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  • Try Your Hands On Paragliding In Manali And Relish The Thrilling Experience This 2023

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2023-04-27

    Try Your Hands On Paragliding In Manali And Relish The Thrilling Experience This 2021

    If you want real thrill and suspense in your life, you must look for some activities in Manali. One of them is paragliding that people hardly miss. Manali is in the Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh and it is known for its mesmerizing view of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. Forests have tall eucalyptus and pine trees and various streams with rich colorful flowers are here to welcome visitors in a unique style here.

    Manali is heaven for adventurous activities as it is over 2000 meters from sea level. It offers a clean atmosphere and scenic beauty, especially in the summer season. Hikers and trekkers like to come to fulfill their wishes through Bhrigu Lake and Beas Kund trekking places. And we should never forget that Manali is the place where early trade started to route to northwest India.

    If you are interested to visit here for a small price, you must check our Manali trip packages from Delhi. The cost will vary according to the number of people and reservation facility. From your return to your place, you will capture a lot of memories with unforgettable scenes in Manali. It is also considered a honeymoon destination for its exceptional beauty to chill with loved ones.

  • Best Places Where You Must Try Paragliding

    paragliding in Manali is the major experience and here you will know about the places where you can try paragliding in detail. If you are specifically looking for the major places for adventurous paragliding activity there is a list prepared for you.

    1. Solang Valley

    2. Fatru

    3. Bijli Mahadev

    4. Kangra Valley

    5. Marhi

  • Solang Valley

    Solang Valley For Paragliding In Manali

    Image Source :

    It is famous for its wide range of activities. It is only 15 km from Manali and nourished by many visitors to try their hands for Solang valley paragliding.
    The lush greenery and magnificent view add new charm for making it the ideal place for paragliding. Experience instructors would help you soaring up in the skies of Manali. In pre-requisites, you must follow donts and dos before prompting for paragliding.

  • Bijli Mahadev

    Paragliding In Bijli Mahadev

    Image Source :

    People know this place for its amazing trekking experiences. It is awe-inspiring and spectacular when it comes to paragliding in Kullu Manali.

    There are some mythological reasons why it is most preferable for religious people. It is located near Parvati Valley and you can realize the beautiful sight with colorful flowers. You want to behold the sight and you never want to skip the spot once you know its significance in detail.
    You may enjoy half an hour paragliding here with some winter guide about this place.

  • Fatru

    Fatru - Paragliding in Fatru

    Image Source :

    It is considered one of the best locations for Manali paragliding. People choose this place above all as they like to enjoy the longer fight.
    It is the place for experienced paragliders. People find ravishing sky view and make jour time valuable over here. This experience you will never forget as you get more confidence and self-accomplishment here.

  • Bir Billing

    Bir Billing - India's one of the best Paragliding spot

    Image Source :

    People would like to carry adventure junkies to the new level at Bir Billing. You may enjoy your paragliding over the break-taking views of Bir while you need to land in the dainty Billing region.
    This place is no more than fairy tales as it welcomes only adventure seekers. People show real enthusiasm in the August to November months. Especially these months, Himalayan paragliding sports are conducted. You glide through the sky just like a bird and you indeed enjoy the vast beauty of Kangra Valley.

  • Marhi

    Paragliding In Marhi Manali

    Image Source :

    Another famous spot for paragliding is Marhi. It is most popular among local people as well as tourists. And why would it not be? It offers stunning Dhauladhar range views, and you will get a bunch of new surprises once you come here.
    The paragliding pictures look unforgettable and impressive. You will like more about this place as you explore its nearby regions.
    It is over 3000 meters from sea level and you will get the whole package of enjoyment as you expect.

  • Some Tips To Follow While Paragliding In Manali

    You need to follow these essential tips so that you do not have doubts about the safety of paragliding.

    1: You must carry an appropriate government id card to be on the safe side. You may carry an ADHAAR card or passport for this purpose.
    2: It is always a safe idea to keep an experienced paraglider and local guide with you. By this, you will get functional safety and communication assistance in many cases. It will eliminate the doubt whether is paragliding safe in Manali.
    3: Bring the safe journey by following the rules instructed by the experienced paraglide.
    4: Check the tools and equipment thoroughly before starting the journey.
    5: Carry your yoga mats, water bottles, tents, sleeping bags with you. You will need these when you are thinking of a big paragliding journey over many places in Manali.
    6: There are a few ATMs, and you cannot have all these available in your journey. Maybe, you are running out of amounts of cash. Hence, bring as much cash as you can before starting the journey.
    7: Take care of your health and carry a first-aid kit. Do not skip regular medicines you take in cold weather. The weather is very tricky here and it may change your difficulty sometimes.
    8: As you are not local, keep the weather in your mind. Make sure you are visiting in the rainy season.
    9: Many people find the weakness in higher altitudes and it may affect your health as you proceed with high mountain ranges. The changes in pressure and lack of oxygen are common, and these create dizziness, nausea, and pulmonary edema in few cases. Make sure that you are eligible for this paragliding trip after consulting with your family doctor. is very effective towards people for bringing useful information. Customer support is very helpful for resolving doubts of the common people and sometimes they arrange fruitful small packages for you.

  • Manali attracts many people including historians whose main motive relies on Naggar castle. It is a life paradise for photographers to click many picturesque places on the frame. Solang Valley is a famous place known for its adventurous places to support horse-riding, zorbing, paragliding, etc. It is also used as a skiing destination. Here you have known about everything in brief that you can get in Manali.

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