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    It's great to go traveling around the world, but it's no fun while you are sick. When you plan a trip, you are damn excited about it and your sole aim is to just go and enjoy! But, between all this you tend to forget that you will be able to enjoy only if you feel good and healthy inside. People tend to fall ill while traveling, may be because of the change in surroundings or may be if they already are suffering from a disease.

    Health wise, women are any day more sensitive than men and have a greater tendency to fall ill while traveling. Women especially should take care of their health while traveling so that your trip doesn't become a burden on you. Here are some tips that we present to you to keep yourself in tip top shape being away from home.

    Before going to a trip, do consult your doctor, even if you are feeling fine. Inform your doctor about your upcoming trip and don't be afraid of asking for prescriptions for generic illness such as strep throat, traveler's diarrhea, yeast infection etc.

    Don't forget to take your shots! There are specific diseases for which you need to take shots or prescriptions such as malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis. Travel clinics which are specially meant for travelers and travel related illness can also be found in big cities. Some countries don't even let you enter without the proof of shots.

    Make sure to get all your prescriptions filled and carry their copies along. Protect these prescriptions as they are highly valuable. Buy specialty health products which you think you might need. Buy a bug spray containing DEET, if you are going to malaria infested places. Also, don't forget to carry a sunscreen.

    Figure out whatever feminine hygiene products you want to carry along and make sure you do so that you don't face any problems. Stuff like tampons and pads can be found anywhere in westernized countries and large cities. But if you are going to rural or impoverished areas, then carrying these is a must as you wouldn't find them there. If you wish to not have your periods on the trip, consult your doctor regarding it.

  • One of the most important aspects you should take care of is your sexual health. Don?t be ignorant or careless regarding your sexual health, always go for safe sex. Use condoms and go for birth control pills if you don't wish to get pregnant on the trip.

    Decide about what to carry in your make up box. Keeping too many things like foundation, powders, lipsticks, eye shadows etc can result into a mess. So, keep it as simple as you can.

    Cultural differences of different places should be respected. Wear clothes according to the place you are visiting so that you don't catch unwanted attention.

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