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  • 10 Amazing Forests in India You Must Visit

    By: Admin | In: Tourist Attractions | Last Updated: 2017-03-03

    10 Amazing Forests in India You Must Visit

    The whole world knows about the diversity of India. The people from different corners visit places to admire the historical monuments like palaces, forts, temples and the shrines. Well, the country is not about all this stuff. India is endowed with the beauty of nature in abundance & the forests in all the 4 directions are an integral part of it. Adorned with the garnet green flora and distinguished fauna, the forests in India are spread in vast acres of land. Whether they are tropical green or rainforests, the nature aficionados visit these woods to luxuriate some time amid the nature. Here, we present to you a short list of the famous forests in India.

  • Kukrail Reserve Forest

    Kukrail Reserve Forest is the right destination to visit

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    If you are a nature lover then Kukrail Reserve Forest is the right destination for you. Endowed with serenity in its ambiance, Kukrail Reserve is a forest that is a home to a vast number of crocodiles. It bears the name of the place where it is located in Uttar Pradesh. It is a frequented destination by the locals as well as visitors. It houses a cafeteria in the outer location that can be visited for munching snacks.

  • Bhavnagar Amreli Forest

    Bhavnagar Amreli Forest  is most popular forest in India

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    Bhavnagar Amreli Forest lies adjacent to the famous Gir Forests. Blessed with emerald green surroundings, Bhavnagar Amreli Forest is the natural habitat of the Asiatic lions. This fores twwas initially developed as an extension of the Gir forests but later the decision was dropped. Apart from lions, the people can witness here other mammalian species like nilgai, antelope, deer and over 30 species of domestic birds.

  • Nanmangalam Reserved Forest

    Nanmangalam Reserved Forest

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    Nanmangalam Reserve Forest is a haven for the bird watchers in Chennai. Boasting the lush green vegetation and cascaded over vast acres of land, this alluring reserve forest houses over 70 species of birds. The flying squad includes the names like kingfisher, honey buzzard, Indian eagle, horned owl etc. The thick canopies of the trees obstruct the sunlight from reaching the ground that keeps the area slightly dark even during the broad daylight.

  • Vandalur Reserve Forest

    Vandalur Reserve is a magnificent green forest located in Chennai

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    Hemmed in the undisturbed surroundings, Vandalur Reserve is a magnificent green forest located in Chennai. The perplexing surroundings gloat the popular Anna Zoological Park that is acclaimed as the largest zoological park in India. The visitors can see herds of elephants, bison & deer, packs of felines, troops of monkeys and more than 30 species of birds meandering in the vicinity of Vandalur Reserve Forest.

  • Banni Grasslands Reserve

    Banni Grasslands Reserve is one of the famous forest in Gujarat

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    Adjoining the southern end of white deserts of Kutch, Banni Grasslands Reserve is a forest in Gujarat. It is unrolled across vast acres of land & has sparse vegetation. It severely depends on frequent annual rains that feed the vegetation to maintain the balance of the eco system. The grassland is the home to the species of nilgai, hare, caracal, desert fox, chinkara etc. The visitors flock to Banni Grasslands to witness the furry pals.

  • Tikarpada Reserve Forest

    Tikarapada Reserve Forest is a mesmerizing weekend getaway in Odisha

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    Hemmed in the enchanting surroundings & bounded by the river Mahanadi, Tikarapada Reserve Forest is a mesmerizing weekend getaway in Odisha. Mother Nature has bestowed Tikarpada forest with immense beauty. The forest is a habitat to the mammals like gaur, tiger, leopard, panther, alligators and sloth bears. The Tikarpada Reserve Forest draws a large number of tourists throughout the year.

  • Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

    Biosphere Reserve is a beautiful reserve located in Gulmarg

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    Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is a beautiful reserve located in the breathtaking land of Gulmarg. The biosphere reserve is set amidst the tranquil snow capped peaks & cascades over vast acres of land. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve remains shrouded with the blanket of snow during winters, therefore, one can witness the animals like musk deer, Himalayan cat, fox, bear etc. During the snowfall period, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is closed due to extreme weather conditions.

  • Amarambalam Reserve Forest

    Amarambalam Reserve Forest is a beautiful sanctuary in Kerala

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    Amarambalam Reserve Forest is a beautiful sanctuary located in the alluring Western Ghats near Kerala. The woods spread across a vast area of land that is covered with a thick canopy of trees. The entire area of this astounding sanctuary is merged with the portion of Silent Valley National Park & Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Amarambalam Reserve houses over 30 species of birds including horned owl, golden eagle, bulbul etc. and endangered animals including Tahr anmd lion tailed macaque.

  • Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

    Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is most popular places in Nilgiri

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    Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is, rhetorically, a mesmerizing reserve located amid the murky Nilgiris. It forms a ring around the Nilgiri Plateau and extends from the slopes of Western Ghats and merges into the tropical rain forests. Being a reserve in the Nilgiris, it gloats a vast number of flora and fauna. Over 3000 species of plants can be found in this alluring reserve. The endangered species of Nilgiri Tahr & lion tailed macaque are relocated here and can be spotted in abundance.

  • Jim Corbett National Park

    Jim Corbett National Park is a well known national park all over India

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    Located in the serene hill of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park doesnt require a formal introduction. It is a well established tiger reserve that is endowed with perplexing environment. The ambiance of this park is adorned by the roar of the majestic tigers in all directions. The tourists visit this ensnaring travel destination to catch a glimpse of the majestic feline lurking in the vicinity of Jim Corbett National Park.

  • It seems that the nature has bestowed immense beauty all over India. All the above listed forests that you read about are the most popular ones. We do not say that there are no other ones but, these parks are flocked by the tourists throughout the year. Some woods have the backdrop of snow laden peaks whereas some are cloaked in greenery. Also, if you visit any of these parks then youll encounter some of the most fascinating creatures as well. Enjoy a stroll amid nature to whatever forest lures you.

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