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  • Snorkeling Guide Tips

    Newbies or beginners should learn the basic rules and tips of snorkeling sport before experiencing it live. They should know how to carry their snorkeling gadgets, how to wear mask and how to wipe out and clear water from a snorkel.

  • Basic Guides And Tips For Snorkeling Sport Are As Follows :-

    • Do your research and get advice from traveling agents about best and fun filled adventurous snorkeling spots.
    • Do get well aware with weather conditions of snorkeling point before heading for it.
    • Make your self well versed with the potential problems including water currents, waves and complex entries and exit points while snorkeling.
    • Choose calm water points to enjoy the sport of snorkeling. Try a morning snorkel to avoid unexpected currents and sea breezes.
    • Opt for a snorkeling mask and a dry or semi-dry snorkel which fits properly and comfortably on face. Try putting it on the face without the strap and try to breathe in with your nostrils. If it fits fine and doesn't falls even at leaning forward then it's the proper fitted mask for you.
    • Snorkler's wear fins on their feet to move inside the water. They can choose from paddle fins to strap fins or split fins to travel fins to avoid serious foot injuries.
    • Wear pair of foot fins that get fit properly and comfortably. Choose snorkel that fits well into your mouth.
    • Carry an extra T-shirt to cover yourself and wear waterproof sunscreen over all the exposed areas of your body to prevent it from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays and direct sunlight light. Sun sensitive people should always wear sunscreen while snorkeling.
    • Avoid stepping on corals inside the water to avoid injury and to protect the corals. Corals are very delicate and even a single touch of human body can kill tiny jelly-like polyps living inside it. Avoid shallow waters for walking as urchin spines can cause awful foot injury.
    • Avoid touching sea creatures and try not to feed them while snorkeling underwater. Even a small caress or single touch can agitate them.
    • Beware of harmful sea animals or stinging organisms like fire corals and jelly fish. These creatures can turn dangerous if provoked.
    • Avoid wearing shiny ornaments while snorkeling; the dangerous toothy fish may get attracted by lustrous and bright objects.
    • Though sharks are rarely seen while snorkeling on the shallow reefs but if you see one try to be calm. Most of the reef sharks are passive and do not attack human beings. Do not panic and leave the spot slowly.

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