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  • Precaution For Yoga

    Ayurveda is the oldest and most reliable healing science known today. The Sanskrit word "Ayurveda" means knowledge of life. Ayurveda is prescribed by Indian sages millions of years ago and now it's the most popular system emerging in western countries for treatment of all kinds of ailments.


    One should always follow these basic precautionary tips while practicing Yoga postures :-

    • Always consult your doctor and make sure whether practicing yoga will not worsen the condition of your current physical disability.
    • People suffering from breathing problems should avoid holding their breath (Kumbhaka) while performing Pranayama.
    • Always keep in mind that practicing Yoga in wrong manner or postures will leave adverse effects on your body parts. Therefore do Yoga in a proper manner under the guidance of experienced Yoga instructor to get the positive results.
    • People suffering from heart problem and high or low blood pressure should always consult the doctor and Yoga instructor before doing any Yoga posture. They should always practice Yoga in front of Yoga practitioners.
    • Avoid doing hard exercises like jogging, cycling, swimming, and weightlifting immediately after Yoga. Take a break for at least 20 minute before starting these exercises.
    • Always practice Yoga in proper sequence. Begin with Kriyas, and then perform Asanas, Pranayama, Chittashuddhi and Yoga Nidra. Never shuffle the sequence.
    • For achieving peace of mind and body relaxation, practice Yoga in a quite place. Practice Yoga amidst greenery and fresh air.
    • Do practice Yoga early morning or evening time with relatively empty stomach. Practice Yoga at least after four hours of heavy meal. You can have meals after half-an-hour of practice.
    • Avoid having excessive amount of tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohols and spicy fried food as they actuate chemical toxins which lead to stress and illness.
    • Add salads, fruits and fibers in your diet to stay fit and healthy.
    • Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep your digestive system fine.
    • Wear clean and loose clothes to feel comfort physically as well as mentally while practicing Yoga. In summer season, prefer wearing cotton apparels which can easily absorb the body sweat. Heavy jewelry should not be worn while practicing Yoga.
    • Since body is needed to be stretched out in all directions, therefore postures should always be performed on clean mat, carpet or rug to avoid slipping and falling away.
    • Do not practice Yoga when you had hard drinks like alcohol.
    • Perform all Yoga moves and postures with slow and careful moves. Follow all the instructions provided by instructor.
    • Never overstrain or force yourself into a posture, rather relax at equal intervals and do as per your capacity. If any posture is difficult for you to perform, try to skip it and move on.
    • Stop immediately if you feel pain at any body part.

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