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  • Top 17 Bollywood Movies Based On Real-Life Instances

    Top 17 Bollywood Movies Based On Real-Life Instances

    The human life is a movie in itself. First, we stay behind the stage i.e. mothers womb and then face the real world. Throughout our lives, we come across countless incidents and many times, we are a part of them as well. There are instances that bring an emotion of joy, anger, love, pride, and all of them at the same time! The lives of people changes at the climax and usually ends up with tears as we bid a final goodbye.

    But not every story has a similar ending. We think that all are familiar with the dialogue Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost. Yes, thats entirely true in the real life. There are various instances that happened around us. To many people, they required an appropriate picturization so that the world gets to know about them.

    As you will read ahead, you will come across the incidents that happened in the real-life and are portrayed effectively on the silver screen. Take a look.

  • Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

    Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is one of the best Bollywood Movie

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    You were a lucky person if you got to see the first day-first show of the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. It is an Indian blockbuster movie that is based on the true story of Flying Sikh Milkha Singh. He is the renowned Indian athlete that won numerous gold medals in mens athletics. Farhan Akhtar portrayed the role of Milkha Singh. In this movie, the whole life of Milkha Singh was portrayed with a great perfection.

  • Mary Kom

    Mary Kom Is a famous real life Bollywood movie

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    Not all women that look soft, are soft. Sometimes, their slightest punch is enough to make a molar tooth jump off the gums! Yes, were talking about the lady with an iron fist, M.C Mary Kom. She is another personality whose journey from a remote village to the different boxing rings around the world, where she was victorious and won different medals. In her honor, a real life Bollywood movie was filmed starring the damsel Priyanka Chopra and the movie gained appreciation all over.

  • The Dirty Picture

    The Dirty Picture is one of the best bollywood movie

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    The Dirty Picture is a movie that doesnt need any special introduction. It is a Bollywood movie based on the story of Silk Smitha, a beddable personality that was the dream girl of men in South India. Vidya Balan played the role of a siren that soars the heights of success due to her sensuality but, dies an unfortunate and untimely death. Vidyas acting in this movie fetched her more fame and accolades as well.

  • Nobody Killed Jessica

    Nobody Killed Jessica is the best film that is based on a true incident

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    Nobody Killed Jessica is another film that is based on a true incident. In the year 2006, a female bartender, Jessica Lal, was fatally shot dead by Manu Sharma because she refused to serve more tipple as the bar was closing. This case entered into the limelight because the convicts family used each bad lure to shroud the crime including bribery, political influence, and muscle power.

  • Chak De! India

    Chak De! India is one of the famous bollywood movie

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    The famous title track still gives jitters whenever you listen to it. Chak De! India is a movie that was released in the year 2007. It is a sports theme movie that portrayed the condition of womens hockey turning from a bad to a good side. The story also narrates the bitter side of the discrimination faced by the goal-keeper, Ranjan Negi in 1982 Asian Games, who is unable to stop the penalty shot from Pakistan.

  • Border

    Border is one of the perefect real life instances based movie

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    Every Indian feels proud after watching this movie and were sure youll never get bored even after watching it. This evergreen movie is based on the Indo-Pak war of 1971 at took place at Longewala Town of Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). This film comprised the eminent actors like Sunny Deol, Puneet Issar, Suniel Shetty, Akshaye Khanna etc. in leading roles. Till date, this movie stands amid the greatest patriotic movies ever released in India.

  • Guru

    Guru is one of the famous bollywood movie

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    People are very much familiar with the quote that says Never underestimate the power of a common man. Do you know when this quotation took birth? Allow us to tell. This motivational quote came into existence when Gujarat saw the rise of Gurukant Desai. The movie Guru is a B-town film that is based on the true story of the renowned business tycoon, Lt. Dhirubhai Ambani. This movie shows the ups and downs faced by a common man that fulfills his ambition to be a name that world never forgets. Seems true today!

  • Special 26

    Special 26 is based on real life instances movie

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    Wouldnt that be queer if suddenly a team of CBI officials turns up with a search warrant at your place with an allegation of storing black money? Well, lets not debate on this because such incident was reported in 1987 in Mumbai. One fine day, Tribhovan Das Bhimji Zaveri Jewelers were raided by a team of CBI officials. Different samples of the gold jewelry and all cash were looted by them. Oh, didnt we tell that the same was portrayed in Special 26?

