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  • Top 29 Tourist Places to Visit in Ooty In 2024

    By: Gaurav Batra | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2024-01-01

    Top 29 Tourist Places to Visit in Ooty In 2024

    Ooty, with its mystical hills and lush green tea estates, is the perfect comeback to anyone who opines that North India is the sole treasure chest of hill stations. This hilly town is a nature lovers haven and a devotees shrine; it is a mirror to the tribal history and a platform for the onset of modernism. To try and put into words the natural setting of Ooty would be an injustice to its scenic beauty. From the excellent views offered by the Doddabetta Peak to the tranquility brought by the Ooty Lake, from the high species richness of Mudumalai National Park to the charming Colonial-era mirrored in Fernhills Palace, Ooty can satisfy any travelers wanderlust. Places to Visit

    If Ooty is the Queen of Hill Stations, then the places enlisted below are the precious jewels that festoon its natural beauty. Read along to have a look at these marvels and plan an Ooty tour in September 2024.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Botanical Gardens is the most popular place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Spread across an area of 22 hectares is a lush green plain on the lower slopes of Doddabetta peak called Botanical Gardens. Situated in theUdhagamandalam district of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, this garden is the perfect place to spend some quiet time away from the hustle bustle of the city. A visit to this garden and you can experience nature at its best. There are as many as thousand different species of exotic and indigenous plants, herbs, shrubs and fern trees. It is divided into various lawns that reflect the perfect Italian style of flowering and setting.

    You can plan your visit to this garden during the flower show time to view various types of exotic flowering plants. The entry fee here is Rs 15 for every individual.

  • Tea Factory

    The Tea Factory is a very popular spot in the Nilgiri District of Ooty

    Image Source :

    The Tea Factory is a very popular spot in the Nilgiri District of Ooty. A favorite tourist spot for all the tea lovers, this tea factory is famed to awe all your senses. The fragrance of tea fills the entire place. The museum where you can know about the different types of tea leaves is a must visit place for all the tourists. From leaves plucking to packaging, you will be able to see the entire process and even enjoy a hot cup of tea. The entry fee is Rs 10 per head for factory and an additional Rs 10 for the museum.

  • Doddabetta Peak

    Doddabetta Peak is most amazing place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Located about 9 kms from the town of Ooty, is an 8650 feet tall peak called Doddabetta Peak. From the top of this hill, one can have a breathtaking view of the entire area of Coimbatore. It is surrounded by thick, dense forest that gives it a very picturesque look. The third highest peak of the South, Doddabetta is covered with flowering sub-alpine shrubs, herbs and coarse grass. Dont forget to carry your camera along to capture nature at its best here.

  • Avalanche Lake

    Avalanche Lake is a preferred location for tourists who seek solace from the noises of the metropolis

    Image Source :

    Located in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, Avalanche Lake is a preferred location for tourists who seek solace from the noises of the metropolis. This area is covered with flowering plants like orchids, magnolias and rhododendrons. You can enjoy trout fishing, rafting and trekking here that are very popular activities in the premises of this lake. It also serves as the perfect camping site thus making it a preferable weekend spot for the people residing in Ooty and other neighboring areas.

  • Government Rose Gardens

    Government Rose Gardens in Ooty should be your next getaway destination

    Image Source :

    If you are a lover for roses, then Government Rose Gardens in Ooty should be your next getaway destination. Elevated to a height of 2000 mt above the sea level, this garden will definitely cast a rosy spell on you with its sheer beauty. The fact that it has as many as 20,000 different varieties of roses makes it a one of its kind tourist spot. A stroll through this four hectares of rose covered land would awe your senses. An entry fee of Rs 20 needs to be paid to enjoy the beauty of this rose garden.

  • Pykara River

    Pykara River is the most amazing place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Pykara Lake and Pykara Waterfalls are located on the way to Mudumalai, and travelers taking this Coimbatore Ooty Gundelpet Highway stop by this breathtaking location to enjoy its beauty. Sparkling water cascading down rustic rocks adds to the natural setting of this beautiful lake. One can enjoy boating in the waters of this river at the cost of Rs 175.

