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  • Top 5 Scariest Places On Earth

    Top 5 Scariest Places On Earth

    Have you ever waked up in the middle of night and felt like someone is watching you? Does hanging out in the less trodden dusty paths and spider-web covered manors make your skin crawl? Yet you never miss on any chance to see the horror shows, and listen to the terrifying tales in a hope to satiate your curiosity for unearthly things. Youre doing it right, mate. Mystery and fear are the usual traits in any normal person but ahead of it is the victory. So, just gather all the courage and get geared up to read about few of the spookiest places on earth that will invoke breathlessness and paranoia even before your actual visit.

  • Village of Pluckley, Kent, England

    Village of Pluckley, Kent, England

    Pluckley village has managed a repute of being the heavily-haunted village in Britain, and due to continuing reports of paranormal activities by the locals, it has actually named by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1989 as one of spookiest places on earth. The highwayman at Fright Corner, schoolmaster dangled by the fraction of kids, the old woman smoking on a bridge, chilling cries of the dead, and dozens of other ghosts are the common sights in this haunted village. In fact, the ghoulish reputation of this village caught the attention of television program makers, ghost hunters, and the adventurers seeking for the macabre attractions around the world.

  • Dudley Town, Cornwall, CT, America

    Dudley Town, Cornwall, CT, America

    Branded as the Village of the Damned", Dudley Town is built in Cornwall, Connecticut in the mid-1740s and was abandoned in the 1800s. The stories prevail that the town is cursed when Edmund Dudley, planning to oust King Henry VIII, was beheaded in 1510, and a whole of his lineage was destined to meet the same fate. After this, lots of strange & mystical events are observed in the town by the visitors, and there is a deadening silence without the sound of even a single creature. Moreover, the well-known demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren have done the extensive investigation of this area.

  • Island of the Dolls, Mexico

    Island of the Dolls, Mexico

    In Mexico Xochimilco district of Mexico City, there lies a horrendous Island of the Dolls in the woods where thousands of maimed dolls are hanging from the trees and dense branches. The island belonged to a man named Julian Santana Barrera who intentionally hanged the dolls to appease the spirit of a little girls ghost whose body he has discovered by the nearby canal. It is believed that the spirit possesses the mutilated dolls, and the visitors can hear the dolls whisper and feel their eyes tracing them through the trees. Sounds creepy, huh! If one Annabelle can scare the shit out of you, imagine how many terrifying nights this island is going to grant you.

  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

    Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

    In the 17th century, King Madho Singh built the Bhangarh fort on the hillside in the deserted town of Bhangarh, Rajasthan, at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve. Beautiful and peaceful in the day, this fort is banned for the visitors after the sun sets. The stories are, a wizard named Singhiya fell in love with the gorgeous princess Ratnavati, but when the love wasnt returned he decided to ensnare the princess by black magic. Consequently, the enchanting potion prepared for the princess fell on the ground that turned into a big boulder crushing the wizard underneath. In his last breath, the wizard cursed the dwellers of the fort to die and never reincarnate. The visitors have experienced weird, ghostly experiences in the fort since then, and the Archaeological Survey of India has acknowledged the place to be haunted.

  • The Forbidden City, China

    The Forbidden City, China

    The home to the countrys most influential royalties and their slaves and courtesans, this palace has witnessed a unique aura from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. But, the ache for power and rank filled the place with betrayal and intrigue, and the inhabitants literally stabbed each other to death. Since this bloodcurdling event, it has been remarked as a Forbidden City. The visitors have witnessed the miserable earthbound spirits of eunuchs, men, and women walking by only to disappear at some distance, and the sounds of ghostly music and painful shrieks are also very common.
    Those were 5 of the spookiest and scariest places in the world. Book tour to these dark and dreadful places will make you sprint, scream, pant and pray, but the temptation to see further will still not go. Thats a promise.

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