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  • Popular Hill Station Near Mumbai For Weekend Getaway

    Top 17 Popular Hill Station Near Mumbai

    Mumbai He Uttam Thikaan Aawe, says the soul of every Mumbaikar, and for the obvious reasons! The dreamers hub encompasses a clump of marvels for the traveler of every kind. On a travel spree, one could uncover Mumbais unique bazaars, visit some of its architectural grandeurs, map the alleys of the prolific film city, or simply move to the hills shrouded in clouds in the break from the plains below. While a lot has been said for sight-seeing within the citys boundaries, it is the picturesque charm of the hill stations near Mumbai that is often underrated.

    Mumbai is hemmed by a number of less crowded and less polluted hill station that are just perfect to satisfy the wanderlust of a traveler who fancies serenity and tranquility in the embrace of hills.

    Come let us take a quick excursion to the hill stations near Mumbai. Chala Nighuya.

  • Malshej Ghat

    Malshej Ghat is one of the best places to visit for tourist near mumbai

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    Malshej Ghat is the best place for the ones who adore the mountainous regions and orthinologists. Located at a height of 700 meters above the sea level and 154 kilometers from Mumbai, Malshej ghat is a mountainous pass rugged in the lofty hills of Western Ghats. Being a pass, it has deep woods that are a residence to the wild animals and birds like the big cats, rabbits, peacocks, quails and flamingoes. One can reach here via roadways in all seasons except the monsoons. Gear up for a road trip.

  • Chikhaldara

    Chikhaldara is perfect weekend getaway from mumbai

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    Lets clear one thing about Chikhaldara. The actual name is Keechakdara and theres a story behind it. It says that the Pandava Bheema killed Keechak and threw him in the valley, thus, it came to be known as Keechakdhara. Youll be surprised to know that this is the only coffee growing area in the whole of Mahashtra is the Vidarbha region of Chikhaldara. Inhabited by wild dogs and tigers, Chikhaldara abounds in wildlife. Ensure your safety before heading towards this scenic beauty.

  • Toranmal

    Toranmal is one of the famous hill station in mumbai

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    The vicinity of Toranmal is a plateau as well as a hill station. Once entered, it gives a feeling of a completely different world due to the cool comfort in the snugness of the mountains. Toranmal is situated between two hills with a chief attraction Yashwant lake. The lake is full of the lotus flowers and has a depth of 27 meters, very deep indeed. Here youll get to see more of the natural beauty than tourist spots. Pack your bags and youll not be disappointed.

  • Panhala

    Panhala is one of the famous hill station near mumbai

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    Panhala is a city and a hill station located in Kolhapur. The historical roots of Panhala have deep connections with Shivaji and the Maratha Empire. The Maratha warrior spent his childhood in Panhala fort that is a major tourist attraction. According to the local people, the fort premises are haunted and many have reported hauntings like horses galloping. Thats creepy but fascinates. Dare to go there!

  • Jawhar

    Jawhar is one of the popular toruist places in mumbai

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    Jawhar is known for its picturesque setting and a vibrant cultural heritage. It was the capital of the princely state of Jawhar in 1918. Presently, it is a beautiful spot with many waterfalls where you can take a bath and enjoy. Dabhosa falls have water falling from a height of 300 ft and covered with herbs on both of the sides, so these falls might give a cure of an allergy. Do carry a bag because you may find something useful.

  • Igatpuri

    Igatpuri is one of the major tourist attraction in mumbai

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    Igatpuri is famous for the ancient meditation technique vipassana. One of the most well connected hill station is a major tourist attraction in Maharashtra. The best and most comfortable way to reach here is by the railways. Igatpuri has the spots like Bhatsa river valley that is famous for boating, Amruteshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva, Ghatan Devi temple and the serene 5 waterfalls. Theres too much to see here.

  • Conclusion

    Mumbai is a city that has something for everyone. People seek refuge in the hill stations near Mumbai to take a break from hectic schedules. Spending a quality time in these hill stations, with family or friends, never goes waste. Honestly, none can go back disappointed once theyve spent a vacation in the hill stations located near Mumbai. Aapan Aapalya Trip Aanand Asha.

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