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About Slovenia

Slovenia is located in Central Europe. Slovenia is officially known as the Republic of Slovenia. It is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic. The fascinating beaches, landscapes, lakes, caves, museums in the country are the prime tourist’s attraction in Slovenia.

Currency :

Euro (€) (EUR)

Area :

20,273 square kilometers (7,827 square miles)

Population :

2,055,496 (approx)

Language :

Slovene (official)

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

Summer (DST) - CEST (UTC+2)

Climate & Geography

The climate of Slovenia is extensively of the continental type. The summers remain warm and winters are cold in the most parts of the country. The temperature in winter generally falls below freezing point. In between December and March, the snowfall occurs in the alpine regions. The weather at the Mediterranean coast consistently remains high, and rainfall occurs only in the months of summer.

Slovenia lies between latitudes 45° and 47° N, and longitudes 13° and 17° E.

Territory & Capital : Slovenia shares a border with Hungary to the northeast, Italy to the west, Austria to the north, and Croatia to the south and southeast. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia.

Suitable Visiting Seasons : The best time to visit Slovenia is between May and September. But if you desire to experience the snowy holidays, the suitable time would be from December to March.  


Airlines, Railways, Ships and Road transports are available in Slovenia for transportation.

Tourist & Immigration Info

Contact the nearest embassy of Slovenia for updated details on the requirements for obtaining visa.

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