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Top Travel Destination in Equatorial Guinea

About Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is situated in Middle Africa. Known for its beaches and wildlife, Equatorial Guinea is visited by the tourists for its natural charms and wildlife. It is located near the equator and thus the name.

Capital :


Currency :

Central African CFA franc

Population :

736,296 (2012) World Bank

Government :

Dictatorship, Unitary state, Presidential system, Republic

Official languages :

French,Spanish & Portuguese Language

Points of interest :

Monte Alen National Park, Pico Basile, more...

Climate & Geography

Cameroon, Gabon, Bioko, Corisco, Annobon, Small and Great Elobey are the neighbors of Equatorial Guinea. The land of Equatorial Guinea comprises of coastal forests ecoregion and mangroves. The climate of Equatorial Guinea is tropical in nature. Precipitation has set patterns and can be divided according to the season and region. The variances in the temperatures and rainfall are high and distinct.