  • Ooty Lake

    Ooty Lake is the perfect hangout spot for families as well as friends group

    Image Source :

    Around 2200 mt above the sea level is a pristine lake that is spread across an area of 65 acres. Ooty Lake is the perfect hangout spot for families as well as friends group. While here, you can have an amazing experience of boating amid the serene environs of the Boat House. Constructed in 1824 by damming the water flowing down the Ooty Valley, it is now a very popular tourist spot. During the month of May, you can also witness the thrilling boat racing that is organized here. The entry fee is Rs 10 per person with additional charge for various boats.

  • Mudumalai National Park

    Mudumalai national park is famous for its high density of tigers

    Image Source :

    Nestled in the Nilgiri of the Nilgiri District is the Mudumalai national park. Famous for its high density of tigers, this pace is also a declared tiger reserve. It is home to several endangered species like Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, Indian leopard and gaur. It also provides shelter to 266 species of birds including the endangered long-billed vulture and Indian white-rumped vulture. It is covered with a large number of exotic and wild floral plants and trees. You can take a tour of this national park by paying Rs 15 per head and the jeep safari costs Rs 135 per person.

  • Emerald Lake

    Emerald Lake is an ideal location for the nature lovers.

    Image Source :

    A favorite spot for day outings, Emerald Lake is equally famous for its diverse variety of flora and fauna that it houses. With its calm and serene surroundings, it is a paradise for those in search of some solitary time away from the fast lives of the city. Emerald Lake, located in the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu, is an ideal location for the nature lovers.

  • Toda Huts

    Toda Huts is the most popular place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    If you are looking forward to experiencing the ancient civilization of Ooty, then the most recommended site for such an endeavor would be Toda Huts. The native tribe of Ooty, the Toda people, resided in these huts that display the authenticity of their culture. One needs to stoop a little to enter into these barrel-shaped huts, but can easily stand straight once inside. These huts are also called dogles and are built using bamboos and rattan.

  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway

    Nilgiri Mountain Railway is the most visited place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    The beats of the famous Bollywood number Chaiya Chaiya can get anyone grooving. This song was shot on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway track. You are never too old to hop on the Nilgiri Toy Train to enjoy the scenic beauty of the greenery and the breathtaking views of the meadows and valley. Passing through 208 curves, 250 bridges and 16 tunnels, the entire journey on this train is an amazing experience. With a train fare of just Rs 80 per person, it is the best means to travel between Coonoor and Ooty.

  • St. Stephen's Church

    St. Stephen's Church is one of the oldest churches of Ooty

    Image Source :

    En route Mysore from the town of Ooty is a gothic-styled Church named St. Stephens Church. Built under the guidance of Stephen Rumbold Lushington in the year 1829, this is entitled to be one of the oldest churches of Ooty. Constructed using insights from Tipu Sultans palace, it also displays glimpses of Victorian architecture. Christian devotees as well as tourists flock this place to have a look at the famous painting, 'The Last Supper'.

  • Wax World

    A trip to this museum will let you see life-size wax statues of various great people of Indian history

    Image Source :

    Tourists who wonder that Ooty is all about natural landscapes and tea estates should take a tour of Wax World Museum. A two-kilometer ride from the main town of Ooty and you will reach this one-of-its-kind museum. It is housed in a 130 years old Colonial Mansion that renders it an altogether different ambience. A trip to this museum will let you see life-size wax statues of various great people of Indian history, national leader and people related to culture and heritage of the house. The entry fee is Rs 20 per head.

  • Upper Bhavani Lake

    Bhavani Lake have the power to bewitch the senses of every traveler

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    The scintillating blue-green waters of the Upper Bhavani Lake have the power to bewitch the senses of every traveler. A one-hour long drive from Ooty and you will land at this picturesque lake from where you will have to hop on a forest department vehicle to reach this scenic tourist destination. A hidden gem for many tourists, a visit to this beautiful lake is worth the traveling pain. Don't miss out on this unexplored beauty while on your stay in Ooty.

  • Deer Park

    Deer Park is the most popular place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Want to enjoy a good day out with your family or friends? Deer park near Ooty Lake is your destination. This park exclusively booked for deer to roam around in their artificially created natural habitat. The picturesque view of deer strolling through the grass will be a very beautiful sight for you as well as your kids. You can have a closer look at sambar, chital, hares and rabbits in this park. Open all days of the week from 10am to 5pm, it is the perfect place to stop by and enjoy some quiet time.

