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Pindari Overview

Pindari is a glacier and a mountain range that is located in the Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand. This is a breathtaking location in Dev Bhoomi that serves as the perfect spot for enjoying the adrenalin pumping venture of trekking. Amid the year, excluding winters, numerous valiant trekkers throng to Pindari ranges for challenging themselves.

Having an enormous height of more than 18,000 feet, the Pindari ranges are located in the Belt of the Himalayas. The mountainous rough terrains spread over vast acres of land and the Pindari River flows through them. Undoubtedly, this region has a cold climate. Throughout the year, the region of Pindari remains under the white cloak of snow. The bone-chilling temperatures usually stay below -10°C and fall down even more during the winter season. Pindari receives scanty rainfall with an annual average of 1000 mm.

Pindari, as a whole, is a magnificent attraction. The lofty mountains are the perfect examples that display the creativity of Mother Nature. The venture of trekking can be enjoyed while exploring the high and low mountains of Pindari.

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