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  • Top Points Of Interests In Dharamshala To Get Your Mojo Back

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Create Date: 2020-08-14

    Top Things To Do In Dharamshala 2020

    If you are a resident of Delhi, then you must be one of the people who must be waiting for a weekend trip to Dharamshala. There are many things to do in Dharamshala that make it an ideal place to visit for people of all age groups. From camping to experiencing spirituality, Dharamshala has it all. Dharamshala offers its visitors paragliding, mediation centers, camping, trekking, etc.rnrnIt has captivated tourists from across the world due to its beauty and spiritual attractions. Dharamshala is the destination where you can do many activities and enjoy every moment spend on the trip. If you have not been to Dharamshala before and you are planning to make a trip to the place, then here is a list of things that you must do.

  • Some of the Amazing Places for Trekking in Dharamshala

    Trekking in Dharamshala

    If you love the hills and mountains, then you should choose trekking as one of the activities in Dharamshala. It is not necessary that you need to be an expert or an experienced trekker. The path for trekking in the hills in Dharamshala can be easily trekked by anyone. Some of the popular places in Dharamshala for trekking are Indrahar Pass, Chamba, and Triund. However, you should keep in mind that paths can be difficult and can be trekked by experienced trekkers. Some of these places are Dharamshala - Thamsar Pass and Dharamshala Nag Dal. Among all the other trekking path, the easiest one is Dharamshala Kareri Lake.

  • Enjoy Camping in Dharamshala

    Camping in Dharamshala

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    Dharamshala has beautiful terrains and a hill that is worth enjoying. Dharamshala has some of the best spots for camping and has a perfect view of the hills and terrains. The clear sky and fresh air make camping even more enjoyable. If you do not have camping equipment, then you do not have to worry as you will get the equipment in a lot of shops for rent and sale. Some of the best places where you can camp are Kareri Lake, Triund, and Indrahar Pass.

  • Get Adventurous With Paragliding in Dharamshala

    Paragliding in Dharamshala

    Paragliding is one of the popular sports that many tourists love to do. Bir Billing is a popular place in Dharamshala where you can enjoy the sport. The place is known for its paragliding competition. People from across the globe come to attend this competition and also take part in it. It takes around 2 hours to reach Bir Billing from Dharamshala.

  • Meditation in Dharamshala A Great Way to Find Peace

    Meditation in Dharamshala

    Dharamshala can be full of excitement and thrill. If you are looking for some peace, then you should visit the Gyuto monastery. It is a place where you can find peace and harmony. You can meditate and learn a lot in the monastery. It is also a beautiful place where you can relax. It is one place where you should visit and enjoy the experience with the monks in the monastery. There are other monasteries also where you can find peace and calm and also meditate such as the Sherbling monastery.

  • Visit a Temple with No Deity

    Temple In Dharamshala

    Most of the temples that you would have visited would have been dedicated to some deity. However, Jwalamukhi Devi Temple in Dharamshala does not have any deity. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Jwala who is the goddess of fire. It has a flame that comes from rocks through the splits in the ground. This fire is worshipped by the people in the town. With a mythological connection of the temple, it is visited by thousands of people every year.

  • Enjoy The Sightseeing in Dharamshala

    Sightseeing in Dharamshala

    There are many landmarks in Dharamshala that are popular for their architecture, beauty, and spirituality. Apart from visiting the monastery, you can also visit the tea garden in Dharamshala. Tea is among the widely consumed beverage in Dharamshala. You can enjoy your trip by visiting one of the tea plantations in Dharamshala. The aroma of tea in the plantation and the greenery is something that you must check out.

    You can also enjoy visiting the Kangra art museum, the Norbulingka Buddhist temple, and the war memorial. You can also visit Dal lake where you can enjoy boating as well as enjoy the beauty of the lake that is surrounded by Deodar trees. As part of your other activities in Dharamshala make a visit to the Kanga fort. Being in Dharamshala and not visiting this fort, then you are missing out on some good history. The fort is surrounded by beautiful hills and history. You can learn a lot in the fort about it and its residents during ancient times.

