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About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an Oceania country, which is actually the eastern half of the New Guinea Island. The New Guinea Island lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Papua New Guinea has many attractions for its visitors. Oceania tourists get attracted to the island because of its unique variety of flora and fauna.
Mount Hagen, Rabaul and New Britain Island are some of the main attractions for the tourists of Papua New Guinea. The culture and festivals enhances the whole experience of the travelers. The best part of touring in Papua New Guinea is the authentic experience that one gets. The pristine beauty of the island is still maintained because of its remoteness as well as because of the close connection of the locals with nature.
Tourists can enjoy a number of activities in Papua New Guinea. Some of the most famous of them are diving, fishing, surfing and hiking. The waters are such in surfing that surfing can be done round the year.
Kokoda Track is the most popular of hiking tracks of Papua New Guinea. Its popularity comes from its being a battle site of the Japan and Australia war in the Second World War. Mount Wilhelm is a hiking site as well as the highest peak of Papua New Guinea.
There are many other interesting and attractive features of Papua New Guinea that can never allow a tour to Papua New Guinea to be a boring one.

Time Zone :


Calling Code :


Capital :

Port Moresby

Language :

English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu

Area :

462,840 km²

Population :

7.014 million (2011)

Currency :

Papua New Guinean kina