  • Tribal Museum

    Tribal Museum exhibits the life and culture of people of Tamil Nadu

    Image Source :

    To have a closer look at the tribal lives of the people of Ooty, a visit to the Tribal Museum in the Tribal Research Centre is a must. Located en route Emerald, around 11 km south of Ooty, this museum exhibits the life and culture of people of Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is also frequented by anthropologists to study the civilization of the past. This museum is open from Saturday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. Dont wait and visit this museum to enjoy Indias rich history at its best.

  • Mariamman Temple

    Mariamman Temple is a very popular religious shrine for the people of this area

    Image Source :

    Mariamman Temple, located near the market premises of Ooty, is a very popular religious shrine for the people of this area. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman who is known to be the Goddess of rain in the Hindu culture. The best time to visit this temple is during the month of April, when it is abuzz with devotees for the yearly festival. Mariamman is one of the forms of Hindu Goddess Kali. Be prepared to witness various rituals like coal walking etc when you visit this place.

  • Mukurthi National Park

    Mukurthi National Park is a natural habitat for many endangered species of animals

    Image Source :

    Spread across an area of 78.46 sq. km. is a natural escape for all the lovers of nature and wildlife. Mukurthi National Park, nestled in the Western Ghats of Ootacamund (Ooty), is a natural habitat for many endangered species of animals including Asian elephant and Royal Bengal tiger. This national park is also frequented by tourists for its large variety of flora as well as fauna. You can find Nilgiri tahr, Nilgiri marten, Bonhote's mouse and other animals roaming around amid endemic plants like hedyotis verticillaris and alchemilla indica. It is also a paradise for bird watchers with many migratory birds flocking this place. The entry ticket to this national park is Rs 15 for adults and Rs 10 for children.

  • Ooty Golf Course

    Ooty Golf Course is the most amazing place to visit

    Image Source :

    The Ooty Golf Course, the name is enough to describe this amazing place. It is situated on the rolling Wenlock Downs which is around 7000ft above the sea level. Owned and managed by Gymkhana Club in Ooty, this Golf course is spread over an area of 193.56 acres. This 18-hole course is surrounded by thick forest comprising of a variety of trees like oak, aromatic eucalyptus, rhododendron etc. It also has feasible accommodation facility with ten rooms and six huts for players and tourists to take rest.

  • Kalhatty Waterfalls

    Kalhatty Waterfalls attract tons of tourists all year round

    Image Source :

    Waterfalls, wherever they are located, always attract tons of tourists all year round. The splendid Kalhatty Falls, situated at a distance of 13 km from Ooty in the Kalhatti village, are also a very popular tourist spot here. This beautiful cascade of water tumbling down from a height of 120 feet is a true sight to behold. If you visit the mesmerizing town of Ooty, then dont forget to halt at the Kalhatty falls to capture breathtaking scenes of nature at its best.

  • Stone House

    Stone House is the most popular place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Who will believe that an acre of land could be bought at an overall cost of Rs 1only? Well, John Sullivan bought the land for erecting the splendid Stone House at just Rs one from the tribal toda people of Ooty. It is famed to be the oldest standing bungalow in the region. Constructed in the year 1822, this bungalow is today the residential abode of the Principal of Government Arts College. Visit this place to experience breathtaking architecture while on your stay in Ooty.

  • Catherine Waterfalls

    Catherine Waterfalls is the second highest waterfalls in Ooty

    Image Source :

    This two-step falls comprising of lower and upper parts is the second highest waterfalls in Ooty. St. Catherine Waterfalls is located in the Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu. People traveling on the route to Mettupalayam stop at these double-cascaded waterfalls to drench themselves in its natural beauty. Dont forget to take a stroll to Dolphins Nose to have a spell casting view of this 250 feet high waterfall.

