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  • Top 14 Unforgettable Places to Visit in Nashik

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-06-06

    Top 14 Unforgettable Places to Visit in Nashik

    What comes to your mind when you hear the name of Nashik? Most probably, a rough image of some trekking sites and chawls, right! But what if we say that Nashik is beyond trekking sites and chawls?

    Located in the foothills of the Western Ghats, Nashik is a city that lies in the northwest region of Maharashtra. Apart from the Western Ghats, the murky hills of Brahmagiri beckoned this well-known city. If we talk about the tourism then Nashik is dotted with numerous places of interest. These places are compelling and ensnare the enthusiastic wayfarers on an extensive scale. There are different caves that tell about the human inhabitance and forts that reveal about the astounding architecture. On one hand, we have intricately carved temples, whereas, there are enchanting waterfalls where people swarm and spend a quality time with their loved ones.

  • Sita Gufa

    Sita Gufa is one of the most popular places in Nashik

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    Sita Gufa, also known as Sita Cave, is a sacred and a holy place for the followers of Hinduism. At present, it is a renovated shrine but in the previous times, it was a rocky cave. The significance of the cave is said to be associated with the times of Ramayana. Legends say that this place was the place from where Goddess Sita was kidnapped by the demon scholar Ravana. Today, people on an extensive scale visit Sita Gufa for worshiping the Goddess.

  • Pandavleni Caves

    Pandavleni Caves are a famous destination in Nashik

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    For all the thrill-seekers out there, this place is especially for you. Located amid the dense woods, Pandavleni Caves are a famous destination in Nashik. These caves are carved beautifully in a labyrinthine manner and are devoted to Hinaya Buddhism. The interior walls of these astounding caves boast carvings that represent different teachings of Buddha. Since these caves are located near woods, it makes this place appropriate for trekking and camping. Try out if you adore camping.

  • Kapileshwara Temple

    Kapileshwara Temple is a beguiling and an ancient Shiva temple in Nashik

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    Devoted to the Lord of lords, Kapileshwara Temple is a beguiling and an ancient Shiva temple located in Nashik. This enchanting Hindu shrine is said to be the place where Lord Shiva got rid of his sin of Brahm-Hatya when he chopped the 5th head of Lord Brahma. After this, Nandi suggested and guided him to the conflux of rivers Godavari, Aruna, and Varuna. Lord Shiva took a dip and cleared his sin. Each day and especially during Mahashivaratri, this temple is swarmed by hundreds of devotees.

  • Anjaneri Hills

    Anjaneri Hills are a beauteous location in Nashik

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    Anjaneri Hills are just like Mother Natures awe-inspiring painting on the canvas. Surrounded by greenery in all directions, Anjaneri Hills are a beauteous location in Nashik. Bearing the name of Lord Hanumans mother Anjani, these hills have a great significance as a holy place and a trekkers delight. It is also claimed that Lord Hanuman spent his childhood at Anjaneri Hills and today, a marvelous temple devoted to him is built there. If you love trekking then gear up for an enthralling expedition.

  • Kalaram Temple

    Kalaram Temple is popular Hindu shrine located in Nashik

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    Another popular Hindu shrine located in Nashik, Kalaram Temple is a fascinating travel goal that you must visit. The temple was built under the reign of Sardar Rangarao. Idols of Sri Rama, Devi Sita, Laxmana, and Hanuman are carved out of the black stone. The story behind the name of this temple is riveting. One fine night, he dreamt that a divine voice guided him to fetch a black idol of Lord Rama from the river Godavari. Next morning, he searched and finally found the idol.

  • Saptashrungi

    Saptashrungi is well known tourist spot in Nashik

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    Saptashrungi literally translates into seven hills. Located in the murky hills of Sahyadri, Saptashrungi is a sacred shakti-peetha in Hinduism. It is said that Satis right arm fell in these hills. Apart from being a sacred site, Saptashrungi is natures bounty and its beauty cannot be described in words. People from nearby areas, as well as distant places, visit this region on daily basis. What else can be more compelling than worshiping the Goddess and enjoying trekking at the same time?

