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  • Top 19 Places To Visit In Trivandrum

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    Top 19 Places To Visit in Trivandrum

    "The evergreen city of India" was the phrase used by Mahatma Gandhi to describe Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. Standing on seven hills that extend to southern tip, bounded with Lakshadweep Sea in the west and Western Ghats in east; Trivandrum has fulsome green surroundings and is famous for its sandy beaches. Trivandrum is a city where nature and spirituality join hands. Apart from its scenic beauty that is just perfect for spending a nice vacation, the city is a home to many historical monuments, temples, museums, sanctuaries and other tourist centers that attract the visitors from the other parts of the country. If you're planning for holidaying in Trivandrum then go through this quick guide and know the place closely.

  • Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

    Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple one of the most visited temple in Trivandrum

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    A marvel that depicts an intricate fusion of Dravidian and Kerala architecture, Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in a sleeping position. The temple is known to be as the richest temple in world due to its treasury. The Royal family of Travancore is the head trustee and only those professing Hinduism are allowed to enter the temple premises.

  • The Kanakakunnu Palace

    Kanakakunnu Palace is most famous palac in Trivandrum

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    Located in enchanting surroundings, Kanakakunnu Palace is the last architectural vestige of the colonial era in Trivandrum. It was built during the reign of Moolam thirunal, king of Travancore and served as a banquet for the guests of royal family. Its interiors have massive crystal chandeliers and exquisite furniture- a testimony to the lavish lifestyle of Thirunal family and at present, it is a famous heritage site.

  • Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

    Neyyar Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary  is one of the most popular place in Trivandrum

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    Built on the foot of Western Ghats 30 kms away from Trivandrum, Neyyar dam stands 184 ft tall and creates a vast reservoir. Next to it lie a wildlife sanctuary that is a home to variety of animals like tiger, leopards, macaques, elephants and a number of other marine species. The place is also famous as a crocodile and elephant rehabilitation center.

  • Observatory

    Observatory provide a panoramic view of the whole city of Trivandrum

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    Standing nearly 60 meters above the sea level and providing a panoramic view of the whole city, the Trivandrum Observatory is the oldest observatory in India and a popular place among the astronomy buffs. The observatory was the brainchild of resourceful king of Travancore and presently is a part of department of Physics in university of Kerala.

  • The Napier Museum

    The Napier Museum is the most visited place in Trivandrum

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    Located in spell bounding surroundings the Napier Museum is an Indo-Sarcenic structure with gothic roofs that was built in late 1860s. Named after Lord Napier, the governor of Madras, the museum houses rare collections of archaeological artifacts, bronze idols that were found during excavations, ancient ornaments and Sri Chitra art gallery that contains the works of great painters of Mughal era.

  • Sri Chitra Art Gallery

    Sri Chitra Art Gallery is a great place for the art enthusiasts

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    Located in the northern side of Napier Museum complex, Sri Chitra art gallery is a great place for the art enthusiasts. It is another tourist attraction in Trivandrum and comprises the rare artworks of great painter Raja Ravi Verma, Rabindranath Tagore etc. An oriental collection of Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan paintings including 1100 artworks are displayed in this art gallery.

  • The Zoological Park

    The Zoological Park is the famous park in Trivandrum

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    Born as a zoo and spread across 55 acres of land, Trivandrum zoological park holds the record for being the oldest zoo in India. Over the years it has become more of a sanctuary than a zoo. It is a home to animals like leopards, panthers, tigers, hippos etc. Reptiles like snakes vipers and anacondas and flying squad including the migratory birds and birds of prey.

  • Science and Technology Museum

    Science and Technology Museum is one of the most famous place in Trivandrum

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    Not less than a haven for science and astronomy enthusiasts, Science & Technology Museum in Trivandrum was founded in 1984 in Trivandrum by the government of Kerala. This museum is a house of ten galleries that exhibit over 300 items related to technology. The museum draws hundreds of visitors for witnessing the display of technology in galleries.

  • Chalai Bazaar

    Chalai Bazaar is amazing place to visit in Trivandrum

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    The Chalai Bazaar might not have any picturesque backgrounds but is surely the busiest street market in Trivandrum. Spread on a small stretch on 2 kms connecting Killippalam and East Fort, this market is a place of possibility because visitors end up inexorably finding what they have not expected. It is famous for the fruits and vegetables to gold jewellery and electronic items.