  • Thread Garden

    Thread Garden is a haven for all the nature lovers

    Image Source :

    A haven for all the nature lovers, the Thread Garden on the North Lake Road is an excellent aesthetically pleasing painting. Thread garden is a one of its kind garden with a very large variety of natural as well as artificially made flora. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this garden to have a view of the artificially created flora that looks more real than natural ones. This garden uses the unique idea of creating natural looking plants and flowers using threads as well as steel and copper wires. To enjoy this unique beauty do visit this Thread Garden.

  • Ketti Valley View

    Ketti Valley View is the most amazing place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    While traveling to Coonoor from Ooty, you will come across a small town named Ketty. This town, nestled in the Nilgiris, is a mesmerizing valley that offers breathtaking view of the lush green tea plantation. This spot is also popular as the Switzerland of Nilgiri because of its amazing views and picturesque natural setting. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is also connected to this town. So hop on this toy train and enjoy the beauty of this valley.

  • Glenmorgan

    Glenmorgan is a must visit place on Ooty

    Image Source :

    Glenmorgan, a hidden heaven just 25 km from Ooty should be a must visit place on your itinerary while traveling to Ooty. Not much explored by mankind, this place is a perfect retreat for those in search for some serene location away from the maddening crowd of city. It is popular for its tea estates and the 3 km long ropeway that connects the powerhouse in Singara to Glenmorgan. All the nature buffs can visit this place to have a panoramic view of Mudumalai National Park and the Moyar Valley.

  • Fern Hill Palace

    Fern Hill Palace is a very popular spot in Ooty

    Image Source :

    How about a trip to the residential enclave of the Maharajas of Mysore that resembles a Swiss Chalet? Welcome to The Fernhills Palace, a place with stylized gardens, green lawns, wooden bargeboards and overall Alpine look. Built in the year 1844 by Captain F. Cotton, this palace is spread across an area of 50 acres. Take a trip to this place to travel back to the colonial era.

  • Elk Hill Murugan Temple

    Elk Hill Murugan Temple is a preferred location for tourists in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Seated atop the Elk Hills is the architecturally pleasing Murugan Temple. Due to its religious importance among the devotees of Lord Murugan, this temple is abuzz with worshippers all year round. Apart from the religious sentiments that are attached to this temple, its natural setting also attracts tons of tourists. A visit to this temple in the month of January is recommended as the famous Thaipusam festival is held here during this time.

  • Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill is the most visited place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Located in the Eastern parts of Ooty, Tiger Hills will bewitch you with its enticing natural setting. A tour atop this hill will let you have a picturesque view of beautiful valley and meadow. If you are looking for a destination to go out for day picnics with your family or friends, then Tiger Hills should be your stop. The resorts in the area will welcome you to spend your weekends in a very natural way.

  • Tribal Research Center

    Tribal Research Center is the most popular place in Ooty

    Image Source :

    Constructed in the year 1983, Tribal Research Center near Ooty is the youngest TRC of among the 14 centers in the country. It also houses the Tribal Museum that showcases the lifestyle of the local tribes of Tamil Nadu and Andaman and Nicobar Island. A getaway to this center and you can enjoy reading numerous books and journals on tribal communities.

  • From lush green valleys and tea estates, religious shrines to pristine lakes, the natural treasure that Ooty offers would bewitch your senses and be a treat to all the sensory organs. Having talked endlessly about the scenic beauties and marvels of Ooty, its time you pack your bags and get going because Ooty awaits your presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many days are required for the Ooty trip?

    If you plan this tour for 3 days then it is sufficient.

  • Where is Ooty located?

    Ooty is located Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, considered one of the best hill stations accessed from all the major cities of India.

  • Which is the perfect time to visit Ooty?

    March to June is the most suitable time for an Ooty tour but always remember it can be traveled entire year due to good climate.

  • What is the best way to visit Ooty?

    It depends on your choice. You can reach this splendid tour destination by Road, Train, and Air. By train, you have to reach Mettupalyam - 40 km away from Ooty. NH 209 and NH 275 are the most popular route connecting Bangalore to Ooty. If the travelling mode is Air then reach Coimbatore Airport.

  • What is the best time to visit Ooty?

    Ooty is considered a year-round destination for travelers. Despite this, if you are looking for the most enjoyable time for this destination then you can plan your tour from March to June. At this time roads are perfect for driving and the atmosphere is pleasant.

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