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About Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands, an island country of northern Pacific Ocean, comes under the bigger island group Micronesia. 29 atolls along with 5 solitary islands make the whole of Marshall Islands. Marshall Island is also the place of world’s biggest shark sanctuary covering an area of 2,000,000 sq. km.
The flat islands and narrow land strips of Marshall Islands are of great attraction among the tourists of Oceania. The crystal clear water of blue color makes Marshall Islands a place of scenic beauty in the Oceania region. The picturesque coral atolls and the dazzling islands are unique in themselves. Marshall Islands are perfect for enjoying picnic trips with friends and family. Explore the world of underwater with exciting scuba diving expeditions. Sports’ fishing is also a widely enjoyed activity by the tourists of Marshall Islands.
Laura Beach, Bikini Atoll, Sockeye Spawn in Adams, Alele Museum, Golden-Gate-National-Recreation-Area, Maloelap, Jaluit and Outer Island Excursions are some of the major tourists’ attractions of Marshall Islands.
Marshall Islands International Airport in the capital Majuro serves as the accessibility mode for the international tourists coming to the place.

Currency :

United States Dollar

Time Zone :


Calling Code :

+ 692

Capital :


Language :

English and Marshallese

Area :

181 km²

Population :

54,816 (2011)

Tourist & Immigration Info

An embassy of Marshall Islands or any affiliated embassy is the place where the details of visa formalities can be availed at.