    You can also enjoy yourselves by visiting Naddi village where you can experience rural life. the village has an amazing view and one of the best places to run away from the citys hustle and bustle.

  • Some More Adventure in Dharamshala

    Adventure in Dharamshala

    If you thought paragliding and trekking are all you can do for your adrenaline rush, then you are wrong. Dharamshala has great adventurous sports that one must try their hands on. You can choose from ziplining, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, and cycling. All these activities are fun and at the same time safe also. If you are not sure whether you can do it on your own, then the experts in these spots will be able to assist you. So, make sure that you are not missing out on other adventurous activities in Dharamshala.

  • Cycling in Dharamshala for Some Fun

    Cycling in Dharamshala

    Surrounded by hills and mountains, Dharamshala must be explored on a cycle. You can rent a cycle in Dharamshala and explore the place. It will also be a good way to exercise. Most of the roads in Dharamshala are well-maintained and hence, cycling on the streets is not difficult. Also, Dharamshala does not have very steep roads which makes it easier for cyclists to ride around the town on a cycle. You can also make use of your GPS to find the routes that are best suited for you.

  • Enjoy Shopping in Dharamshala

    Shopping in Dharamshala

    If you love shopping and looking for something that is locally made or produced, then you should go for street shopping. However, you can also visit showrooms to shop for some branded clothes. In the shops on the streets, you can find different kinds of jewelry made of stones, handicrafts, accessories, and Himachal wines. The street will give you a feeling of the mix of Indian and Tibetan cultures.

  • Enjoy The Local Cuisines in Dharamshala

    Local Cuisines in Dharamshala

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    There are many restaurants in Dharamshala that have authentic local cuisine. You enjoy some delicious Tibetan food such as steamed momos, Thupkas, local drinks, etc. You must not miss out on the local Tibetan cuisines when you are in Dharamshala. However, you can also enjoy other cuisines in various restaurants. Do not forget to check out the whole menu in these restaurants and choose the best dish for yourself.

  • Cafes in Dharamshala to Hang Around

    Cafs in Dharamshala

    Dharamshala has some of the best cafes where you can relax or hang out. Every caf in Dharamshala represents the Tibetan culture. These cafes offer international and local cuisines that you must try. They are the best places where you can hang around with your friends and family. Some of the popular cafes are Shiva caf, Joyful caf, Illiterati, and Namgyal caf.

  • Nightlife in Dharamshala

    Nightlife in Dharamshala

    The nightlife in Dharamshala is as exciting as it is during the day. You can visit the bars and enjoy some local drinks. You can also spend the night dancing at discos. These discos are also the popular places of hitchhikers and backpackers. If you are hungry in the middle of the night, then Dharamshala also offers its tourists some places where you can order your food even in the middle of the night. Dhauladhar is the place where you can get anything and everything to eat when everyone is sleeping.

  • Waterfalls in Dharamshala

    Waterfalls in Dharamshala

    When you are in Dharamshala, then make sure that you are visiting the Bhagsu waterfall which is located in Bhagsunag village. It is very close to one of the famous temples, Bhagsu Nag Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The 30 feet drop waterfall is located between two mountains and is beautiful to watch. The trek from the temple to the waterfall takes about 20 mins. It is an easy trek up to the waterfall. Once you have reached the fall, you can relax and enjoy the beauty and peace.

  • Dharamshala is a beautiful place and if you are visiting it, then you must make sure that you are visiting all the tourist places in the town. Being among the most popular destinations for tourists from across the globe, it is filled with excitement and thrill. So, if you are thinking of Dharamshala as a place only meant for the spiritually inclined or senior people, then you have some surprises on your way.rnrnThere are many other places that you can visit in Dharamshala apart from the ones that have been listed here. Get ready for the adventure and spiritual side of Dharamshala during your visit.

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