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  • Top 10 Coldest Places in India

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    Top 10 Coldest Places in India

    Cloaked under the white blanket of snow, the chilled breeze of hill stations lures everyone. Most of the hill stations in India remain cold throughout the year yet there are a few which are labeled as Coldest Hill Stations. On such destinations, the cold breeze affectionately greets as it kisses your cheeks when you step over the white blanket of snow. Such experience is truly ethereal. Hemmed in the tantalizing backdrop of towering snow-capped lofty peaks, the hill stations are bestowed with the beauty of nature. Apart from the snow, there are other places of interest like pilgrimage sites and skiing slopes that can be flocked by the visitors. One thing is guaranteed that none will feel disappointed after paying a visit to the perplexing hill stations. If the snow fascinates you then get ready, pack the trendy woolens, book the tickets and visit the popular coldest places in India.

  • Dras: One of The Coldest Places in India

    Dras is one of the coldest places in India

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    Dras is the last inhabited hill town in J&K. It has the minimum elevation of 10,760 feet. Dras is known among the coldest places in India where mercury level rests at -22C amid the year. Surprisingly, it is a popular tourist destination and the ones that adore snowfall visit Dras. Another reason to visit this white land is that is lays close to the Hindu pilgrimage site of Amarnath.

  • Kargil: An Offbeat Summer Holiday Destination

    Kargil is one of the most popular coldest places in India

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    The whole of India knows very well about Kargil. It is the place where the brave soldiers of the great Indian army look after the international border of India. The splendid land of Kargil is an alluring summer holiday destination in India. Perched on the banks of River Indus and hoisted at 8,780 feet, Kargil is shrouded by the snow laden peaks of majestic Himalayas. The weather of Kargil is bone chilling and temperature usually stays between -32C to -48C.

  • North-Sikkim: Best Summer Holiday Destination

    North-Sikkim is one of the coldest hill towns in India

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    Blessed with the beautiful landscapes and backdrop of Kanchenjunga peaks, the Northern side of Sikkim is a mesmerizing place. Perched in the laps of Himalayas, this scenic spot is an intriguing tourist destination and is among coldest hill towns in India. The freezing temperatures fall at -40C amid the winters. This freezes the small water bodies where occasional trek activities are organized.

  • Hemkund Sahib: Best Place To Visit In Summer In India

    Hemkund Sahib is one of the coldest places in India

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    Hemmed in the snow-capped Himalayas, Hemkund Sahib is one of the holiest shrines in Sikhism. This beautiful place stands amid the coldest places in India. People can reach this serene place by trekking through the long paths, covered with the blanket of snow even during the summer season. The temperature stays below -20C throughout winters that makes Hemkund Sahib inaccessible during the season.

  • Spiti: A Surreal Summer Holiday Destination

    Spiti valley is one of the popular tourist destination in India

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    Spiti is an enchanting valley that connects Ladakh with Tibet. This tantalizing land is located in the Himalayan belt and has emerged as a popular tourist destination. The people can flock to Spiti valley at any time during the calendar year. The winter season performs a beautiful white makeup by shrouding the valley with snow. The Spiti valley is among the coldest places in India where temperatures vary between -30C to -40C.

  • Amarnath: Best Religious Summer Destination

    Amarnath is a magnificent pilgrimage site for Hindus

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    Amarnath is a magnificent pilgrimage site for Hindus that rests in the serpentine valley of Kashmir. It is hoisted at a vivacious height of 12,756 feet. Due to its geographical location, the mercury level here rests at lower temperatures and drops down below 0C during the winter season. Reaching Amarnath is not at all easy as one has to trek through the jagged terrains to reach the pristine caves.

  • West-Sikkim: Best Place To Visit In Summers In India

    Sikkim is one of the most popular places in India

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    Sikkim, with no doubts, is a fascinating piece of land. It is endowed with natural beauty and greenery in abundance. The sight of garnet green landscapes and crystal clear streams is truly breathtaking. Beckoned by the ranges of Kanchenjunga, the temperatures of the western side of Sikkim remain cool amid the year and ranges between 0C-10C. The people and visitors head to Sikkim to spend a relaxed holiday.

  • Leh: Best Summer Holiday Destination

    Leh is one of the most visited places in India

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    Popular for boasting the intriguing and calm Pangong Lake, Leh is another cold trekking spot in India. Sanctified with uneven hilly terrains, Leh is not less than a heaven for the adventure enthusiasts. It is located in the belt of Himalayan range & its temperature remains below 5C throughout the year. Hundreds of trekkers visit Leh for an unforgettable trek experience.

  • Sela Pass, Tawang: An Offbeat Summer Vacation Destination

    Sela Pass is a high altitude pass in India

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    Shrouded by the great Indian Himalayas, Sela Pass is a high altitude pass. It bridges the gap between Guwahati and Tawang, popularly known as the Buddhist town. Due to its uttermost geographical location, the weather of Sela Pass remains cold amidst the year and temperatures drop till -15C. Take the road to the Sela Pass and wallow the spirituality.

  • Rohtang Pass: An Adventurous Summer

    Rohtang Pass is one of the popular places in Manali

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    The most famous but common journey to Manali is enjoyed by the majority of Indian populace. But relishing the beauty of Manali is not limited; one can appreciate it further by reaching Rohtang Pass. It is a path that connects Lahaul with Spiti and remains cloaked under the blanket of snow amid the year. Being a cold place, the temperatures usually stays below -15C that makes it appropriate to enjoy the adventure sports like skiing.

  • The above description you read wasnt a fiction. These are the real and the coldest destinations that exist in India. The beauty of these alluring places becomes beguiling during the winter season as the veil of snow covers them. Theres something for everyone in these marvelous places. There are religious sites and trekking spots as well. Hopefully, your long-term search for the intricate and coldest places in India ends here. Plan a trip and thank us later.

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