  • Paan Singh Tomar

    Paan Singh Tomar is the movie that is inspired by the real life of soldier

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    Another remarkable movie of the Indian cinema is Paan Singh Tomar. It is the movie that is inspired by the real life of soldier-turned-rebel Paan Singh Tomar. He was an army official that served in the Indian army where his sprinting talent was recognized. After his retirement, how he entered into the world of dacoits is shown in this movie. Irrfan Khan, in and as Paan Singh Tomar, acted very well and attained a huge fame.

  • Gangs Of Wasseypur

    Gangs Of Wasseypur is an ultimate Bollywood Movie

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    No one can forget the hit movie Gangs of Wasseypur. An ultimate cast, supreme acting, remarkable dialogue delivery, and of course, a sequel to it made it popular amid the youth. This movie narrates the story of the coal mafia, illegal dealing, and local shootouts. The lead actors in the movie included the names like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi, Manoj Vajpayee etc. The sequel of this movie was also appreciated all.

  • Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai is one of the famous movie Based On Real-Life Instances

    No movie has ever illustrated the downfall of a kind-hearted smuggler and a local goon that becomes the most-wanted Don. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai is a Bollywood movie that displayed the friendship-turned-rivalry between Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim. Haji Mastan (Ajay Devgan) was a kind-hearted smuggler who once ruled the City of Dreams. To tarnish his image and replace him, Dawood Ibrahim (Emraan Hashmi), the most-wanted Don used each tactic and became the bird no one could ever capture.

  • Firaaq

    Firaaq is one of the famous bollywood movie

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    The horrifying riots that took place in Gujarat in the year 2002 are unforgettable. The haunting sight of dead bodies everywhere, crying people, and the mute government shook the whole nation. Firaaq, released in 2008, is a political thriller that tells the grisly situation of the riots. Directed by Nandita Das, each scene of the movie was strong enough to move the audience. The stellar performance of Paresh Rawal, Deepti Naval, Naseeruddin Shah and others was praised and the movie was nominated in various categories.

  • Gulaab Gang

    Gulaab Gang bollywood movie based on real life instances

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    And the hunt becomes riveting when the pack of lionesses chases the prey. Based on the true story in Bundelkhand, where the cases of domestic violence against women increased, a gang under the name Gulaab Gang, led by Sampat Pal, took birth. The ladies or better say lionesses, clad in all pink sarees and holding laths, handled such issues in their own way. Inspired from such real incidences, a movie was made that reflected it. Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla were the leading actresses in it.

  • Madras Caf

    Madras Caf is one of the famous bollywood movie

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    Madras Caf is a name in the Indian cinema that showed how the minds of the educated militants can run. Directed by Shoojit Sircar and had John Abraham, Nargis Fakhri, and Leena Paul in the lead. This movie tells about the plotting of the assassination of the then Indian PM, Lt. Rajeev Gandhi. It also shows the after-effects in the Indian politics and the relations between India and Sri Lanka. Though it wasnt a super hit, yet it managed to claim a nice collection at the box office.

  • Airlift

    Airlift is one of the best real-Life Instances movie

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    You perhaps forget your country but, your country never forgets you.- it was the sole message we all got from the super hit movie Airlift. With Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in the lead roles, this movie showed how the courage of a single individual to get his countrymen out from the war-like situation. This incident occurred in 1990 when Kuwait was invaded by Iraqi tyrant, Saddam Hussein. Matthuny Matthews was the main man behind the biggest civilian evacuation ever in the history. Another real story based Bollywood movie!

  • Shoot Out at Lokhandwala

    Shoot Out at Lokhandwala is one of the famous bollywood movie

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    The city of Mumbai has witnessed many incidents, especially the shootouts between the cops and gangsters. One such popular shootout took place at Lokhandwala Complex of Andheri in 1991. It involved a bunch of gangsters and nearly 400 armed cops. Maya Dolas aka Maya Bhai, the real-life goon played by Vivek Oberoi, was the chieftain of local goons. He was shot dead by the ATS officers in the residential area of Lokhandwala.

  • The Attacks of 26/11

    The Attacks of 26/11 is one of the famous real life instances movie

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    The nation received some damage that is beyond repair. Were talking about the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai that terrified the whole country. To commemorate the sacrifice of the innocent civilians, valiant cops and soldiers, a movie was made under the name The Attacks of 26/11. Directed by Ram Gopal Verma, it showed the actual pain felt by the civilians and the bravery shown by the cops to capture a terrorist Ajmal Kasab alive.

  • Have you ever thought that the storylines of the movies were inspired by real-life stories? Excluding the names in some movies, everything was non-fictitious. Everything in such movies narrated the shocking truth that makes them a must-watch film.

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