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  • A Small Tour Of Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

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    A Small Tour Of Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

    Based in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad, Nehru zoological park is a famous conservatory near Mir Alam Tank in Bahadurpur area. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, it was established in the year 1959 but took 4 years for making it accessible to public. In 1963, Nehru zoological park was made accessible to public and is taken care of by the forest department of Telangana. Spread in a vast area of 380 acres the zoological park is a home to variety of animals, birds and reptiles.

  • The Residence Of

    Nehru Zoological Park, as mentioned above, is a home to variety of species and it includes animals like tigers, leopards, panthers, Indian elephant, deer, antelopes, rhinoceros, bears, Asiatic lions. The zoo officials artificially convert day into night in nocturnal house that makes the nocturnal animals like hedgehogs, owls, fruit bats, loris, civets and leopard cats come out from their potholes while the visitors are present in the zoo.
    Given proximity to the tank, Nehru Zoological Park is visited by a number of migratory birds like storks, flamingoes, pelicans and ibis etc. can be spotted too.

  • And The Other Attraction Include

    Nehru Zoological Park is one of the most visited park

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    Nehru Zoological Park isnt a monotonous place where visitors come to see the animals that wonder why there are so many humans around us. Apart from the furry friends, there are other attractions that ensure the comfort and safety of visitors. These include a toy train ride around the zoo that allows the visitors to see the furry pals closely and comfortably. Within the complex there is a small garden area that is a famous butterfly park. It comprises of exuberant flowers that attract colorful butterflies and serves a home to various species of butterflies.
    Move a little further youll see enormous dinosaurs glaring at you. That area is known as the Jurassic Park that has life size huge models of dinosaurs and displays some information about them. Truly, it is a fascinating place for the kids. Next to it lays a large aquarium shaped tank comprising of water species.

  • These Facilities Are Offered Here

    Tour Of Nehru Zoological Park

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    People get tired after walking for long hours and might feel hungry. Nehru Zoological Park has food courts that serve delicious meals and beverages to its visitors. Also, if you do not want to walk further then battery operated cars can be hired at a minimal price that will take through the park.

  • Heres The List Of Charges

    Entry in Nehru Zoological Park requires a minimum fee. But, the park charges Rs 20 if youre bringing in a still camera, Rs.100 for basic video camera and Rs. 500 for professional video recording.

  • Reach It Here By

    Railways- Nehru Zoological Park is merely 5 kms away from Deccan railway station.
    Roadways- Well connected by major highways and roads to most of the parts of India.
    Airways- Rajiv Gandhi International airport is the closest airport that is 20 kms away from Hyderabad.

  • Nehru Zoological Park acts as a home for the beasts of woods. Here, the animals roam in the open moats and there are no barriers between the humans and animals. The zoo is spread over vast acres of an enclosure and presently displays over 140 species of animals. Apart from the animals, the park also houses various butterflies and migratory birds that annually visit this place. The Jurassic park is another major attraction that fascinates the kids. The toy train rides make this place unique from other zoological parks. With a plethora of different animals that the zoo boasts, it is among interesting destinations in the city of Nizam.

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