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  • Top 9 Luxury Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

    Top 9 Luxury Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala

    Ayurveda can be classified as the wisdom of the sages. Ayur means life and Veda means the knowledge. Hence, Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. It is the way of life that is in the complete harmony with natures ways to maintain the perfect balance of the mind, body and the soul. The amazing healing system of Ayurveda came into existence thousands of years ago and it is practiced on a wide-scale. Ayurvedic therapies treat an ailment by eliminating it from the roots. Kerala, Gods Own Country, is popular for housing numerous Ayurvedic spa centers and resorts where the visitors can visit and rejuvenate themselves.

  • Ayurvedic spa therapies are the most effective therapies that show an immediate result. Whether it is a pain or any dosha, it can be cured by Ayurveda. One can take the pleasure of rejuvenating the limbs through the simple but special massage and spa therapies that will heal and invigorate the senses.

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