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  • Things To Do In Munnar For A Wonderful Vacation

    By: Palak Jain | In: Top Hill Station Destination | Last Updated: 2023-09-11

    Things To Do In Munnar For A Wonderful Vacation

    The landscape of Munnar is an intricate network of slopes. With rich green tea estates, rushing streams along the hillsides, and meandering uneven paths. And there are plenty of absolutely enjoyable things to enjoy. While taking in the incredible views of peninsular India's largest tea-growing region.

    September through March are the ideal months to visit Munnar. These months experience nice weather. It's also an excellent opportunity to travel throughout the spring, which runs from March to April. The summer months are a little warm.

    The ideal location for a tranquil and soothing break in the hills is Munnar. Around Munnar, there are a lot of tourist attractions. And each one of them is ideal for relaxing on vacation. Definitely! With a nice cup of tea and your favorite novel. Also, you can choose TourTravelWorld to assist you in planning your next day.

  • Discover The Top Things To Do In Munnar

    In Munnar, there is no shortage of amazing things to do. Plan your schedule by choosing the things you want to do. From the list below make your trip to Munnar more enjoyable.

    Some of the enjoyable activities you may engage in are:

    1: Tours of the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

    2: Camping And Trekking At Echo Point

    3: Mountain Biking in Suryanelli

    4: Watersports at the Mattupetty Dam

    5: Street Shopping at Munnar Markets

    6: Discover the History of Tea at the Tea Museum

    7: Enjoy Kathakali at Punarjani Traditional Village

    8: Witness Rare Flowers at Blossom International Park

    9: Trekking in the Mathikettan Shola Rainforest

    10: Trekking to Attukal Waterfalls

    11: An Ayurvedic Spa Treatment

    12: Visit Kalari Kshethra to View Kalaripayattu

    13: Visit Carmelagiri Elephant Park to Experience an Elephant Safari

    14: Find Rare Species in Eravikulam National Park

    15: Explore & Visit Chithirapuram & CSI Church

    16: Wonder Valley Adventure Park

  • Tours of the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

    Tours of the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

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    At Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, one of the largest tea estates in the world. You can inhale the revitalizing scent of the golden beverage. This tea estate in Munnar is at an elevation of 7900 feet. Also, the zigzag route that winds through the Kolukkumalai Hills to get there is quite breathtaking.

    The plantation, a major Tourist attraction in Munnar, is well-known around the world for its scented tea leaves. The century-old tea factory is a fascinating location to learn about the ancient processes used to make tea.

  • Camping And Trekking At Echo Point

    Camping And Trekking At Echo Point

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    Kerala offers a wide variety of adventure activities, and adventure seekers and fitness freaks, particularly hikers, would love Munnar. Trekking to high points like Echo Point and Top Station is one of the most popular things to do in Munnar. Echo Point, a mesmerizing location where sound resonance happens spontaneously, is just 15 kilometers from Munnar.

    Top Station, Munnar's highest point, provides a breathtaking perspective of the town and its surrounding hills and valleys. It takes a lot of endurance to walk 32 km to reach Top Station. If you succeed in meeting the goal, the workout requirement for the whole week gets satisfied. Don't forget to bring your hiking boots and supplies.

  • Mountain Biking in Suryanelli

    Mountain Biking in Suryanelli

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    Even cyclists may find enjoyment in the Keralan town of tea estates. Mountain riding is a well-liked adventure activity in Munnar. It works well for several areas, such as Suryanelli, Anamudi Shola, Kundala, Marayoor, and Vandanmedu.

    Riding a two-wheeler along the winding roads, and exploring the hills and meadows, is the utmost enjoyment. This is a fun activity you can perform in Munnar.

  • Watersports At the Mattupetty Dam

    Watersports At the Mattupetty Dam

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    Located close to Anamudi Mountain. It is also surrounded by tea plantations, spice gardens, and rolling hills. Mattupetty Dam and the lake are two of Munnar's beautiful locations. The area around the dam makes for a nice hiking path and a great place for picnics. You may rent motorboats and speedboats at the Mattupetty Lake boating facilities.

  • Street Shopping At Munnar Markets

    Street Shopping At Munnar Markets

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    Shopaholics, it's your chance now! Shop freely for your preferred kind of tea and coffee, spices, and aromatic and natural oils. You can find Aromatic essential oils nearby, such as eucalyptus oil, lemongrass, and citriodora. They are excellent for alleviating joint and body aches. Additionally, it will treat tea lovers!

    Munnar boasts a wide variety of beverages. Whether it's scented cardamom or freshly ground coffee, Elaichi-flavoured green tea or long-leaf black tea. One may purchase the highest quality tea at the Tata Tea Museum and Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. They are two of the most well-known Tourist attractions in Munnar.

  • Discover the History of Tea at the Tea Museum

    Discover the History of Tea at the Tea Museum

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    A notable tourist attraction in Munnar is the Tata Tea Museum. Unique exhibits include the traditional "Rotorvane" tea roller used to process CTC tea. The "Pelton Wheel" power generator and Kundale Valley Light Railway Engine. As well as model bungalow furniture and antique typewriters. Wooden bathtubs, magneto phones, iron ovens, manual calculators, and EPABXs from the 1909 telephone system.

