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About Bulgaria

The country of Bulgaria, also known as The Republic of Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. Tourism in Bulgaria contributes large part of its economy. According to The World Tourism Organization, around 9 million tourists visited Bulgaria in 2008, which is a remarkable count. Tourist’s attractions in Bulgaria include historic places, country’s culture, architecture, infrastructure, ethno-tourism, hiking and skiing, and night life.

Currency :

Lev (BGN)

Area :

110,994 square km (42,823 square miles)

Population :

7,364,570 (approx)

Language :

Bulgarian (official)

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

Summer (DST) - EEST (UTC+3)

Climate & Geography

There are basically four seasons in Bulgaria, i.e., summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The tourists can experience skiing in winter, while the spring season brings in the beautiful views. Temperature between the months of April and September remains around 23 °C. The yearly average temperature of the country is 15°C.

Most of Bulgaria is covered by forests, agricultural land, and rivers. Bulgaria lies between 42°45?N 25°30?E latitudes and longitudes.

Territory & Capital : Bulgaria is bordered by Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, the Black Sea to the east and Romania to the north. Bulgaria is Europe's 14th-largest country with a territory of 110,994 square kilometers. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.

Suitable Visiting Seasons : The best season to visit Bulgaria is summer, around July and August. That is when it’s least cold there and the average temperatures hovers around 30°C.


Airlines, Railways, Ships and Road transport are available in the Bulgaria for transportation.

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