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About Comoros

Comoros lies in the Indian Ocean, off the Eastern Coast of Africa. The mountains, wildlife and the beaches of Comoros are the major tourist attractions of Comoros. Sunni Islam is the dominant religion of Comoros. Comoros has a young population with more than half of it being under 15.

Capital :


Currency :

Comorian franc

Population :

717,503 (2012) World Bank

Official languages :

French, Arabic & Comorian Language

Points of interest :

Mount Karthala, Mayotte Lagoon, more...

Government :

Federal republic, Federation

Climate & Geography

Comoros is an island nation, most of whose islands were formed by volcanic activity.

Geography : Places which are situated near Comoros are the Mozambique Channel, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania and Seychelles. Moroni is the capital of Comoros. The major islands which form Comoros are Ngazidja, Mwali, Nzwani and Maore. The Rocky soil of Comoros is rich and the coastal reefs support a good population of fish. Comoros has claims to vast areas of territorial seas. The inland of Comoros is marked by hills and mountains.

Climate : Comoros has a marine tropical climate. The two seasons of Comoros, humid and cool, are distinguished by heavy rainfall and low rainfall. The highest temperatures of Comoros have an average of 29-30 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperatures fall down to an average of 19 degrees Celcius.

Tourist Attractions : The beaches and marine life of Comoros are the main tourist attractions of the islands. Underwater fishing and mountaineering are tourist activities available in Comoros. Moheli and Grand Comore are the most famous tourist spots in Comoros.

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