  • Dudhsagar Falls

    Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most visited water falls in Nashik

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    Dushsagar Falls, also known by the moniker Someshwar Falls, are breathtaking waterfalls located in Nashik. Formed by the river Godavari, these picturesque waterfalls are tagged amid the popular hang-out places in Nashik. You can chum around and hog on the delectable snacks that are sold at reasonable prices. If you are visiting during the monsoon season, the width of Dudhsagar Waterfalls and your fun, both will be doubled.

  • Jain Temple

    Jain Temple is one of the famous temple in Nashik

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    Peace, serenity and an ethereal ambiance are guaranteed when you pay a visit to the sacred Jain Temples. The Jain Temples of Nashik are an astounding place to meet with your inner-self. Sri Dharmachakra Parshavnath, Digambar Jain Kshetra etc. are the pious places and visiting them will drain every kind of stress from the body. Jain pilgrims and monks are seen on an extensive scale daily in the Jain Temples of Nashik.

  • Deolali Camp

    Deolali Camp is a beautiful hill station located in Nashik

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    Deolali or Devlali is a beautiful hill station located in Nashik. Forming a part of the breathtaking hills of the Western Ghats, it is well-known as a holiday destination amid tourists. Surrounded by tantalizing and green surroundings, visitors and trekkers do not miss a chance to spend an indelible holiday here. The enchanting caves of Pandavleni are located close to Deolali, so you have another reason to visit Deolali Camp.

  • Dhodap Trek

    Dhodap Trek is one of the popuplar trek in Nashik

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    All the dauntless ones, kindly pay attention. If you consider yourself as a hardcore trekker then do not miss Dhodap Trek. Perching at a height of 4830 feet, Dhodap is an astonishing hill fort located in Nashik. Initially, it was ruled by the Peshwa clan but was soon abandoned. At present, it has emanated as a trekking site that is visited by trekkers on a large scale.

  • Mulher Trek

    Mulher Trek is one of the popular trekking site in Nashik

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    Another popular trekking site enters our list. Also known by the name of Mayurgad, Mulher Trek is a humongous hill fort that stands at a height of 4200 feet from the ground. It can be reached by a long trek. As youll ascend in the height, youll be able to witness the captivating and lush green surroundings. You can unwind a lot more things including camping after reaching the hill fort. Good luck!

  • Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

    Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is a beguiling Hindu pilgrimage site in Nashik

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    The holy chant of Har har Mahadev is what all that you will hear after visiting this alluring Hindu shrine. Counted amid the 12 jyotirlingas, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is a beguiling Hindu pilgrimage site. It is located in Nashik and is surrounded by the hills of Brahmagiri, Neelagiri, and Kalagiri. The entire temple is carved out of black stone and is festooned beautifully on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. Try visiting the temple when you are in Nashik.

  • Dhammagiri

    Dhammagiri is well known places in Nashik

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    Translating into the Hill of Dharma, Dhammagiri is a renowned center for vipassana or meditation. Due to its charming surroundings amid hills, it is seen as an apt place for meditating. It is considered as the largest vipassana academy in India. If you are stressed out and want to reinvigorate your inner-self then you must visit Dhammagiri to calm down your senses.

  • Sundarnarayan Temple

    Sundarnarayan Temple is most visited temple in Nashik

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    An awe-inspiring grandeur devoted to Lord Vishnu, Sundarnarayan Temple is a fine example of the Indian architecture. It was built in the 17th century and houses different sculpted and carved figures from the Hindu religious epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. The tale behind this temple is associated with Lord Vishnu. He was cursed by a demons wife and lost all his charm. In order to regain the charm, he took a dip in the river Godavari. Since then, he came to be known by the name of Sundarnarayan.

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