless devotees throughout the year. The footfall increases on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri.

  • Bhavani Mandap, Kolhapur

    Bhavani Mandap is a perfect places to visit in Kolhapur

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    Bhavani Mandap is a perfect example of the skillful architecture of the yesteryears. Standing close to the renowned Mahalakshmi Temple, Bhavani Mandap is the temple dedicated to Goddess Bhavani. It is frequently visited by the numerous people throughout the year. During the British rule in India, Bhavani Mandap served as a meeting point for the elite British officials. At present, it is a famous tourist attraction in the city.

  • Jyotiba Temple, Kolhapur

    Jyotiba Temple is a famous temple in Kolhapur

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    Jyotiba Temple is a famous temple in Kolhapur. It is an enchanting divine place that is dedicated to Lord Jyotiba, also known by the name of Shri Dattatreya. He is said to be the manifestation of the combined powers of the Hindu Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. This alluring temple was constructed in the 17th century by Ranoji Shinde. Chaitra Poornima is a major festival celebrated here with a great zest.

  • Ajara, Kolhapur

    Ajara is a famous township in the district of Kolhapur

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    Ajara is a famous township in the district of Kolhapur. This township is renowned for its bewitching landscape. The landscape of this locale serves as a beguiling spot for spending the leisure time under the cerulean sky. Apart from the landscape, Ajara is also known for the cultivation of Ghansal Rice. This rice is supplied in a majority in the different regions in the district of Kolhapur.

  • Irwin Agricultural Museum, Kolhapur

    Irwin Agricultural Museum is well known museum in kolhapur

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    If you wish to gather the knowledge about the agriculture from the turf level, you should pay a visit to Irwin Agricultural Museum. Comprising each and everything related to the history of the Indian agriculture, the advancements in the sector, and the present-day condition. This museum houses the earliest equipment as well as the modern day equipment for sowing and cultivating the seeds. Many educational institutions also organize educational excursions to Irwin Agricultural Museum.

  • Maharaja's Palace, Kolhapur

    Maharaja's Palace is one of the famous places in Kolhapur

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    Maharajas Palace is an 18th-century grandeur standing tall in Kolhapur. This marvelous structure is a beautiful amalgamation of the Jain, Rajasthani, and Gujarati style of architecture. The whole building was designed by a British architect named Major Mant. This fascinating building assures a great experience as it houses a mini zoo, delightful gardens, and a lake. Theres a museum located on the ground floor where the swords of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Aurangzeb are displayed.

  • Gaganbavada, Kolhapur

    Gaganbavada is a well-known holiday destination in Kolhapur

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    Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, Gaganbavada is a well-known holiday destination in Kolhapur. Due to its location, it is an exquisite hilly region that serves as an amazing spot for relishing trekking and camping. This delightful destination is a perfect spot for bird watching as well. All in all, Gaganbavada is an apt weekend getaway for you to enjoy the weekend.

  • Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur

    Gadhinglaj is well known attraction in Kolhapur

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    Resting on the banks of the Hirayankeshi river, Gadhinglaj is a city in the district of Kolhapur. Gadhinglaj is a home to a substantial population and is known as the 3rd largest city in Kolhapur. Being the 3rd largest city, it houses various attractions in its vicinity and nearby. The notable places like Amboli, Somlingeshwar Temple, Kalbhairav Temple, Tilak Gardens, Pargad, Chitri Dam, Kadal lake etc. are visited by people on an extensive scale.

  • Bhudargad, Kolhapur

    Bhudargad is a famous village in the district of Kolhapur

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    Bhudargad is a village in the district of Kolhapur. It is a semi-fertile hilly region that and has a less inhabited by the human populace. This village has scenic circumjacent that makes it an ideal spot for spending leisure time in the laps of nature. The nearby meadow to Bhudargad never fails to attract visitors on a large scale. A flying visit to this beguiling village isnt a bad idea.

  • Hatkanangale, Kolhapur

    Hatkanangale is a small town near Kolhapur

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    Last but not the least, Hatkanangale is a small town near Kolhapur. Located far away from the noises of the city, this locale is often referred to as the cousin of Bhudargad in terms of the human inhabitance. It houses a smaller number of families that survive by practicing agriculture. The prime crop grown at this place is the Rabi crops. Visitors often visit this village, especially during weekends, to enjoy a great time together.

  • Stop scrolling guys, you have reached the end. So, you just read about the major travel attractions in Kolhapur. Right from the ancient grandeurs and villages to the modernized cities, there is so much to see in Kolhapur. Apart from the destinations listed above, you may visit other places as well. Oh yes, do not forget to tell us about them.

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