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Top Travel Destination in Samoa

About Samoa

Samoa is an envelope of natural beauty comprising of ten islands with each offering very different and distinct environments to explore. From the rugged volcanic mountain peaks which are rainforest covered belonging to the two chief islands to the wide valleys extending downwards to a coastline, anything can be seen and experienced here. There are lush green fertile valleys where banyan trees grow soaring above rainforest canopy which is full with various varieties of vegetation and tropical blooms. One can also see cascading waterfalls falling into rivers which cut uneven lines through the floor of the valley as they flow towards the ocean.

Tourist Attractions in Samoa :

Samoa is a country which is full of tourist attractions and attracts a lot of visitors all the year around. One can never get bored at such a place and would never want to leave it. Some of the principal attractions of the country include : - 

    √ Stay in a Traditional Beach Fale

    √ Robert Louis Stevenson - Historical Apia Town

    √ Saanapu to Return to Paradise Beach Walk, Upolu

    √ Circle Island Sightseeing Tours, Upolu & Savaii

    √ A visit to American Samoa

    √ Fire Dancing

    √ The Art of Tattoo - A Samoan Tradition

    √ Falealopu Rainforest Reserve, Savaii

    √ Swim with Turtles at Satoalepai, Savaii

    √ Woodcarvers of Uafato Forest Reserve, Upolu.