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About Eritrea

Eritrea is situated on the northeast of Africa. The extensive coastline on the Red Sea, the rich marine life and the diverse flora and fauna make Eritrea an attractive tourist destination. Eritrea has traditionally served as an important point of trade and thus has been exposed to diverse cultural and social influences.

Climate & Geography

Eritrea is surrounded by Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Red Sea.

Geography : The lands in the western parts of Eritrea are fertile in nature while they get drier on moving towards the east. The long coastline supports fishing grounds, especially at places like Dahlak Archipelago. The 1,347 km of coastline and 1,946 km of coast is being brought under government protection.

Climate : Although the climate of Eritrea differs extensively according to the region, it is characterized by good rainfall which supports agriculture and vegetation. Temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius during the summer season while it reaches freezing temperatures during the winter nights. The best times to visit Eritrea depend on the area of the place. The highlands are best visited between September and February, the lowlands or the coastal areas are best visited between November to March. In case the tourist wants to include camel safaris in his holiday, December to February would be the best time.

Tourist Attractions : The major tourist attractions of Eritrea are:
  • Seacoast
  • Numerous Islands
  • Low land depressions
  • Mountains
  • Hot water springs
  • Wild life
  • Desert

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