  • Happy Land Water Theme Park

    Happy Land Water Theme Park is one of the most popular place in Trivandrum

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    If you want to uplift your mood then theres no better place than Happy Land Theme Park. Located in Vembayam in south of Kerala, this theme park is among the most visited places of Trivandrum due to abundance of exotic water rides. The amusement park is a perfect destination for weekend excursion for all age groups and promises to rejuvenate the visitors.

  • Agastya Mala Peak

    Agastya Mala Peak is one of the most visited place in Trivandrum

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    Perched at an altitude of 1,868 meters, Agastya Mala Peak is shrouded by the profuse forests as it lies near border of Tamil Nadu. Having a serene ambiance, this is a popular pilgrimage as well as a trekking site in Trivandrum. Life size statue of sage Agastya is placed on the peak and is worshipped by the followers. Trekking is the best way for scaling the heights and seeing exhilarating view.

  • Poovar Island

    Poovar Island is a unique place of nature where lake, river and sea meet the land

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    Poovar Island is a unique place of nature where lake, river and sea meet the land. In earlier times it used to be a major centre for the trade of ivory, timber, sandalwood and spices. The island is shrouded with coconut trees on all sides and has a calm ambiance that makes it a perfect holiday destination away from the noises of city.

  • Shanghumukham Beach

    Shanghumukham Beach is most popular beach in Trivandrum

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    Facing the Arabian Sea on its west, the Shanghumukham beach is a popular for its soulful sunset point in Trivandrum. It is a vast stretch of sandy shores away from the hustle and bustle of city. The calm ambiance of Shanghumukham beach has the right ingredients for spending an ideal evening. The annual procession, Arattu, also takes place where the idol of Lord Krishna is taken for a ceremonial bath.

  • Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple

    Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple is one of the populat temple in Trivandrum

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    Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple is located at the east fort in Trivandrum and is dedicated to the main deity of the local area, Sri Mahaganapathy. In the sanctorum, the idol of Mahaganapathy is placed with the right leg in a folded stance. The whole temple includes 32 sculptures that depict different forms of Mahaganapathy.

  • Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

    Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is famous temple in Trivandrum

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    A marvelous structure depicting Dravidian style of architecture, Attukal bhagavathy temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi and is widely renowned for the Attukal Pongala festival. It is a festival in which over 3 million women participate and this has been a world record for women assembling for a religious gathering. Attukal temple is near to another marvel Padmanabhaswamy temple.

  • Padmanabhapuram Palace

    Padmanabhapuram Palace is a breath taking marvel that lies on the end of Indias mainland Kanyakumari. Entirely constructed of hardwood this palace is an enticing edifice that displays an indigenous architecture. The carved interiors display murals of 17th century and the palace aptly symbolizes the rich cultural heritage of India.

  • Vizhinjam Lighthouse

    Vizhinjam Lighthouse amazing place to visit in Trivandrum

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    Standing at a height of 36 meters and facing the Arabian Sea, Vizinjham Lighthouse is located on the Kovalam beach. In the previous times, Vizinjham used to be a busy seaport in the 18th and 19th centuries but remained neglected afterwards. The lighthouse was erected in 1960s and presently, it is active and equipped with metal halide lamps and direct drive mechanism.

  • Kovalam Beach

    Kovalam Beach is one of the most popular beach in Kovalam

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    Kovalam is an idyllic bliss perched on the coastlines of Arabian Sea. Kovalam beach is a captivating beach with natures beauty at its prime. It includes Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach and Hawa beach that are crescent in shape and visitors can enjoy the thrilling water sports like jet skiing and boating.

  • Priyadarshini Space Planetarium

    Priyadarshini Space Planetarium is one the most visited place in Trivandrum

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    Founded in 1994 in Trivandrum, Priyadarshini Space Planetarium is adjacent to Science & Technology Museum. It is a versatile planetarium that displays the working models of Indian as well as foreign space shuttles. The fabulous complex has a central air conditioned sky theatre where most of the planetarium shows are conducted.
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  • The epithet 'Gods Own Country' describes Kerala at its best. This Indian state is blessed with the natural resources like beaches, waterfalls, sanctuaries etc. in abundance and on the other side has a rich heritage that teaches about the civilizations it has witnessed. Forts, temples, museums, tourist centers and many other places make Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, a perfect spot for spending a relaxed vacation away from all kind of tensions. Hopefully, this pocket guide has helped in knowing about the major tourist attraction in Trivandrum that youll prefer exploring yourself.

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