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  • Womens Safety Tips

    Whether it's a leisurely vacation, a business trip or visiting family and friends, number of women travelers has tremendously increased in last few years. The biggest concern of today is their safety and security while traveling alone. Women travelers should never compromise with safety while traveling.

    Some of the security measures and tips for women travelers on being safe and secured while staying alone in a hotel are as follows:-

    • Safety should be your prime concern. So, be alert of your surroundings while traveling. Do your research regarding checking in and out of the country. Prefer to board safe and renowned hotel.
    • When it comes to staying in an unknown city or country, women travelers should always prefer staying in smaller hotels. Smaller hotels are generally more personalized, so that if some women traveler seems missing then she could be easily traced.
    • Always check the window and door locks properly and keep your hotel room keys or electronic room cards safely with you in your carry-on bag. If you loose one then you should immediately inform at the reception area for new one.
    • Never leave important documents like air tickets, passport and currency inside the hotel room.
    • On no account hesitate to contact hotel authorities to arrange security guard who can accompany you to and fro from parking lots at late nights.
    • Women travelers should never forget to carry an international cell phone along with them while traveling abroad. Cell phone can become a blessing at the time of trouble for women travelers. Smart cell phones with GPS tracking system have demonstrated themselves invaluable in providing clues at the time of trouble.

    Safety tips and measures to be followed while traveling, shopping and site seeing are as follows:-
    • Always be alert with your surroundings as you may be followed or watched by pick pocket or burglar.
    • To avoid robbery, women travelers should prefer to carry money and other important credentials inside money pouches or belts which can be worn beneath cloths.
    • While wandering and site seeing be cautious of strange and excessively friendly men and women.
    • If you see someone doubtful immediately report them to the concerned authorities.
    • Avoid late night outings in an unknown place.
    • While traveling women travelers should avoid carrying to much jewelry or hard cash with them. Rather they should prefer carrying plastic money and smaller amount of cash.
    • Never let the strangers know the fact that you are traveling all alone. Do lie if needed.

  • These practical tips should always be kept in mind by women traveling abroad in order to be secured while being out of your country.

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