Kareng Ghar

Kareng Ghar

  • Sivsagar
  • Assam
  • India

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Kareng Ghar, Sivsagar Overview

Kareng is a historical tourist site in Sivasagar. It is a former royal palace that was built by the Ahom dynasty in Assam. It is one of the finest examples of the Ahom architecture. The whole structure of Kareng Ghar was built of wood and stones. The use of such material was an amazing example of engineering in the previous times.

Why Is It Famous?

Kareng Ghar is popular due to many reasons. The main reason for it to gain fame is the material used for its construction. Initially, this grand building was built using wood and stones. Beautiful carvings were done on the interior walls of the palace. There are many wings in the palace in the long corridor. These wings served as the stables, servants’ apartments, and the main prayer hall where the entire royal family gathered for prayers.

Since it was constructed largely using the wood, Kareng Ghar was destroyed many times. After a major destruction, the reconstruction was commissioned by Rajeswara Singha. The present-day seven-storey structure was built by him.

Best Time To Visit:

Kareng Ghar is a famous tourist site and people visit this place on a huge scale. This historical site never fails to attract visitors from different parts of Assam. Thus, any season is considered as appropriate for visiting Kareng Ghar.

No visitor has to pay any entry fee for entering the amazing Kareng Ghar.

Watch Out!

Kareng Ghar is a great place for photography. If you love photography then do not forget to carry the camera. Spending a couple of hours while clicking pictures is not a bad deal.

Reaching There:

Sivasagar is the nearest township to Kareng Ghar. The city is well-connected to major highways, railways, and airways. Such connectivity makes it easier to reach Sivasagar from anywhere in Assam. Tourists prefer visiting the city via state-run buses, express trains, and flights. People can commute within Sivasagar via local transit.

Nearest Railway Station - Sivasagar Town Railway Station

Nearest Airport - Jorhat Airport

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