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  • Top 10 Places to Visit in Mount Abu

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    Top 10 Places to Visit in Mount Abu

    Located amidst the warm sands, Mount Abu is the lone luring hill station in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Located in the murky Aravalli Hills, the ambiance of Mount Abu is simply ethereal & is referred to as an oasis in deserts. Whether it is about the enormous forts or the temples, the culture or the cuisines- Rajasthan was stereotyped with the image of a vast expanse of desert but, Mount Abu clearly overshadows this image. It is a frequented hill station that stands amid the deserts and boasts, nope, you have to read further to know what is cloaked under the greener side of Rajasthan.

  • Dilwara Jain Temples

    Dilwara Temple is one of the famous temple in Mount Abu

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    The Dilwara Jain Temples are located 2.5 km. away from Mount Abu. The grandeur was erected in the mid 13th century & has intricate and labyrinthine carvings on exterior and interior walls. The Dilwara Jain Temples is a group of 5 temples adjacent to each other amid the woods. Each splendor is dedicated to a Jain tirthankara. The impeccable architecture temples reflect the typical Jain style. The place is frequented by the tourists as well as Jain devotees.

  • Nakki Lake

    Nakki Lake

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    The Nakki Lake is a serene blue water lake located in the vicinity of Mount Abu. The tranquil ambiance of the lakeside makes this place a haven for the nature lovers. According to mythology, the lake got its name after it was dug by the nails of Gods. The lake is hemmed by lush green surroundings and is a popular picnic spot for the locals. Activities like boating can be enjoyed in Nakki Lake.

  • Peace Park

    Peace Park is one of the amazing place to visit in Mount Abu

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    As its name propounds, the Peace Park is a pleasant establishment and a part of the Brahma Kumari Spiritual Abode. The ethereal surroundings of the park make it a frequented place especially for those who seek an escape from the hectic schedule of life. The visitors rabble to the Peace Park and succumb themselves to its tranquil environment. The Peace Park shouldnt be missed during the trip of Mount Abu.

  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

    Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is well known places in Rajasthan

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    Mount Abu also gloats the well known Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the habitat of the feline predator Indian leopard. This wildlife sanctuary is nestled in the misty hills of Mount Abu and is a leopard reserve in Rajasthan. There are numerous other species of birds and animals that can be spotted in Abu wildlife Sanctuary but the spotted predators are found in abundance.

  • Guru Shikhar Peak

    Guru Shikhar Peak is the highest mountain in the Aravali ranges

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    Situated inside the premises of Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, the Guru Shikhar Peak is the highest mountain in the Aravali ranges. The hill top provides a mesmerizing panoramic view of Mount Abu. These murky hills are a perfect trekking spot amid the nature and stands among the best tourist attractions in Mount Abu. Theres a temple perched on the hill top and is dedicated to Guru Dattatreya, an incarnation of the Hindu Holy Trinity as a whole.

  • Sunset Point

    Sunset Point is a perfect spot for spending a quality time in Mount Abu

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    A not-so-famous spot in Mount Abu, the sunset point is the place where one can witness the most dazzling & beautiful view of sunset. The people can stroll near this area and experience the sense calming tranquility. This destination is a perfect spot for spending a quality time with your family. So your next picnic spot should be the Sunset Point of Mount Abu.

  • Abu Road

    Abu Road is on of the popular places to visit in Mount Abu

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    Abu Road essentially denotes a railway station that is hemmed amid the astounding nature. Standing on the banks of Banas River, Abu Road is identified as the place where numerous Hindu temples can be spotted and all are constructed impeccably. The serene location has emerged as a popular picnic spot for the families of locals as well as tourists.

  • Achalgarh Fort

    Achalgarh Fort is one of the most visited fort in Mount Abu

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    The Achalgarh Fort is a grandeur that was constructed by the Parmara dynasty and re-built by Maharana Kumbha. In the foregone times, it used to be the place where the whole vicinity of Mount Abu could be viewed. The Achalgarh Fort is also recognized as Achaleshwara Mahadev Temple. It houses an ancient temple where 5000 years old Shivalinga is placed, though, worshipping is prohibited.

  • Trevors Tank

    Trevors Tank is amazing places to visit in Mount Abu

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    Trevors Tank is a man-made beguiling crocodile reserve in Mount Abu. Established by a British engineer Trevor, it is encompassed by the garnet green surroundings and houses a wide number of birds like grey fowl, partridge, parrot and some migratory birds like Siberian stork and pink neck flamingo. Trevors Tank is another luring destination in Mount Abu that is flocked by hundreds of visitors daily.

  • Toad Rock

    Toad Rock is also a popular picnic spot in Mount Abu

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    The Toad Rock is point of interest in Mount Abu. Adjoining the Nakki River, the Toad Rock is a boulder that is naturally carved and resembles a toad in seated position. This hill top point is easily accessible via foot. The visitors can climb on this beautiful rock and can enjoy the mesmerizing view of Nakki Lake. It is also a popular picnic spot and is crowded with the families on weekend.

  • Honestly, not many people had given a second thought that Rajasthan has a personal hill station of its own. This tantalizing place, known by the name Mount Abu, is an alluring tourist destination that houses distinguished spots in its boundaries. If you are planning to visit Rajasthan to know something more about the culture & traditions, do not forget to relax your limbs in Mount Abu. You will not regret this decision. Pull up your socks and get ready to be charmed by Mount Abu, the pristine hill station of Rajasthan.

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