    The most exciting experience for tea aficionados, however, is picking tea leaves and tasting several varieties of tea.

  • Enjoy Kathakali at Punarjani Traditional Village

    Enjoy Kathakali at Punarjani Traditional Village

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    A performing dance centre called Punarjani Traditional Village located near Munnar, Kerala. And if you're still unsure about what to do in Munnar. Then, one of the enjoyable things to do in Munnar at night is to attend a Kathakali show.

    Enjoy this dancing and musical performance to experience South India's authentic spirit. It is undoubtedly a thrilling experience to partake in while in Munnar.

  • Witness Rare Flowers at Blossom International Park

    Blossom International Park

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    Blossom International Park, which is only 3 km from the main city. It is one of the unusual things to do in Munnar since so few people visit there. There are several unique varieties of trees and beautiful plants. The intriguing aspect is that this park offers a variety of different entertaining activities, like roller skating, boating, and cycling.

  • Trekking in the Mathikettan Shola Rainforest

    Trekking in the Mathikettan Shola Rainforest

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    Trekking is one of the most exciting activities in Munnar if you're wondering what to do there. It allows you to discover the region's unusual animals, picturesque terrain, and magnificent natural beauty. Famous for its diverse flora and wildlife this place is a verdant paradise with hiking excursions through various tea estates.

  • Trekking to Attukal Waterfalls

    Trekking to Attukal Waterfalls

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    This beautiful waterfall, which is an excellent place for hiking because it falls from a tremendous height. It is a spectacle that will astound you. With your friends or family, you may go on a trip to a beautiful waterfall and have a picnic there. Normally, the water is too shallow for you to get around it.

  • An Ayurvedic Spa Treatment

    An Ayurvedic Spa Treatment

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    Kerala is widely recognized for its Ayurvedic practices, which include revitalizing spa treatments and therapeutic massages. Not an exception is Munnar. Both an energizing body massage and ayurvedic wellness treatments.
    Various resorts and spa facilities are effective methods to unwind your body and mind. Choose between a traditional deep tissue massage, a Balinese massage, or a genuine Shirodhara.

  • Visit Kalari Kshethra to View Kalaripayattu


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    The South Indian state of Kerala is home to the traditional martial art known as kalaripayattu. One of the greatest sites to see a demonstration of this extremely skillful combat method is Kalari Kshethra near Munnar. It signifies the history, culture, and courage of the people and was once used by warriors. You can see performances of a variety of traditional dances and artistic forms for your enjoyment.

  • Visit Carmelagiri Elephant Park to Experience an Elephant Safari

    Visit Carmelagiri Elephant Park to Experience an Elephant Safari

    Image Source :

    How about an elephant safari, and that too in Munnar's mountainous terrain? At Carmelagiri Elephant Park, visitors of all ages may have a "haathi mere saathi" experience. The park is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Munnar.

    Located on Mattupetty Road and provides 10- to 15-minute-long elephant rides. It is one of Munnar's best-known tourist attractions, especially for children.

  • Find Rare Species in Eravikulam National Park

    Find Rare Species in Eravikulam National Park

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    Let's visit Munnar's dense, ominous woods, biosphere reserves, national park, and sanctuaries. Who knows, you could get lucky and see some creatures or birds that are on the verge of extinction. Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are the most well-liked wildlife places in Munnar.

  • Explore & Visit Chithirapuram & CSI Church

    Explore & Visit Chithirapuram & CSI Church

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    CSI is a protestant church. Built-in 1910 by a Scottish tea estate manager and his employees. It is one of the nicest tourist attractions in Munnar. Additionally, it features stained-glass windows, brass plaques, a magnificent chandelier, and rows of rosewood benches. Here, spend some time by yourself and enjoy happiness.

  • Wonder Valley Adventure Park

    Wonder Valley Adventure Park

    Image Source :

    The Munnar amusement park is a stunning natural terrain theme park that integrates several attractions and activities for you to enjoy. It is a haven for adventure seekers. You may make use of the natural paths, wave pool, tranquil waterfall, and river dance area.

  • Conclusion

    In Munnar, you may take a leisurely boat ride at Mattupetty Dam. Or take a relaxing stroll around the Attukal Waterfalls and beautiful tea plantations. You can also visit the Eravikulam National Park to see animals and breathtaking scenery.

    You may learn about tea production by visiting the Tea Museum for a cultural experience. Take advantage of the expansive views that you can see from Top Station and the Anamudi Peak. If you want to get the most out of your vacation, go to Munnar. Also, think about contacting a reputable travel company like "TourTravelWorld."

    They provide a wide range of services with a staff of qualified experts to accommodate visitors' various tastes and interests. TourTravelWorld commits to making your vacation to Munnar seamless and wonderful. Whether you're seeking guided tours, adventure activities, lodging reservations, or transportation services.

    Their familiarity with the area and attention to detail make them a dependable option for maximizing your time in Munnar.

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