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Khajuraho Tourism Overview

About Khajuraho

Standing tall as one of the finest temple art in the world, the beauty of Khajuraho lies in its erotic cravings and its stunning sculptures. This group of temples is listed among the world Heritage site worth witnessing. The three groups of temples are superb examples of Indo-Aryan architecture which features extremely artistic stonework showing a storyboard of displaying gods, goddesses, musicians, warriors and mythological creatures. Khajuraho temples showcase meticulous art work, anonymous sculptors, shrines of gods and goddesses.

The temples are described in clockwise direction and are the earliest and the best preserved temples in India. The best way to discover the surreal beauty of Khajuraho is to avail Khajuraho Tours. Taking a journey past the splendid architecture and monuments will undoubtedly leave you mesmerized. Khajuraho Tours works the best for lovers of history and art who get to witness the spectacular art forms unleashing themselves in front of the naked eyes.

Area : 21 Sq Kms.
Main Languages : Hindi and English.
Population :

20,000 people

Temperature : Summer - Max : 47. Min : 21.
Winter - Max : 32. Min : 4.
Best Time to Visit :

September -March

Calling Code :


Police :


Ambulance :

108 Emergency Response Service

Hospital :


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