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  • Whitewater Rafting Guide Tips

    Everyone from kids to senior citizens or pre-teens to middle aged people can enjoy this adventurous and extreme sport of white water river rafting .To experience intense and overwhelming joy of whitewater river rafting, do consider several basic tips and safety measures :-


    If you are heading to raft on paddle boat or raft boat, the instructor will rely on you for paddling the boat. You are expected to follow all the instruction and make a move in a fraction of second while rafting. Forward and reverse strokes shall be applied as per the instructions of the professional instructor.


    • It is advisable to study the climatic condition before planning the rafting tour. Newbies should avoid rafting during heavy rainfall, snow fall, storm or dam schedules.
    • Make note that you are provided with everything required for rafting including lifejackets, rafts, paddles and wetsuits by instructors or tour professionals.
    • Do confirm weather all important essentials are kept along in the boat including patch kit, dry bags, cargo nets, pump and a throw rope for every participant required during rafting or in emergency.
    • Always listen to rafting guides and instructors as they are professionally trained and are highly experienced. Don't act over smart and never presume that you know better then them.
    • Rafting guides provides verbal instructions about the techniques to paddle and moves to make inside the river. This can be extremely helpful to avoid stress injury while rafting.
    • Do choose rafting trips which seems appropriate to the age group you fall in. Senior citizens and parents of young children should choose rapids as per their capacity to handle.
    • Toddlers above two year of age can experience thrills of rafting if accompanied by their parents. They are offered float trips along with easy to handle Class I and Class II rapids. Kids are restricted to Class III rapids.
    • During high water, Class IV rapids are prohibited for participants less than 16 years of age and Class V rapids are not allowed for participants less than 18 years of age.
    • Small kids shall participate in beginner rafting courses during low water season to get well versed with this adventuresome sport.
    • Do wear comfort fit life jacket, a loose jacket will not be much help in case of emergency. Even tight life jacket irritates a lot as the day goes on.

  • Rating rapids is classified from Class I through Class VI on an International Scale of Difficulty. Therefore choose courses as per your capability and physical strength. Seek advice from instructor or rafting professionals regarding the same.

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